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#1797 - TBT: The Mushroom Kingdom of North Carolina


In this week’s “Throwback Thursday / Where are they now?” segment, we hear from the business manager of Phenomenal Fungi, which sells tinctures, cultures, and mushroom merch. It’s been a busy year in the land of shrooms! 

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This episode is brought few by HP plus in a world full of smart devices shouldn't year printer be smart too. It is with each be fast these printer is now when they're running low, so you always get the inky need delivered. Plus you save up to fifty percent. So you, Brent. Whatever you want any time you want, men is pretty smart, get six months of instant ink included when you choose HP, plus conditions, apply visit, hp, dot, com, slash smart for details. hey, hey, hey! What's up welcome back this a side hustle school on your host preschool about today, segment is known as throwback Thursday. That's where we take an in depth. Look at someone whose story has evolved since we first speech of them We heard from a former attorney and White House aid who starts a service helping businesses with podcast. It's actually grown into Seven figure operation today and our
Speeches were focusing on the phenomenal fungi business from Asheville North Carolina. That's correct, not even a name. I made up, that's their name, phenomenal fungi. We feature the founder, Dave, Everhart, long ago in episode, one thousand and three fun guy becomes sporadic mushroom farmer. Today we're going to hear from his partner, Shannon Barrett Dave, looks after the mushrooms and Shannon comprises the C suite of the company. She does things like update the website and talk Now I really appreciate or taken time because it's been a busy year in the mushroom kingdom there now selling about twenty thousand dollars a month. So let's hear her updates she's got lots of stuff here and I'll be back at the end to wrap this up We love, our side, hustling, twenty eighteen and and
we thought we would be growing gourmet, mushrooms to sell at farmers markets and a local restaurant. Instead, our business now focuses on providing equipment and supplies to whether mushroom growers, David or Cougar, is he's known. Her friends has been a mess forger. Since he was a kid when we moved to Asheville, we discovered a large community of mushroom enthusiasm. He began mushrooms and bags at home, and soon we had more than we can eat. As a thirty year, Herbalist Anna Self Proclaimed Science nerd. He knew there were other things we could do with those mushroom, so he began making extracts also known as tinctures the tinctures capture the beneficial compounds from the mush. Making them more bio available. We started sharing them with friends and family and then decided to launch an online business at the time we thought we'd cell, tinctures online, but would focus on selling fresh mushrooms locally. David is the founder of the company and the heart, and this is his main side hustle. He was a man
her carpenter for almost thirty five years, and one of the business that incorporated his passion for my shrimps, the outdoors and helping people reconnect to our original medicines and twenty nineteen. He scale back from working as a carpenter and focused on the side hustle. at times. I hope out in my spare time, but I still work as the HR director for local municipality. My experience and project management, budgeting communication and marketing help support the business so much has happened since we last on the show as we shared in our original episode. Whole foods had just proclaim, mushrooms is the top food trend and twenty eighteen, noting their health benefits by twenty nineteen, more people were starting small scale, mushroom farms to do what we originally planned grow gourmet shrimps to sell locally. Anyone growing at that scale need certain specialised equipment as supplies. One piece of equipment that makes life a lot easier for hobbyist and small mushroom farmers is a laminar flow. Could this be.
equipment create sterile airflow, which is essential for working with national cultures and for back production David built his own when he had trouble finding wonder, purchase a friend saw it and asked him to build one for him. another friend ass and Eventually, I suggested we let them on our Etsy site and twenty nineteen you were saying about one flow heard a month. We also began sly, mushroom cultures, a smile No amount of mushroom Marsili him think mushroom seeds that gets expanded on substrate to produce the fruit bodies or mushrooms. During that time, we sold some fresh mushrooms, but most of what we were growing was going into from tinctures our business. In turn, will we realised that we were not going to be mushroom farmers, but instead we be supplying other mushroom growers in twenty twenty, our business exploded
We went from averaging about one thousand four hundred dollars a month to twenty thousand dollars a month in sales. Everything changed when the pandemic hit. Suddenly people had time to try new hobbies and they began by inflow hoods and cultures. We had a hard time keeping the demand. We learned a lot about production supply schedules and shipping last year. Our biggest challenge currently is the same. So many other businesses are facing access to supplies and materials. We use happen filters airflow, goods, and it now takes our manufacturer about twelve weeks to ship them. When we started it took about two weeks. The lead time keeps increasing and we never quite catch up. We also experience trouble sourcing plywood earlier in the year now its metal we smell, trim to protect the filters and we're having a hard time sourcing. It shipping continue three one of the biggest challenges. Although we ve come a long way from last year, we try. big national carriers and had terrible experiences.
Now we rely on private couriers that we find, through the online platform you ship. We also use freight for some. Hard to deliver areas like Puerto Rico, in Hawaii the advice, What year was someone thinking about starting a hustle like ours? One that's based on a passion or a niche would be to think about the supplies and equipment that are required to be successful as a possible business option. Our pivot happened organically In hindsight, I'm glad I did because we are in an area with a lot of other mushroom farmers. So there is a lot of competition. David is starting to offer classes locally, and we have plans to record videos with information about how to grow up. Rooms at home, we ve partner with another entrepreneur who created a unique hydroponic system that allows you to grow just about anything on your kitchen counter for working with them to produce mushroom spawned specifically for his systems, are business. Look anything like we originally envisioned, and that's ok, we're really.
excited to see what comes next. You know what they say about the holidays. It's the craziest time of the year if you're running an online store selling any kind of e commerce product. You ve got inventory to manage orders to fill in a growing list of stressed out, customers you're all checking in twice a day asking you know what is my order going to arrive? Well, our partnerships asian can help. Thank you. Ship station for many years supporting our business and supporting our listeners make this holiday season a little brighter was ship station use. Our code, hustle today, sixty day free trial, two months just enough time to handle the holiday rush. Gotta ship station dotcom like the microphone at the top and Inter Code Hustle ship station, make ship happen. Thanks so much and really appreciate those updates really interesting to hear
What about the supply chain issues? we are seeing that across a lot of different businesses. It's been in the media a lot, so you know good, like navigating all of that Congratulations on going from a fortune, teller dollar a month business to a twenty thousand dollars a month business. It's probably good thing that day is now full time in the land of mushrooms. Again Shanna runs this business with her partner Dave. you can check out the phenomenal fungi website tat just what phenomenal fungi dot com. You can't spell that just type in something close to that end, You probably find it and then you can buy mushroom tinctures mushroom cultures mushroom merge, including hoodies t, shirts and marks. Everyone what those things? Maybe you know someone who wants one for a holiday yet anyway check it out. Let me know what you think and who you like to see featured from our archives and more than a thousand stories, we are going during the last month of the year. So glad you're part of this community thinks we're taking time and I hope you'll come back tomorrow. new episode every everyday. My name is critical about Cyprus
sir. from the onward projects.
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