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#180 - $10,000 Side Hustle Helps Musician Land Full-Time Job


A classically trained musician creates affordable options for music students in search of quality music demos.  Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are. You need a hustle! Share: #SideHustleSchoolShow notes: SideHustleSchool.comTwitter: @chrisguillebeauInstagram: @193countries

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Hey there what's up welcome back. This is critical about foresight, us all school over you're having a wonderful day wherever you are in the world from time to time. In fact, we have heard already this week. Sometimes a site hustle leads to a full time. An aerial venture, but what, if your site also leads to a full time job, what most people listening to the show work some kind of job and not everyone's trying to escape the role of employment, but today is in fact, opposite day unsatisfied school, it's about a musician who creates a ten thousand dollar side hustle. It starts kind of small issue, something she does refund within does ramp up a bet, but eventually leads to that full time. Job at a university, which also allows us to continue the site us all. It is, in fact, a virtuous side, hustling cycle and I'll bring you that story right. After this brief message,
today. Story is about a musician and assistant professor Megan Poletti coup har in Ohio, Megan, first launched or media side, hustle, hey Poletti, with an exclamation point, while doing recording arts and technology school I checked the assignment was to envision her own recording studio business since Megan, If that ground, as a classical musician Sheena, that she could work with other classically train musicians and really understand their perspective, she got so excited by the assignment. She decides to turn it into an actual project and see if she could make any real money from it. Not this point she wasn't an assistant professor. She was still in early twenties and in school and in her words she was pretty broke, so she had to keep her equipment cheap. She used to under dollar portable multi track recorder. There was given to her as a Christmas present and occasionally borrowed a microphone
work making decided to focus on what she called student friendly pricing and offered recording package's, starting at a hundred fifty dollars that included editing, mixing and cds. She thinks pricing filled in it in the market for music students that, when it professional sounding demos, have their music but couldn't afford to shot a bunch of money out of sight o so was truly aside hustle, especially in school It brought it about eighty dollars, which was at the time, but it paper some expenses and she had found in the process. Plus she was using an expanding the skull. She had learned, fast forward a few years and maidens now, husband, Nick who har, who is a high school film teacher, join the, aw and added video editing to their offerings. This meant there are able to take on new clients. And really gave her income. A boost, males arise out, makes it. To hire other artist with specific skills sets for the project instead of trying to do everything themselves. At this point, Megan was offering consultation services. For artists that wanted some help in branding their projects and Megan Set,
able to hire friends and family members who are photographers artist, graphic designers and musicians is one of the best part of the project. She felt like she's helping artists in both directions, both her clients, Anna people, she hired for small shops in fact introduced for a while making a neck realise. There is another service, they could offer a one stop shop for all media needs, so they created what they call a collar The media group to offer affordable services in video production, photography, design and music all in one place with a shift. Last year they had their biggest cited and come yet bringing in more than ten thousand dollars in profit and make an accomplished all this, while keeping marketing almost non existent. She created a social media profiles, but it's mostly active on Facebook and she tried doing a few adds over the years, but never saw it. Results. To this day, every client comes from word of mouth and she also says it's interesting because Honour Facebook page, she doesn't always get a ton of engagement, sometimes there's just five or six likes on any given post, which feel discouraging
but then out of the blue, she gets an email saying, so it's are recommended you and she never knew that person was even paying attention or realized. She was out there now here's another fun thing, Maurice play. Hey Poletti actually helped Megan get her current full time job as an assistant professor of music technology. Baldwin Wallace University conservatory of music. She was first hired an adjunct. Music technology, professor with a job, grew because of the skill set she had acquired with the site, us all, she's, now the first full time music technology professor there she teaches courses in both music technology and entrepreneurship and is also conservatory videographer with us. Do promotion, Hey Poletti lives on his side, hustle that provides an additional source of income for making a neck, since they both have full time jobs. Now they can turn down work at their too busy but when they want they can develop a weekend to a project and make an extra one thousand dollars to one thousand five hundred dollars at that month, and it's out of income has gone for Your purchases like new windows in furniture without requiring them to dip into their savings
As I said, sometimes your site also leads to full time. Hustling, in some cases, like you heard today, might lead to full time job to Megan is doing what's best for her. She bills she's pioneering and a new field. She has the security of that day. Job as a professor, but she's also cultivated these skills built that asset to where she is. Can make extra money doing something they enjoy, and she pointed out being able to hire friends and family for specific gigs as well by the way, Megan did all this with a very simple website she built on word press and from time to time. I talk about that. I don't think I mentioned it recently. I've been building websites on we're press for more than ten years. I love the simplicity and ease of it. You can do some really custom stuff with it, and for that I have much smarter people that I work with, but just being able to kind of manage content and do something easy is in fact easy. If you wanna check out a special web hosts offer that we have resourceful school listeners, that is at stake,
no swore dotcom, Slash website where you can pay something like four dollars a month to host your website installed, word press and it can grow with you as you need as well. If you eventually decide to wrap up so that satisfy school, dotcom, Slash website today show notes. Are it's out of school dot com? Slash one? Eighty, that's one, eight zero! As always, inspiration is good, but instead. Combined with action is so much better hope you enjoyed making story, making congratulations and everyone not there. I hope you do one thing to date to get closer to the freedom you want to create for yourself, there are so many different expressions of sight hustles Why does a different story every day? I will now due to the rest your day, but you see you tomorrow, I'm fiscal about four sided assessment.
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