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#193 - Pilot’s Side Hustle Takes Flight With Aerial Tours


A pilot in the Pacific Northwest uses his love of the land and his skills in the air to create a profitable side hustle. Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are. You need a hustle! Share: #SideHustleSchoolShow notes: SideHustleSchool.comTwitter: @chrisguillebeauInstagram: @193countries

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Hello and welcome back your listening to side also school on your host critical about everyday, bringing you a different story: if someone who starts in income generating project usually using the skills they already have. That's exactly what I ll talk about today, if you live in an area visited by tourists or any big city, or any area with a lot of natural beauty are probably allow different options to make money by showing people around or teaching people. Your city or area, not tomorrow. You're about a woman in the UK who does chocolate tours today Are you about a man who uses his love of the local land in Oregon and his skills in the air to create a sky high side hustle? That stories coming right up? Support for this podcast comes from progressing
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cloning brand based on local designs. However, Corey wanted to take a step further you need to show people who are visiting the area exactly where they were and what they were experiencing. He knew the tourist were already flocking to the local waterfalls, but he couldn't help feeling. This is only a small percentage of what the place had to offer How can you show people more without increasing the amount of time they needed to stay? Well, I'd help that he had the skills of being a small aircraft pilot Corey like to fly He had only considered it as a hobby because doing it as some kind of business seemed complicated. We realize if he could figure it out. He could show people all the natural wonders from the sky, so he decided to create envy adventures with the goal of giving people what he called the three hundred sixty degree France. According to his business idea to friends, family and colleagues, you actually worked in business development, airplane charter company in pretty much all of them Let him off. They said he did what hundred thousand dollars to get started and the effort would never approve such an idea, because there are currently short handed the Korean.
Had anyway, the first step was to find an airplane he could use since did no more than a hundred thousand dollars. He knew he'd have to get creative here. Into the effort, a registry which is a big list of airplane owners. They look for someone willing to cooperate with him receiving a lot of rejections. He finally found some who is willing to cooperate and let Corey uses plain, and the next step was to complete a lot of paperwork. Sadly, a flight bayside oh isn't ready for take off as soon as you biplane or even borrowing from someone else. Corey Haim that approval from the FDA now is a process that took eight months from start to finish, core use that waiting time wisely. He started social media feeds on Facebook Instagram on Twitter. Did regular updates to raise awareness for his project. We went ahead and build a website. I wasn't yet able to offer the tours and once Corey finally got the go ahead to fly the plane he take his friends or family up with him to take pictures either he's those images to update and Instagram feed once a day to try to bring a new interest. He also spent a long time.
Reaching out to local news organisations featured in the news, Bernie did a radio interview and all this buys began to pay off since starting Corrie has been able to pull in twenty thousand dollars worth of revenue for his tour service, He's fine sixty seven tours and carried a hundred. Fifty two people through the majestic nature of his area and some of the success comes down to is unique way of charging for tours, which I thought was interesting. Instead of charging high premiums per person, envy adventurers, our price per flight, and depending on the tour customers can expect to pay ninety nine dollars hundred ninety nine dollars tuner in sixty five dollars or three forty nine dollars per flight and because its price per flight and not per person, the more people you choose to fly with the more cost effective. It is. However, it is also important to point out this is aside us I'll bet incurs a lot of costs. That's why, from that twenty three, Darting revenue he's taken in only twenty five hundred dollars of it has been profit but with Russia. Patients coming in every day and love that many being reinvested back in the business it shouldn't belong for that number grows a bit bigger the next
recovery, are learning how to market envy to a wider audience, he's looking to create affiliate partnerships with local hotels and tourist operators. Social media has been helpful, but he wants to create a much larger brain presence. So far, Good though koreas enjoying the adventure of watching aside, I saw take flight, listen if your site I saw, is not taking off and reaching new heights yet stick with it. I want you to health is on the way the upcoming cider, so book presents a twenty seven day step. Vice plan for you to start your hustle and just by means of public accountability A lot of people have asked me about the site hustle society, which is something that I most early in the year, but haven't had a bunch of updates on sense so by joining it now, I'm making sure that's gonna happen inside of society will be a committee. People, just like you are working creating their own income generating projects so more
At some point, I'm just putting out there for now. As always, inspiration is good, but inspiration with action is so much better. Unifying today show notes they are at sight of school dotcom, Slash nine three, which is also my instagram, handle almost two hundred ninety three countries on Instagram. If you have a comment or question the show to let me know on that website or give me a call on the hustle hotline at eight thousand four hundred and forty nine hustle you're a rockstar, I'm crystal about for side, hustle school.
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