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#199 - Comic Creator Illustrates His Way to $30,000


A long love affair with the Sci-fi genre helps this side hustler build an empire—both imaginary and real—through his successful comic books and audio drama podcasts. 

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Hey there. What's up MRS Driscoll above I am Exe to bring you another episode of sawdust score school today after day, going well wherever you are? I wasn't. I've had some requests, fiction writers, or palace or anybody doing that kind of creative work? Can you actually money doing that where a lot of people don't, but some people do so what are those people do differently? How did they father passion? that phrase. But how do they do something they enjoy Emily then? But yet so make money today, Look at a science fiction, comic book author who make something like forty thousand dollars a year on the side, through his comic books, that. Is coming up in a moment, but first, let's hear from a listener, with a shot out for someone who's. Two along the way who is
Junior Cynosure Johnny. I guess this is tying the linen from life at least an hour. I give a shit out to you for having beside her to school and muttering Angie, who told me about possible scope. I listen. I have a fighter for book. It's gonna become an m o. Another tips on the different aspects of promoting telling about from all the different at thirty have thanks Rightly support for this part cast comes from progressive saving. Money on your car insurance is easy, with progressive. It's an average savings of seven hundred ninety six dollars for customers who switch and save. In fact, customers can qualify for an average of six discounts on their auto policy with pride
save including discounts just for starting a quota, mine or owning multiple vehicles, get your quote online at progressive dot com and see how much you could be saving national average annual car insurance savings by new customer surveyed who saved with progressive in twenty nineteen discounts very and are not available in all states and situations The science fiction world Travis been growth has created, is an elaborate one set on the any of atrium. It describes inhabitants who have been cut off from humanity and dirt generate. Of civil war city remains and beyond its walls sprawls a lawless expanse, but as the story goes, Government may be hiding something worse. This world called Liberty is now Travis aside, Hustle portrayed a graphic novel and a new podcast it's the permission of his long love affair with cipher. He remembers. Terminate or two at the theatre when he was just four years old and spending hours
STAR wars: toys in high school. He graduated to playing lots of dungeons and dragons, which is where he first got the idea to create his own world in college. He started documenting the stories for this alternative world. He was injured, in alternative moralities. The idea There is no universal good or bad, and its social contract are largely subjective. Need aside the best way, try this world liberty would be through comics over the following, Kate. His side hustle gradually took shape, as he did. Other things for money. Travis chose the pin. John DOE, censure, publishing and two years ago in Duration for the release of his first comic book. Incorporate the business now. Liberty, which has brought to light by artists and writers who collaborate with Travis from all over the world has been made into its first comic book volume, Anna, a podcast I guess he's an audio drama, meaning it scripted with factors and sound effects. Sort of like listening to a movie, Travis S, started, the hustle, because he thought it would be easy, as well as inexpensive, to make a comic and produce a podcast,
he began by selling his book at a convention, Cotonou COMECON last October, and things begin. Extremely well the we can you gotta sail was also the weekend. He broke a record for sales at a convention with three or four copies of his graphic novel salt effectively made a new sale every six and a half minutes eight hours a day for forty straight without any established brand recognition or fan base. He remembers dancing with the last customer to celebrate the surprising success. Still it was a lot more work than he expected. He had to learn about. Advertising marketing convention booth Rennell. I sb numbers in more detail sweated some financial risk, his anger, Expenses are almost entirely based on print cost, which were twelve thousand dollars. For that first graphic, not Currently more than ninety percent of the site, hustles income comes from book sales Travis, They began a donation page as well as an advertising campaign for the podcast, which has released every two weeks. He as these conventions and social media, especially read. It had been the best way to market his liberty series. This has becoming part of these online communities
Value to them is crucial to organically growing fan base, while making friends and continuing to learn about the genre he says gaining is profit. It's been a game of nutrition and wonder he looks to winning even more someday. His work is entirely sir. Published and self distributed, which comes with both benefits and challenges and Travis runs. Empire from his home in Sarasota Florida, in addition to his I'm job managing properties. He and his wife us to manage a seventy five pound dog named Enzo, who may or may not be getting his comics very soon. It definitely has been easy. The way that he first hoped and predicted by volume to liberty, almost ready to print Travis hard work to be paying off. He says love, seeing the new art produced, getting parts from his voice actors for the podcast, and he does lives every day, working on a hustle feeling like Christmas, or at least a Christian Where you do a lot of work, While the Liberty Series is doubly not get rich, quick plan,
Why decide hustle he's not depending on for his primary income. He is doing at first inform because he enjoys it. He loves building this world, telling the character stories through the graphic novels. Another podcast by the key point as is also making money bodyguards. Two years since he started, and I believe you should pursue a career. Project, because you want to pursue it, not for some motivation, but what I have to do with the shop at least one calls for people who are artists writers. Or musicians or something else is to help him go from doing creative projects only for the love of doing them to doing them for love and money. In other words, I think you dont have to choose between two people: few things right beside us about coming out in September. Temper shows a step by step plan for doing this When I give a shit out to a friend of Mine chef Goines, who has a book out called real artist, don't start, which assumes the title, I thought, what a brilliant title- and it's also a great source? For anyone who identifies with that title, how do you know someone is an artist- might want to make more money from their work that's just Goines and real artist. Don't start hope you enjoy
This episode today show notes, are at sight of school dotcom, slash one, nine nine, as always, inspiration is good, but inspiration combined with action is so much better I'll, be back tomorrow without Go two hundred I'm critical about for side.
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