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#191 - 14 Year Old Cooks Up A Storm With $250 A Month Condiment Business


After being given a ‘write a business plan’ assignment for school, this 14-year-old created an actual business instead. 

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Heather its critical above her side, US school, I'm excited to begin a new week is a big wait. For me. I've got the world domination summit beginning in Portland, for our seventh year got all kinds of people coming to town tonight is our volunteer orientation may have some meat ups and activities beginning tomorrow on toward the end of the week, we have a categories which are half day workshops and then all of this, when it in one really big weekend, broadly Saturday, Sunday all day, now. Obviously, a lot of puts our listening to satisfy school from all over the world and are not important.
Week so not to worry. Of course, the shallow continue every day. I've got some good stories this week. Today's is about a fourteen year old side hustler, who was given a school project and decided instead of just creating a business plan, she would actually create a business. I love the story. I'll tell you how she cooks up a storm with a spice and condiment business right after this but most operators are handed a school project. They hope to come out with a good grades, little praise and maybe enough time left over to hang out with their friends but Emily redneck. Denver Colorado, isn't most aid graters, because when she was handed her school projects, she came out with a full blown spices more than two hundred eighty dollars a month in her back pocket see over the course of the past,
Years Emily, who spent literally hundreds of hours in her kitchen laboratory with her father David, creating spice plants, they ve been playing around with ingredients trying to come up with a hot new seasoning that could kick the competition. The first few innovations of the product were a bit lacking, though after cooking one of their first attempts, whole family had to vacate the house for a day and leave all the doors and windows open. There is no chance of it, Gorse drawing him with a scientist burning effect of what they left over. Perhaps if she'd not found a successful recipe, she found herself making a replacement for pepper spray instead, After realizing, it was tricky to go it alone, emollient or father called and help from another local business. The Sabre spy shop where they learn more about the art of making spices and began to perfect the recipe for the spice that bears her family name. Red spice. Then came the day we're at her hometown School of Aspen Academy. Emily was asked to put together a business plan and to compete in the school
own version of shark tank, but never want to take the easy road she decided. She wanted to return with a fully fledged business and a product to sell. After receiving the assignment, she contacted the staff of the savory spy shop once more to enlist their help in turning her in her fathers hobby into a viable site. Hustle, and it was here, she learned her first real lessons in business. The shops Colonna JANET offered Emily a beneficial exchange if she could make the product more accessible to people and reduce the amount of money. He spent on making each file at the spice. She put it on the shelves in are stores going back to the drawing board, Emily managed to find a similar, blender spices that more people could eat that their eyes watering and bring the cost of each mixture down to two dollars and seventy four cents to make that same. Recipe now stands on the shelves of the shop retailing at six dollars a bottle after two hundred fifty dollars and start up costs for her spices, materials and forty five days,
after receiving the assignment Emily return to her school, with a business plan in hand and two hundred and fifty bottles of red spice that she'd handmade for people to buy her teachers were impressed, but they weren't surprised. They knew this fiery. Fourteen year old was always capable of something magical. Next Emily knew it was time to take red spice to a wider market but to do that, you're gonna need more money and you don't want to take any more from her current investor, her father David, so she decided to crowd fund her project through Kickstarter and get the capital that she needed after a few weeks of word of mouth marketing, as well as getting our story featured in the local news. Her Emily's Kickstarter reached more than twenty seven hundred dollars in funding and, interestingly, her kickstarter page essentially served as a calmer site because a lot of people pledge to the campaign to purchase The product ITALY is now making at least two hundred fifty dollars a month from red spice, but so far, she's investing it all back into a business or her college fund, and even though the skull product is long over red spice continues to heat up in factors, not three rights based products, the original five spice product from her project, a slightly hot
ten spice blend and a cooking rob. Now, if you were to follow and Emily's footsteps, she has a word of advice for you. She says before charging for your product, give it out for free and gift baskets to friends and get their feedback, and then it just your product from narrow. She says not only does it people talking about what you're doing, but it allows you to have a much better product once you start charging for it. The overall goal of a red spice is to replace salt and pepper on your table between now and then she's, focusing on getting the product in local restaurants, reaching out to farmers markets and creating more bottles to put on more retail shelves this is a site us all with a real kick started from school listeners. I hope you are enjoying the show. I hope you appreciate the values. Active from each story. How should you live your life by seasoning? The moment? Don't hurt your enthusiasm, spice up your hustled mustard up your courage.
When the time comes for you to take action season the date, I want to hear a story of your success I want know what you're doing to create something for yourself, something you can point to say I made that I did ask as also Inspiration is good, but inspiration with actions is so much better. Today shows including more info on rights based on its side of school dotcom com, one, ninety one, that's one hundred and one. If you have a question for the show, give me a call a hustle hotline eight for four nine hustle, I'm critical about spicing it up for side, hustle school.
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