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#195 -Birds of a Feather Flock to Your Bank Account


A couple in Virginia ‘home’ in on a side hustle renting out white doves for weddings and special events. 

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Side also schoolmasters school. You are in for a treat. This is critical about then far too long, since we have had an animal featured side hustle. I know my inbox has been on up with complaints for a quick recap of some of the more popular ones, we had saddles for pet chickens and episode ten worm. Composting empire that makes foreign two dollars a month episode: seventy nine Houston beekeeper, who buzz, four thousand dollars a month episode one of four and of course they live cricket drop shipping. Hustle can forget that episode. Number four sex visually check goes out of you haven't heard him already today got something all knew it about bar tender and limo driver who breaks into the competitive world of double releasing earning hundreds of dollars for bringing her birds to weddings and funerals. If you ve ever went along Are the humming pigeon hustle works. You will find out in just a moment. Support for this Pont cast comes from progressive
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Lady, a limo driver, a dog walker, a ranch worker newspaper, add salesperson and more securely cares for horses during the day and on weekends and Vince, including weddings and funerals. She gets paid to release white doves, also known as humming pigeons, but she has The dogs to then returned her home where they can rest up in advance of a future mission. How did this homing hustle come to be well? At least his father is a retired signal corps General, but she was a girl, He would tell her stories of how homing pigeons were used in wars any and credit bravery and feats. They performed to save lives. Five years ago at least, I was travelling, ended up at a restaurant and heard a gentle cooing coming from a yard she peeped in and was fascinated about how content those gentle pigeons looked inside their loft that we ve got
first book on pigeons and our curiosity took off she studied all year and got her carpenter husband to build a loft at their house for dove headquarters. Now there are different kinds of humming pigeons and doves and LISA decided if she was gonna fly, humming pigeons. Why not get the white ones that are used and ceremonies and try to make some extra money? So she got her first breeding pair and raised her first set a pure. My tabs. Interestingly, the humming pigeons only home to the place they were born or raised from a month old. She have to start them up early. Jobs are a renewable resource sending them out in the world only to have to purchase more each time, plus, of course, the end. A lover in me would wonder what happens to those doves. It never make it back. While these dogs have it made that they have such a good life, they freely returned to LISA so I can rent them out again. There's no word on whether the deaths receive any profit share, but it seems her happy. So how did LISA get going start up cost for about one thousand five hundred dollars that included the materials for that dub?
Q, where the birds live aloft at her home. She also needed to stock wicker baskets and lots of silk flowers, and naturally, she set up a website. A doves love dot com. It took her longer than expected. To raise and train the birds, one interesting and unique challenge with a community of homing pigeon lovers, isn't it consists mostly of older men. And some of these older men, mostly socialized with birds, so LISA found it. She would have to talk to them for a long time before she got the answer to a specific question. She would ask them something, and I could go on and on for about an hour before they got. Answer, the actual question she was asking. Apparently it helps to be patient when training dogs and learning from doc trainers. But after a lot of learning and waiting for answers, LISA finally opened a doves love celebrations ways and releases started two hundred dollars, depending on the number dogs required and the location
There is only a limited supply of double lasers and the Washington Dc Northern Virginia area where they still lives and there's been a lot of demand exactly so a smart because she started that website before she was actually open for business. So she had been turning down phone calls and requests just because it took so long to get the ducks trained when she felt competent. She did her first release. Four hundred dollars, then she had three more really says for around seven hundred dollars. In so far this year, she's about one release a mind. Sometimes too, and she's made twenty five hundred dollars. Her advice, if you'd like to enter the world of humming pigeon hustles Don't just order these birds on Ebay, LISA. I advise you to get a mentor. She also says this is a long term effort. And not quite like starting a blog or Amazon business. Remember because the humming pigeons can only return to a place where they were born, in a race from a month, all you have to raise a generation or two pigeons in your own laughed before, you have a well trained team, the Good NEWS, as once you have them d, keep coming back for LISA Sites Fund on the birds, but the best part is the joy and healing. It brings to people, especially families in mourning. She even
a video recorded release for a widow who lives in a different state and she hoped to get back to the military community next door to her at Arlington National Cemetery. She also says that homing a pigeon, a dying art rubber. She had to have a lot of men, tourists who are older men, some of whom socialized mostly with birds. So this has led to another idea. She's thinking about creating a homing, pigeon, epoch or online course help other aspiring bird trainers. She still feels like a newbie, but as a newbie, she knows what people need to know. He's also excited to be expanding range that her birds comply with me he'll be able to say yes to more requests. The sky is the limit, or actually it's not very complicated, You know what they say: hustle in the hand, is worth two in the Bush without further Ado, I want to encourage you to take action on your side. Hustle, don't just be inspired
Take flight today shows our online at sight of school dotcom, slash one nine five by the way alternate titles for this episode included. This is what it sounds like when doves fly, we found dead in a surplus place and I didn't use the Dublin. The dove life chose me here. Listening to citizens school, I'm critical about hope to see you tomorrow.
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