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#166 - Mental Health Counselor Creates Coping Skills for Kids


A Licensed Mental Health Counselor brings in an additional $1,100/month creating digital products to help kids deal with stress, anxiety, and anger in healthy and productive ways. Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are. You need a hustle! Share: #SideHustleSchoolShow notes: SideHustleSchool.comTwitter: @chrisguillebeauInstagram: @193countries

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Hey there what's up. Welcome back. This is critical about afford side us will school got an interesting story for you today interesting for a couple of different reasons. First of all, be As the first adoration of this idea did not work, at all, it was I could cite us failure like we talked about a bit last week and it was only great redirection, that this person gained momentum and began making money, and it was money is also making a very positive impact on this episode. Also but they disclaimer normally. I think there are all kinds of things that you can try an experiment with without a lot of qualifications. I am all about encouraging people that you dont need mission. You dont need some authority figure, saying hey it's your turn go for it, but to date, we'll be an exception to that, because it is about a mental health counselor who creates a set of resources for kids just to begin with the obvious. I dont think anyone should experiment with mental health counselling if you don't have the background
in education in that field. However, I still think it like the story, because the whole purpose of the show is to teach you about transferring skulls, and adopting skills and taking what you already know and turning it into an income generating model. That's because a lot of people in tradition, occupations they get trained very well for those jobs or those careers, but they dont about how to apply those skills, Entrepreneurial II, which is what I try to talk to you about your inside us all school, so keep at disclaim, mind, but I do hope you enjoy the story. It's coming up right up to this Janine Halloran is a licence mental health counselor show a mom. She sees clients in the morning before and after school, until bedtime, her focus is on the kids. She helps with homework, packed lunches and take some to their after school activities. I like a lot of moms Janine, it's pretty busy in the afternoon as well as after the kids bedtime. She has another focus, it is wait for it her side, hustle, the stylist was called coping skills for
before. I tell you about it. Listen to what happened earlier. I know from my inbox that a lot of people have tried various ideas and fallen short. That is fact normal. That's all we did failure week last week, highlighting some things it didn't work out. Well Janine has a failure story of her own before she started coming sales for kids. She had another website called encourage play, which is all about teaching kid social skills through play. She tried a couple different product lines, including a failed subscription box and a failed Etsy shop. She says now that she's glad for this experience, because her work at encourage play allowed her to discover what people would respond to, and you been translated that into the new project being skills for kids, but at the time it didn't feel great. In fact, when she shut down that subscription Box and Etsy Shop, it was a big low point for her and she even felt devastated. Still she picked herself up and move forward with coping skills for kids. Janine makes products to help
learn to deal with stress, anxiety and anger and healthy ways. She offers both digital and physical products on her side, but our focus recently has been mostly on digital. She also recently created two courses using teachable, which was easier than she expected. I believe we actually just talk about teachable the other day to episodes ago. In fact, episode one six four and I mention physical versus Digital Janine, says she focused on physical products at first and even tried drop shipping, for I bet dropping his where another company keeps her inventory so that you will have to do any shipping, but with this project, people responded much more to her digital products and one of the most successful ones is a set of coping skills. Q carts ready to use principle eggs that serve as a visual reminder for kids of things. They can do councillors and educated tell Janine, they love her products because they're ready to go kid friendly and useful parents also say they're happy because their kids actually use them. Janine feel she's been successful. This new approach, because she has the experience of working as a councillor with kids in
families and is she's, also a mom, so she can understand both worlds and this new focuses working profits for coping skills for kids. Averaging about eleven hundred dollars a month. Now that previous project encourage play lost money. But since you Transition is actually made a profit every month, which of course feels a lot better The need is now working on more downloadable products, as well as posters through print on demand services for some of her most popular free principles. Also thinking about putting another course together on teachable and continuing to grow this project organically. In the midst of her busy life. Ok, so, as I said, don't try this at home at least don't wanna, be a mental health counselor if you're, not one. I just encourage you think about two things before you go on with the rest of your day First of all, what kind of education you had what skills or knowledge or experiences you acquire that might be able to flight in a different way. Just like what you need is time.
Are you not necessarily learn how to be entrepreneurial but there's usually away to apply entrepreneurial thinking to your existing knowledge and experience, and, second think about this point of redirection. Genesis very calm on your first idea may very well not work out second idea might not work out. Hopefully it won't be. Doesn't it the ideas that don't work, but sometimes it does take time and that's why I encourage you to start quickly so that you can fast track that process of seeing what works and what doesn't it's easy to get discouraged when your first project doesn't work any project? Doesnt work, but instead of just saying. Oh, this sucks try to understand, widen work got what you could change so that something else it might work or just be more promising. That's my encouragement to you today. As always, inspiration is good but inspiration combined with action, much better. Today shuts including links to copy skills for kids and teachable, anything
mentioned will be at sight of so school dot com, slash one six! If you have a comment or question for the show you can write and from there you not to give me a call in a hustle hotline at eight for four nine hustle for use your phone to record a quick little voice, Momo and e mail that ought to pipe cast aside a school hope. You have a wonderful day. Uncritical about this site is school.
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