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#196 - Yoga Mat Reseller Changes Lives While Earning $4,000/Month


After being inspired by social good companies like TOMS, a woman in London creates a yoga accessories business that focuses on empowering women worldwide.

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Hey there. What's up welcome back to us a school and critical about had a really great fun and dick story. For you today to Social good story about somebody, is changing the world and because it sighed us, a school are not just changing the world there also making money doing it, which is of course, the best of both worlds story, is about a London fundraiser who creates a female social movement and happens to earn more three thousand pounds or about four thousand dollars a month from it I'll tell you what about and how she does it as I was working on the notes, I really like some advice, she had about. Focusing so does want to this with you right off the top, so you don't miss it. She says, suggest when you're starting out focus on strategy. At a time. I try to focus about a million things at once, but it's so much easier. If you spend one month contacting magazines for example, or a month social media or a month. Working on an adwords campaign, and it may
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Until two months ago, Lorenson Gupta was working in the fund raising team for an environmental charity in London. She also had a dream, perhaps a dream, much like yours, since your listening to side also school, not dream was to a different source of income for herself. Perhaps even she could rely on for her primary income, but it just about money Laura, had to other important motivations. The first she wanted that new source of income so that she can travel she's, always been restless. She loves heading out with a backpack. By herself. She thought if she could cry a location, independent business. She could fulfil her travel work dream, but that's not all set she wanted to create a female led social movement. She was inspired by companies Tom shoes and several others, but they all seem to have a male founders. She thought, start a female founded and lead business that focuses on empowering women worldwide on a region kept her homeland in Calcutta, India. She had an idea as a yoke,
However, for the past six years, she was starting to get frustrated with the death of her practice. She wanted to feel connected to think deeper and bigger than just a physical postures, this restoration, made her look at what yoga actually meant to her, which was a devotional practice both toward herself and to others. When she had the inspiration of somehow connecting the east and the West through yoga and crew what she thought of as a giving loop. Unfortunately, she just the right product in mind. The pie She wanted to sell, was cork, yoga mats. So, first of all why cork Laura believes cork hugely opera? as a contribution towards a training course for one woman or girl, and for every court. Yogi bag purchased cork yogi so, in other words its superior material or at least people believe it is an weather superior and not least its very different from other yoga amounts. Lore wanted to find they to combine a huge popularity of yoga in the west with her desire to create futures for vulnerable communities at the time her family in Calcutta. I've been working with an organization that support survivors of human trafficking, northern developed
your ship about organization. The partnership provides jobs to the women who end up making the yoga MAC Gift backs. This is what he was thinking of with the giving loop for every nation Cork Yogi Matt purchased. She provides a contribution or to training course for one woman or girl for every court. Yogi bag purchased court provides jobs, creating steps towards financial and That's right! That's the social side of things. What about the business side when orchestra business she did not choose doing, but, of course, that in stopper she did a big launch campaign to get her name out before she had received her first batch of stock chosen. The thinking. Anyone would buy them, but she may five sales and was a small because she didn't have five yoke amounts to send out, but still was excited. She was throughout. She thought maybe this actually want fail, or in other words, maybe it'll actually work but each of those five buyers and ask if they could wait a bit. She took out a lie to buy her first batch of a hundred mats. She free tools and learn to do everything herself, rather than paying for help? She says it was a steep learning, but she's learned so much. You might think its a bit
Stretch to think that you two could establish a location, independent income like Laura's, but you really do need a export mindset. You might even have to fund our backs. To find your site herself, but it's worth it For I sign off, I want to get a shot to someone else. Doing a social good project in other female led social That is also a business from Spain. Diego Jenny aren't meaning. I started this social good Friday. Called solo eyewear its focus on providing Ike two people around the world who don't have access to it and they do it project not through the lens of a charity, at least not exe. That but Europe is that was started as a site hustle. So it's a great as well, and included linked to solo eyewear on the shoulder its age. Speaking have shown out Our scientists will school dotcom, slash one. Ninety six hope you enjoy this episode. As always, inspiration is good, but inspiration with action so much better
I'll, be back with you again to Morrow and critical about Posada, so small.
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