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#1656 - Q&A: How to stay motivated when other people have the same business idea?


Today’s listener has several business ideas related to her love of plants, and is looking for some direction. Let’s see if we can plant the right seeds!

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ideas related to her lover plants and she's. Looking for some direction. So, let's see if we can plant the right seats, question is coming up in just thirty seconds. We all have passions that push us to do big things in life like selling your craft, mine all out of a deep burning love for logistics and order management. Ok nobody's actually passionate about that part, and that's why they're ship station? No one A hundred thousand plus online sellers choose ship station, including many of our listeners shipment. Time for a lot less money just use our offer code hustle to get a sixty day free trial. Two months free of no hassle stress, free shipping just go to shipstation dot com click, the microphone at the top of the page and type in hustle. That's shipstation, dot com offer code hustle make ship happen,
Kalen recovery from feeling turning your taxes and I'm a fairly new listener. But I'm working my way through of your episodes and planning aside hustle based on my love of plants. I just started in Instagram and it focuses on learning about plants alongside my audience- my current goal is to make an overview guide about plant care for new plant parents. then later on. I want to created paid more in depth. Work that I can sulphur, maybe five dollars some stretch goals would be to go into people's homes, and help them choose energy plants away. Like a housekeeper but a plant lady, however nothing, I'm spending more time on the platform. I see that there are other people selling the same guy but to create an doing other interesting things that I haven't even thought of an they
seem to be doing it better. I quest is. How do I stay motivated when I see other people's work? And I, knew how to differentiate myself things in it currently dear. Your feedback. Taylor. Your awesome, thank you so much for listening. Thank you for sharing your idea and asked me a question. There's a lot here. There's a lot of layers here, because it's one part in competitive analysis or validating your business idea. It's another part, impostor syndrome, perhaps where you're like. Oh look at all these other people,
It's one part wondering you know it does my idea work when somebody else also has my idea, and sometimes we address these topics individually, but the reality is now just like you here and careless question. It's often kind of all integrated, like your experiencing all these things at once. You're simultaneously excited, but also maybe a little bit intimidated. So let's try to look at the overall and see if we can help Caleb plus anybody else out there whose feeling something similar so for popular topics, there's gonna, be a lot of people in the same space for something like plants in. Oh, that's, not necessarily a bad thing because it means if, if somebody else out there are some other plant person, let's say is successful their business. It means that there is a market for it and there is definitely a market for houseplant care and houseplant education. I recently paid to subscribe to an app that gives me vacations when I need to water. My plants by your plants that I have my balcony and here are my recording space
they already decided, I needed some help, but when I looked there were several apps that all had tons of five star reviews, It looked like there were several good solutions out there, and the same is true with plant guides or their information products, Youtube errors, I'm sure Tik Tok. Even if you go into a bookstore, there are lots of books about plans, so necessarily bad, that other people are doing it, but how stay motivated and differentiate yourself. I think that's the key, so one option is to go local like Caleb mentioned in back, the plant, lady of San Antonio, that goes into people's homes and other option which could happen simultaneously. It's not one of the other is to specialise in become the Rose lady, not the plant, lady or any. Plant, it's difficult to grow. We had a story, allow back about a guy who's created the internet's leading resource for carnivorous plants. We also had a story about a retail store that opened just as a pandemic was beginning,
And the honor of stories doing really well specializing in easy to grow plants for people like me, who are not so good at it. And I could be many other options, lots of different ways to specialised, but I do think it important to find some differentiation And remember, lastly, that you want to focus on benefits and not get sidetracked, pretty easy to get sidetracked once you start going down this path, but I would say: Kalen needs to always return to this question. Why do plants bring joy to your life. And as long as she doesn't get too far away from that line of thinking, she goes down different experiments and considers, We all do this, maybe I'll do that. I think she has a much better chance of staying motivated
and whenever it is you're working on. I think the same thing is true: why does this thing bring joy to your life focus on that? Don't worry too much about what people are doing and just continue to evolve as you go, that's really the path forward for all of us, so good luck, Taylor and listeners. If you have a question to satisfy school dot com slashed questions, we will continue to feature them throughout the year along with updates mother listeners as they launch their project. I am grateful for you today. Thank you for turning in my name is trysdale. Above this is side all school. From the onward projects.
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