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#192 - Left-Handed Artist Creates Right-Brained Side Hustle


A New York-based art director has a difficult time finding a job that fits both her financial and creative needs, so she learns to think creatively with her ‘anything goes’ design hustle.

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Greetings and welcome to side also school. My name is critical about than we have an artist today, who makes several thousand dollars a month generally goes through transition with her side us off to refocus it. Make sure it serves her needs it's gonna reminded me of a conversation I had recently with the two house of Happy in Hollywood, happier and What is another pie cast on the armored project that debuted recently really ensure that conversation our questions, including one. I don't think I've ever been asked before, which was about if your side hustle ends up kind of swallowing your life and remind me the whole point of a site I is to support your life is to be positive, for you is to perhaps is more opportunities or more possibility for you or just be something you enjoy, Nevertheless, it should be something you look forward to say more about that
the end of the story and that story is coming right up, Daniel. You was born to be creative from young. It She was always drawing to arts and crafts and not a birthday or Chris. Went by when art supplies born at the top of her wish list, but, unlike artists, Daniel wasn't drawn to just one type of art. Instead, she hadn't it. People to practice every type of art she could possibly expose yourself to shoot, want to be Jack of all trades, she wanted to make them off from photography to graphic design, painting to mirror art Daniel lives. For that challenge of turning the grain of an idea into a tangible artistic products, but finding a full time that allows you to practice. Are these skills can be tat? Daniel has a good job in our daily life she's in director for Bloomingdale's and Macy's, and therefore able to work in fashioning graphic design, wishes, Influence, the impressions of thousands of people who interact with their work every day, but she still at
of desire to create beyond the scope of our day job or at least recurrent day job, and she does If she couldn't find a way to do it, she would make that way up for herself since What college in two thousand eight she's always run which cause casual side, hustle working with clients where she could was originally com, Debbie designs and she felt he painted herself into a bit of a corner with a name. She didn't love. And she also wasn't overflowing with client work and soda not made a decision. She decided he's gonna give a hundred percent of our off hours time to her let us all and she can completely to this. This is something that not everyone can do or not to do what she says. Was her passion and she wanted everything she possibly could to make it a success. Part of that. Was giving herself a re brand and naming the business lefties right. Mind apply on the fact that she's left handed and also Activity comes from the right side of the brain and, with this rebranded at about turning that casual side, hustle into something it's more sustainable Danny.
When it to set her own rules, lived the life she wanted through the art that she loved It is now able to earn between two thousand and six thousand dollars a month for the pleasure of doing so. I beg Pardon age was learning how to charge for her services and had a price herself where she felt comfortable but was also competitive. Your first big sale per lefties right. Mind came through a local New York. Pizzeria called pizza harm, commissioner to design their entire restaurant with chalk art. This came from being at New York mats play off came she found she was dead next to the honour of long Island largest restaurant group who, just so when need an artist tat design is new restaurant and that pits upon project was the real tipping point for the rebranded site. Hustle since then, she's gone on it call projects, including logo, design, brand identities and even weddings she's deftly methods of giving a hundred percent over free time to the side hustle. But it's too the relishes she says there's a buzz that comes from a client bringing it that she's never seen before and Son making it work and turning it into another branch oversight, hustle bricks,
Well, she recently added mirror art to her list of jobs when a potential clients in her a note and ask if she was able create a mirror menu. She you can do that designs on the computer, but had no idea she could Say paint on a mirror surface, I have some of our art supplies walked up to her bathroom, mirror and started painting before going back. Your computer and replying yup, I can do that and the tap or any artist or designer whose looking to branch out Daniel when she's looking for a new creative challenge, shelters, a mock brief for her dream, client and then actually create the work she says you can never have too much experience in creative industries looking to the Future Daniels goal is to eventually leave that full time job at Bloomingdale's in Macy's and turn left his right hand, iter, full time, income. Of course you want the continue exploring the creative challenges that come our way, and even though she also believes passion doesn't pay the bills. It seems like you. Not too many projects away from that actually happening for her
congratulations, Daniele. I love that Spirit giving honour percent trying out of me different mediums as you, and that is of course, counter intuitive too a lot of advice about decide. What your medium is and just do that. One thing so when I first met them the story. I thought good for her more people need to try this way and go back to a rest. About the question of what, if your site? so kind of swallows up your life. I think why so important to be clear on what kind of intentional life you want And what is the role of work in your life? People have signed was for lots of different reasons and goals. I try to the range of them throughout the show and hope they get you thinking about. What's best for you, some people they'll be attracted to the idea of giving a hundred percent of their free time to a new project, and other people are like why like wow. That's overwhelming at impossible for me, and not only that, unattractive to me. Both perspectives totally valid,
and depending on where you are in life, you might have one perspective at one time than the other perspective. Another time, the point as it Orton to understand your intentions, as always inspiration is good but inspiration with action so much better. Today, It's our live on the website just come to cite a school dotcom, slashing one nine two can also get other resources fear, enjoying the show, give us a shoutout on social media just use how accidental school. Tell people that you're listening tell me about your site. I am critical of I'll be back tomorrow.
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