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#186 - Hand Grippers Make for a $60,000-Strong Hustle


You won’t believe this gripping story: two married fitness enthusiasts capitalize on the niche grip strength market, earning extra cash and peace of mind for their growing family. Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are. You need a hustle! Share: #SideHustleSchoolShow notes: SideHustleSchool.comTwitter: @chrisguillebeauInstagram: @193countries

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Maybe they their welcome back. This is critical about four sided: little school continuing our celebration of independence, which really happens not just once here by almost every day outside us or school, one way or another aside, vessel is about creating independence for yourself, even if you're totally happy your day, job by reputation features a lot of Corky interesting stories, and somebody might sound a little strange if we go back to where we started. Was this guy? Who makes several hundred dollars a month running a blog about fish tanks within all kinds of things? Since then, my goal is that at least one a week. You hear something in your like. While I had no idea people can make money with that. You let me know if this is leading up to cotton, interesting story for you today, it's about a married couple who are really into fitness, specifically strength, training and even more specifically hand grippers now, there's a whole industry of grip, strength, equipment and her husband and wife do that you're gonna hear about today make.
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I've been in. Why do I met in Christie? Cannon are literally I it with their niche side hustle, which consists entirely of selling gripped strength, equipment in particular hand grippers these simple tools which you may have seen, or even try to use yourself are used to increase hand, strength and usually involve some kind of spring fitted with two handles Now. Five years along their unique business, which they call a cannon power, works array, I came about as a natural spill over from the couples share. A passion for fitness stay at home. Christie is a competitive power left her she's been true. With heavyweights for over twenty years and competes in USA Power lifting meets. She can squat about tune in forty five pounds bench, a hundred fifty pounds and dead left three hundred pounds. And she's only getting stronger me while her husband Matt, is a mortgage underwater by day a side hustler by night, naturally, but also a competitive grip. Sport athlete, yes, that is, I think,
grip. Sport is not well known, but its popularity is growing and competitions have been held in North America, since about two thousand Matt has competed and held press world record in this sport. In fact he was the first athlete in a competition to close at hand, gripper right and above his body weight. That means with one hand he crushed a gripper that took more pounds of pressure than his entire weight. This all started back in two thousand and five when he and Chrissy attended a body women are. They were hanging out. The pull one night and a fellow attendee brought out his set of grip. Strengthener Matt gave them a try and was instantly hut. This is this is relevant to our story. There is an entire commune the organised around hand, strength and, as the couple got Where and Bob they saw an opportunity to serve this market at a time there was one other company that sole different grip manufacturers, products under one roof,
giving customers a chance to order a range with one large shipping fee. That company ended up, closing its wholesale store and Matt and Christy figured. They could fill this gap and also improve upon the concept. The improvement was that they would rate or test the hand grippers to determine their exact strength, normally each hand, gripper manufacturer has its own way of categorizing grippers into strengths, and democracy decided. They would create this service to test the rivers they can be compared and arrive away. Customers can eat or send in their personal reference to be right it and then sent back. Or they could buy new rated grippers online when they had this idea and twenty twelve there the only ones doing us and they made a consistent. Three thousand dollars a month in profit in the first year by the second year. This had shot to five thousand dollars a month
Years on, they have maintain this level and a couple now rates in about sixty thousand dollars a year from this hustle. Their customers include raw climbers power left. Her is cross, fit athletes and strong man competitors most. I repeat, customers and most come through word mouth. Naturally, they bootstrap this entire operation, keeping costs low, doing anything they could themselves, They want with the least expensive website temper they could find they did no paid marketing and to photograph the products for their online store. Matt watch Youtube videos, to make a small light studio out of household supplies such as cardboard boxes, lamps and paper trickiness continues, be their mode of operation and they credit this as key to their success Christy and manage operations themselves. H, investing five hours a week during their spare time. They now keep about twenty a thousand dollars worth of inventory on stock ready to be shipped out whenever people order so far can empower has helped to pay for many. Their personal expenses took them, pay off their mortgage. They say it's also just been a great way to feed their interests and provide flexibility while raising their king
I mention that it's been about the five thousand dollars a month level for several years, which is actually wonderful course. However, that also means a kind of reach, a plateau there now looking to shake things up a bit, maybe flex their product line and marketing so perhaps do something different while they continue to run this project, but regardless of what next Matin Christie have already proved, they are definitely a power couple. As I said, literally crushing it great YA, man Christie. This is so fine. Actually, One of these papers, or my dad had one of these grippers. When I was a kid, I remember being years old and trying to squeeze one of these things, not sure they evolve. My since then, this whole thing about how there's a competitive sport with different manufacturers yet no way to compare the relative strength of each in mountain Christie because they have experience in this.
Come along and essentially create a community and also a business around it. So smart and that's why feature stories like this because there's something out there for you? you don't have to be a programmer marketer and accountants. Whatever skill you man and his keen entrepreneurial success. What I think is key to entrepreneurial success is the scale of paying attention and then, of course, the of doing something about it, also known as action, because inspiration is good, but inspiration with action is so much If you want to order your own hand gripper or at least see how it works. Just come and check out today show knocks those are at cytosol school dot com. One hundred and eighty six come and say item on social media, I'm at critical about on Twitter Facebook at last name it algae. U, r, L, l e b, a u or honest, Graham, at a hundred ninety three countries, one nine three countries, as has been another strong production of cider source, for I hope to see you tomorrow.
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