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#1634 - Peace Corps Alum Tutors U.S. Military Recruits


When a Peace Corps alumnus uses his teaching skills to help a friend, he discovers that many military recruits need help preparing for their entry test.

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Shallow today to our sponsor the zebra, not just a horse like animal. The one with stripes also. Nations leading insurance comparison site? You can use this for car and home insurance, both kinds of insurance, maybe some more too but car home brochure. After a few quick questions, the Zebra Paris people with the right insurance company for them Everyone save time and money by online or over the phone with one of their licence insurance agents make it your smartest purchase yet just visit the zebra dot com, slash hustle, that's the zebra t z be are a dot com. Slash h! You ask tee o ye did you know that the military has an inference test New endless tease are required to pass a harem speaking specifically of the U S military pretty sure this is true in other countries as well. There are different system, different tests, but when it comes to
large governmental institutions such as the army or other branches of the military, all throughout the world they all have some sort of standardized means of evaluating people and here's the thing not only is passing essential, but getting the best score possible is important because many jobs in the military require a higher score than just the minimum, and why are we talking about this today? Well, first of all, welcome this school, I'm so glad you're here my name is critical about we're talking about this because whenever there is this sort of hurdle or obstacle or means of measurement, which has a standardized test. Of course there are also opportunities, because so much is at stake. Ok, we're always looking for different ways to make extra money, usually by using a skill you are. Without spending a ton of money yourself. So you know low budget opportunities that can provide a good return, and hopefully you know by helping somebody else as well, which is exactly what we have today's story. When he Peace Corps Alumnus uses his teaching skills to help a friend he writes.
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shhh hustle to get that free forty five day, extended trial, that's see a envy, a dot, Emmy, Slash, Hustle, Canada, DOT me slash. Hustle Peggy Gammon all got a degree in secondary education specifically, so that he can join the peace corps right after graduating from couch, the largest two years of serving in Morocco, so much that when it was done, he joined teach for America, teacher America, tee say, nonprofit organization focused on ensuring
a child in the United States receives a quality education. Unfortunately, this second service commitment didn't last long. The teacher burn out hit hard and making needed to change. The problem. Wasn't teaching itself, he just craved more autonomy, making had tutored middle school kids all through college and figure that he could start doing it again on the side. While he worked full time as a security guard, but first a friend asked for help studying for a test called the as vat. Now this is an important test. It evaluates soldiers, skills into
prince what jobs are eligible for. This is, as mentioned, that military entry test helping his friend help Mickey realized. He wanted to change course again. Instead of tutoring middle schoolers, he like the idea of impacting soldiers lives. I helping them, get the best jobs they could. He began to talk to army recruiters in LAS Vegas hometown. They were impressed with his work ethic and those conversations led to him tutoring some newly enlisted soldiers in English and Math Mickey loved it. It was the perfect cure to burn out. He had the independency craved and the students he was teaching had a desire to learn. Rather, teaching, kids, who were forced to be in school. His new clients. Truly wanted to succeed and all this time around soldiers got him thinking what if he joined the military himself, of course, making you that he had a tendency to struggle with authority, and he wondered if that would be a problem
He resolved the dilemma by signing up with the National Guard a part time commitment, instead of a full time, long term career. The time commitment for the guy, Islam Guard members are known as civilian soldiers. You only have to be on duty once a month, along with two weeks training per year, he could still work. Is security guard job much of a type boot camp turned out to be a great experience all around in a thing that stuck out in the most was how badly his fellow soldiers needed a tutor many of the eighteen year old. He was in the barracks, with barely pass the ass Bab, leaving them with few options to get the job they wanted making it. We could help the test focused on seven
read English in math knowledge and as a veteran middle school teacher. This was right up his Alec soon after he saw an add on Facebook, offering training to become a tutor by a business coach, make you decide to meet with the coach, but the coach charge five hundred dollars for his course making wasn't ready, dished out that much money at especially because he was still struggling to get clients in steady soldier on joining Facebook groups and offering his tutoring services for free is hope. that some of the students who want to pay for more sessions. Eventually, he had for consistent students in a programme that cost a hundred dollars a month, Mickey focused on improving a different subject each week, the first week, which word knowledge this It was not knowledge, then reading comprehension and finally rithmetic reasoning after finding initial clients beside gig started to get in marching order. The for students
in refusing referrals, Mickey gently encourage them to tell there Aren T see recurs about their experience. He also began to purchase and Facebook cats, and those were incredibly helpful. Thanks to those adds he began to get at least two new clients per month. He raises monthly rate a three hundred dollars which equated to about twenty five dollars procession. Now all this started is covered. Nineteen head into. twenty, but by November of that year, he quit his full time job as a security officer. Making new November was a good man to quit, since he got three paychecks that month instead of two, he couldn't stop thinking about his business now called germinal tutors and he wanted to go online It happened recently started breaking even meaning in his case that he was making the same eighteen. hours a mind from tutoring, then he made from security. More importantly, the ability to grow his income over time is completely different. As a security guard, there wasn't much room
salary growth, but by running his own business, the possibilities are much more expansive start up. Costs were less than four dollars, most of which were spent on forming an Elsie and buying those Facebook, however, he didn't up investing more money ass. He went along on supplies like white boards, tripods in ipads his Jake is that he would rather spend money on gear for his new business, then, on a pair of handcuffs gray, security, job making hopes to make captain before his National Guard six year, contract is up Meanwhile, he's delving into my lord it eventually, to hire more tutors to grow the business. So what can we learn from this story? I actually the best is yet to come here. First of all, congratulations to Mickey for getting this far and also funding that way to enter the military without doing the full time long term career, mark people who do that. But I also.
that issue with authority so way to find a middle ground there, but I think make you can go further in for As on online tutoring, for this specific test and really focusing on me. The authority in that subjects, because there are so many people taking it on an ongoing basis, so it's a recurring market with a pretty important need and he's got. The experience is already got a lot of content so there are a whole bunch of online forums and Facebook groups for people adjoining the military, and just as he stout to local recruiters. He can build this wider through more extensive relationships and, of course, this request. A bit of an online model. he's already leaning that way with the video tutorials he's introducing and he also started his business during the pandemic. So I think wonderful, success. I'm curious to know. What's gonna happen within a year, of course, Mickey. Let us know how goes and listeners inspiration is
inspiration what action is better. I hope these stories get you thinking. I hope they also not you toward taking action. Would you like to find show notes for today's episode putting links to Mickey's website? Anything else I mentioned just go to side, hustle school cam, one thousand six hundred and thirty four. Thank you so much for joining me today, Have you subscribe, follow come back tomorrow. My name is critical about this is side hustle school. From the onward projects.
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