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#1632 - Food Scientist Cooks Up Juicy Profits


Instead of working in R&D or academia, a PhD picks another path by honing his skills as a freelance writer focused on food science. It pays to specialize! 

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This message comes to you from sight US school, Sponsor, Wicks E Commerce, the professional platform that enables entrepreneurs all over the world to cry and run their online store and grow, E Commerce, business, one of those entrepreneurs Angel Gregorio, who runs the spice, sweet dot com, and just you mind she sold over nine hundred thousand dollars worth of spices, threw her arms store alone. So it when a girl, your online business and twenty one had over two weeks: dot com, slash e commerce. Today and today story instead of working in already or academia. This phd picks another path. By holding his skills. As a freelance writer focused on food science, it pays to specialise now, while back, we had a story about the fishermen, writer was just what I called him. He was actually government lawyer who landed away herbicide of aside gig, there's episode. Fifteen fifty and this government
your slash, fishermen writer earns around fifty thousand dollars a year part time. This is his side. Dig freelance writing focused around the world of sport fishing. Now this is what unusual just to be fair, because a lot of full time, freelance writers, donor and fifty thousand dollars a year, but one key for that guy was becoming the guy for writing about fishing this specialised world. So it's kind of what we have here today as a food scientist who cooks up juicy profits also a bonus lesson today. How can you find someone's email address and I don't mean restocking that person you saw it the grocery store you thought was cute, I'm talking about someone had a company that you're trying to pitch. If you like, there's a company out there, I'd love to form some kind of relationship. How do I go about doing that? While this trick you can use to find when's address at least for a lot of people. She will cover that any episode is well. It's all. Coming up after this quick break Talk about a winning scenario,
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back in two thousand and eleven Brian Walk leg got accepted a Phd programmes in chemistry, but he wasn't sure if the time was right he's dead passed away the year before so heated time to reflect and clear his head. He set out to walk across the United States and figure out what to do next He ended up walking two thousand miles from is all a matter. You see Irvine to New York Louisiana and about six months. The walk was a sort of social experiment to see how far he could go based on the generosity of others. He says people just dry by leave him money, food or water and drive away through that experience. He learned he like talking to people from all walks of life sharing stories with people. We met along the way writing about his journey on line a few years brain got married and his wife turned him into a thirty.
he also got really interested in how food and science intersect. So in twenty fifteen he started a Phd programme and food science. That's the study of the science and technology involved in creating food at scale after an internship, though he realized he didn't want to be in r and d scientist for accompanying the I didn't want to do academic research, Brian ask himself. What do I want to do? What is a sweet spot between one, I'm good at what I enjoy and what the world needs it turned out. A new path had been marinating this whole time. He had a friend who worked as a freelance journalist, and he liked the idea that writing is portable. It was something he could take anywhere, plus he loved to tell stories the Institute of Food TAT
Just was recruiting writers for their block, so Brian volunteered to get experience. He concentrated on writing well researched highly polish articles that he was proud to show off. He spent weeks, brainstorming and researching each article while on lunch breaks or at night after work once he had a few riding samples under his belt. He pitched companies in the food industry to see if he could write for them. still for free. I have a little editors note here. This is actually from rider Susan, she said she hates the idea that new freelancer should have to write for exposure until they have a zillion clips and irate knots. It's good that soon Brian had a portfolio good enough to land. A paid gig writing articles for an investment website now we, twenty eighteen and twenty nineteen Brian earned about two thousand dollars from his writing. So he wasn't it
late rolling down, but he had tasted the fruits of his labors and believed he could grow is earnings much more. After a year of writing. He created a portfolio website using Journal Portfolio, it's a tool that makes it easy to keep track. You're writing samples. He also kept running for free for the association to position himself. Authority and eventually moved up to managing their block, which is called science meets food Brien's editorship caught the a publisher who offered him eight thousand dollars to write a food science book called a hundred and fifty food science questions answered. These kinds of projects often have a quick turn around and brain wrote the book in two months, just very fast. By the way my books take longer than two months, a lot longer, not exactly a piece of cake, but his hard work paid off, because the book snowballed into
projects with food startups, most of his writing for these startups bridges, the knowledge between the science of food and the consumer. Something brain is uniquely qualified to do it's a special day, but how does he get these gigs well Brian admits that he hates networking in person, but he's found a digital process that works instead. First, he searches news outlets for food and biotechnology start ups that have recently received funding. He then searches for their sea his name and uses the free version of hunter dot. I owe to find a ceo direct emo address, so he can pick them via email and by the women to come back to that. At the end. To talk about this hunter tat, I owe I congratulate them on their recent win. Then switch is over to how we can help. You also tracks response rates to harness process by the aid of twenty Brian had earned eighteen thousand dollars nine.
more than he earned in the previous two years. Combined since finishing his phd in defending is dissertation on zoom in twenty twenty. He spoke as on growing his sight, us all into a full time venture brain is now bringing in forty five hundred dollars a month consistently in projects that have hit sick thousand dollars a month soon, if all goes according to plan. the next year or two. He hopes to bring it up to ten thousand dollars a month on a consistent basis by adding sub disciplines with high demand like food safety, consulting and technical documentation for manufacturers. He also plans to additional revenue streams such as writing a second book and maybe even starting a podcast. One of the limitations of freelance writing is that it's really hard to scale up earnings, because you'd have to raise your rates or complete more projects. And their only so many hours in the day, so adding these No revenue strange smart he's also in talks with the food started to become spokesperson and cheap storyteller
sprites out several tools in this episode thought we will of course link up on the front page putting that way to find people's email addresses hunter dot. Io critical services have paid service, but they do have a free version and that's what Brian uses is able to track. down the emails, ceos, other executives or all sorts of start up. Companies. I might also mention that journalists portfolio website template that could be useful for our brilliance, writers out there and last but not least, its side now, but the walk across Amerika is pretty cool. I know a few people who ve
Are they always talk about how it's an amazing life changing experience? I also know people who have walked across Canada. The UK, India and Turkey might choose the UK because I think that's the shortest walk myself, but very cool experiences, and sometimes it's the indirect influences on our life that end up going to bring us to a totally different career, as opposed to you know the direct formal education and all that process so think about that What kind of indirect experience can you get that might help you create a change or otherwise get you closer to that thing? That Europe Party working toward alleviate that today, inspiration is good. Inspiration with action is so much better. Our show notes are inside us all school. Calm, slash. Sixteen thirty two thank you some for shooting and killing you episode coming up tomorrow, you can subscribe or follow wherever you get your podcast. Can, I hope, you'll join me.
My name is critical about this. His side also spoke. from the onward word projects.
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