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#200 - High School Students Earn $10k in Profits Selling Bread at Farmers Markets


A brother-and-sister duo learns about entrepreneurship first hand when they create a side hustle baking and selling bread at their local farmer’s market. Each of them purchases their first car with the profits!  Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are. You need a hustle! Share: #SideHustleSchoolShow notes: SideHustleSchool.comTwitter: @chrisguillebeauInstagram: @193countries

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Many scientists. Will school listeners guess what well? First of all welcome back Ankara's. Galileo is. Second, I've got a great story for you today about high school students who are in ten thousand dollars selling it farmers markets, but also this is episode number two hundred which not, coincidentally, happens to be the two hundredth day of the year that we have come a long way since we back on January wine and several episodes this week, feature listener, shot out to people have helped them along the way. Today I want to give a shot out to you, especially people. Think for a while, if you ve made this party routine or if you ve, helped in any way. If you told your friends about satisfy school there were posted a little rating, a review whatever it is, I'm so glad I started this project. Thank you for being a huge part of it. I'm really excited about to come, especially everything in the far with the site. Also book launch, Inter you are awesome, I now without further Ado,
I've got that story of high school students making more than ten thousand dollars. Gonna write up after this break message: I made it Josh Darcy are a brother sister. Do the first created aside hustle about five years ago, their full time job is being Highschool. Stew they actually started in middle school when Amanda was twelve in Josh was tenth. They do. They wanted to sell food of some kind in an effort to learn about economics, also known as increasing their pocket money, but they were quite sure exactly what to sell. They started where most students begin with some research. They did a search, all the farmers markets in their area and learn more
what was required to start a food business? They then contacted three of those markets to ask about running a stall, what they would need for permits fees and any other requirements, as it turns out. No special permits were required because cottage laws allow for selling of home bake goods at a farmer's market to the list of requirements that were needed to get started they quite short it business licence, the fifteen, our renovate for their farmers market space, the pop up, tent table ingredients and packaging armed with all this nation, Amanda and Josh BAR two hundred dollars from their parents to cover the cost of their first market and set to work making food to sell. That's right. It's a true hundred dollar start up. They became with banana bread price at five dollars a love and ended up making forty dollars and profit at their first market, they're pretty excited with those earnings. They got ready for the next market and then the next. For the first few months, they tried different food products, jams, jellies, brownies cookies, it's a quickly realized that their bread for their best sellers and at first season they made about fitting her nurse in profit. At some point,
I they need to have a facebook page and a website to help get the word out and connect with customers between markets. Since a cottage laws only allow homemade foods to be sorted farmers markets for now their online, Presence is just informational in marketing not for sales, Amanda, Josh outsourced and hired a friend of theirs. That was also a middle school student to run the facebook page. That Frank is to earn a little extra money, while learning about marketing and social media and with their tech an arm upgrade they also signed up for square, so they could accept credit cards in addition to cash in checks, as the seasons advanced and Amanda and Josh got more practice. They learn to go from making for loves and our two ten lives in our. That means that in sick, seen combined hours. Instead of being able to make a cell about fifty loves per week, were eventually able to make and sell a hundred fifty two to utter loves per week in us, method. It may more sense to start buying in book which decrease their per loaf costs together with their increased efficiency and decrease cost. They worked on protecting their selling and marketing. They discover that they sold more bread when they had free samples for people to try.
Crazy idea. They also started learning customers, names and greeting those customers with friendly smiles during marketing evolution. They also learned how to tell their origin story as preteen entrepreneurs, which, whenever well with the farmers market crowd and between all those things, their sales steadily grew. Over the years as they went from middle school to high school. Amanda Josh also went from selling only banana bread that very first market to now offering thirteen different options. They said they were never afraid to try new breads, some of them sold well in some didn't, but they always learn from experience, neither expanded their offerings or tried. Again. You got some fun flavors, including the Elvis which is a banana bread with peanut butter, and they also offer additional options like so keen apple and Amish white Bread, Amanda Josh, now sell it to weekly farmers, markets and one monthly market plus seasonal holiday markets. While revenues change seasonably these days, they average foreigner dollars in profit each week and up to five and a dollar some weeks, all Annette combined sixteen hours a week. Time in twenty sixteen they had their highest earnings yet more than ten thousand dollars and profit
and even other, using some of that money to safer college. They have also each been aim to use their earnings to buy their first car. The next challenge for their side, us all, is figuring out how to keep the business going once Amanda goes off to college next fall, who knows maybe they'll find more students to out Stu, really high school. A brother Mr, do our earning after two thousand dollars a month selling bread. What's not to like what a great story also did I And it was episode two hundred its episode, two hundred we are strong together. It was appropriate that this was a story taking and selling bread because it reminds to encourage you if you ve, been listening for a while, just kind of absorbing the ideas Fine, but at a certain point you need to stop loping around if you need a slice of the action, because we have just plays the surface Domini go against the grain and say that I have your back. I believe in you and you are not alone moron.
That later so much more to come in your quest to create your additional and Without putting your job, you should leave no scam, on turn. As always, inspiration is good, but inspiration combined with action is so much better, today show notes, guess where they are signs of school dot, com, slash two hundred uncritical bringing down the patriarchy every day, so national school will be back tomorrow to the revolution.
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