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#1840 - Failure Friday: “We spent countless hours making videos no one watched…”


In this week’s Failure Friday segment, we hear from the co-founder of Master ABA, a site that helps families and professionals help children with autism. The two founders spent a great deal of time developing a membership that wasn’t compelling to their audience, before realizing their mistake and regrouping.

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They brains, community, psychosocial audience. I beg you so much for turning and today my name is critical about here. We are half way through almost every thirty first might have a year. I hope you been enjoying the stories and other episodes thus part. I hope your first month of the earth Well. Overall, I'm excited to bring. You are second Oh you're Friday episode season six, what's failure Friday, while in short, I believe we can learn as much from failure as we can from success, if not more. So that's why we have this weekly segment, their features, a collection of short stories about mistakes, mishaps disasters and, of course, failure. Like I said you.
so much for this process. I have learned to far more from all the things I ve gotten wrong and the things I ve gotten right. So just like our throwback Thursday segment, which community happens the day before Friday, you get to hear directly from sight a source who have struggled to get something off the ground or have made some kind of assumption. Sometimes that ends up not turning out as well as they hoped. Ok, that's kind of what we have here today. This short story features Amelia Dolphins, CO, owner of Master ABA. She actually cones it with her twin sister, one fact, and their business helps families, teachers and professionals learn the skills they need to help shelter. autism, so we heard more about Amelia and her twin sister Diana on episode, one thousand four hundred and eighty behavioral analyst creates resources for parents and teachers here today, a million. I tell us about an idea they had early on that they went all you know and they thought this membership model was really gonna work. Can it be a big success and they put a ton of work in on it? You can probably guess what happens, but, of course it's all about the details, and you know I've been there too.
like I have absolutely done this. It reminds me a little bit of of last week story last week's failure Friday, which was a totally different challenge. The guy broken that story encountered complacency where he just kind of took his eye off the ball for a while, but I related to that too. So that's why I love the series, because it's also reliable anyway Amelia, it's gonna, take it from here I'll, be back at the end, with a quick wrap up support for today's podcast comes from wigs e commerce, the industry, in E commerce platform with robust customizable future ready solutions. When you're looking to launch run in scale. Your online store, Wicks E Commerce has got you covered from that customizable storefront marketing and management systems, even a full stack development tool. Wicks e commerce has all you need good, awakes, dot com, slash e commerce today and you'll join over seven hundred thousand active stores, selling worldwide.
my name is Amelia Dolphin CO founder of mastery, be aid where we teach professionals to ethically use the strategies of applied behaviour, analysis to help children with autism in a way that respects each person. As a neuron, diverse individual, but this is where we started in the beginning. We founded accessible av egg and set out to teach parents and children without them how to use ABA at home. I know from years of experience that the largest gains for these children happen when parents understand the basics of ABA. We saw this the biggest need, not field and went out with everything we had. We wrote posts on a blog and had over. Thirty thousand views on the site each month we figured our next step was a membership site where we could put all the information parents needed is one place,
we put in endless hours creating twelve modules, each with videos, transcriptions downloadable resources, you name it the membership didn't sell, like we were hoping we kept pushing releasing new content, Month for a year, we knew that parents needed our help and we were determined to give it to them far our efforts. We made it but all of two thousand two hundred dollars in two years from a total of seventeen members. At one point during that for
Here we took a look at our website statistics and for the first time thought about who was coming to our sight. Although the majority of the content with written was directed towards parents, the posts that had the most used by far worse ones, that would appeal to professionals. We took the time to really think about why we weren't getting the results. We were hoping for and came to a conclusion that we could have easily reached at the beginning of our journey. If we'd taken the time to consider our target audience, we wanted to help parents of children with autism. We still do but these parents simply don't have the time to search the internet looking for answers to their problems. Most are struggling day by day just to get by although we know that learning ABA can drastically reduce the challenges they face. They aren't looking for this. This answer at least not online
this realization we started writing posts directed to professionals instead and focused on putting the needs of the child ahead of everything out. We created materials to help these professionals provide quality, training, two pair These children are in their programmes, and yet we also continue to create the content for our first membership site every month. In spite of the evident that this was the wrong audience the target, of pivoting. We thank countless hours, toiling away, creating videos that even our seventeen members will never take the time to watch. In March of twenty twenty one, we launched our membership site for professionals in nine months. We are six thousand eight hundred dollars from our professional site between our membership and courses and have had more than Three times the number of members sign up: we're getting ready to launch a new membership and our redesigning the offerings in a way that our audience is already excited about and Heaven
then that will be ready to go mid. Twenty twenty two had we reacted to the in, nation, we got when we did our analysis a few months into the parent membership. We could have saved ourselves a lot of work and would probably already have our last membership. Why were now much more willing to pivot? When we see something is working or not working and we focus on the areas where we be able to make the most impact. We still serve our target audience: parents and children with autism. We just don't do it in the way we originally planned. Never compeers a single defeat with a final defeat. Also life is happens when you are busy making other plants. I thought about that. When Amelia mentioned planning
You know I said I have been there like putting more and more attention on something that isn't what people really want it so keep you know to understand, not just who you're ideal customer is, but what their desires are, what their needs are as well as what their capacity is. Case it sounds like that might have been. The error may be overestimating the amount of time or attention or capacity. Someone had not to partake or participate in this membership, so it might have been a very helpful membership, but people don't have to pasty to participate in it and it's not going to get. You very far as that business owner recycler. I really appreciate you sharing this transparent and truthful story at the said, we've learned so much from this stuff, so check out her website. master, ABA, dot com, master, ABA Dotcom. There are lots of resources for parents, teachers and professionals working with kids with autism. That's not you will keep them in mind in case you know someone who might benefit. Lastly, if you have a question or an update for us about your side, us all come to cite a school.
Dot com, slash questions from excited to build up the rest of the year with you in mind. Let's make something great together can subscribe or follow where we get your PA gas, it's all completely free and there's a new episode every day My name is critical about your listening to side, hustle school. From the onward projects.
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