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#208 - Busy Marketing Professional Fills Niche with Biking Wine Tours


A marketing executive sees an opportunity to fulfill a niche tourism need in an up-and-coming wine region.  Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are. You need a hustle! Share: #SideHustleSchoolShow notes: SideHustleSchool.comTwitter: @chrisguillebeauInstagram: @193countries

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Greetings and hello. This is press, go above her side, also school couple things for you today. First of all, a story of course, this one's about a busy marketing professional but creates a series of wine tours by bicycle in Canada, Prince Edward County, but also I really like something she says in the story. He talks about the idea of how, if there is an idea that keeps you up at night, maybe you should pay attention to it and, in her case it letter to this profitable side hustle. I think this is a good principle for all kinds of things, If you ve got something it's occupying your mind and you can't get it out of your head, you got this idea. And you might have lots of ideas that come and go. But this one idea just gonna sticks there. It's probably there for a good reason, and you should do something about it now ideas aren't everything in your site. Hustle journey you need to go from idea to offer and will look at that through the story and it s a kind of recap it at the end, because it's important,
story and those lessons coming right up after this Ehrenberg didn't think she had time for aside us all as managing director, and apart in a creative communications agency, as well as a frequent speaker with the National Speakers Bureau, she had a lot on our plates. But she also had an idea that wouldn't go away. Errand grown up visiting Prince Edward County. Region about two hours outside of Toronto. She got older and drinking age. Her dad move there. She would visit every summer with friends They all love touring the wineries. They noticed that there were limo tours available, but, unlike other wine regions, there were no bicycle tours era knew this was a popular activity offered elsewhere. She also believed that if she didn't create something, someone else would ass. She put it. If your idea keeps you up at night, because you know you'll be annoyed. If someone else does it before you, it's a good sign that you should pursue it,
Erin began planning her sight or so called the county wine tours. He did it with her best friends and the first step was figuring out. Out that had enough wineries within cycling, distance, Erin Approach, winery on a potential route in order to line up their regular stops along with some backup options for busy days or in case of any special request. When selecting wineries, she consider their offerings to make sure there was a good variety of tastings and also a good location, both in terms of proximity to each other. As how far they were from the starting point. With all these considerations in mind, errand selected five stops along with some of those backups, and the next step was to get some bikes Luckily, a family member worked for giant bikes, the world's largest bicycle manufacturer. So Erin worked with her to select a fun cruiser bike with custom accessories. They would both comfortable and really stand out on the road they purchase. Ten bikes plus helmets baskets for the banks and repair tools with the bikes ordered and the rout picked, branding and marketing came next arrogant or to France focused on a few key areas
most importantly, search engine, optimization and Google Adwords. Since most people can planning a wine. We can get away. My googling a few key terms there currently running by Facebook industry, adds an using their own social media to give people a peak into what it's like to go on. Whether tours setting up their Tripadvisor file was another major must for their business so that they can capture those word of mouth recommendations. Online They also invited media to the area to take a tour, and after all, planning on weekends and evenings the county wine tourist launched in May of this year. Their website is built on word, press that they can. Easily maintain it with online scheduling and payments process by system called check front the We're surprised at ninety five dollars per person in so far they ve been completely book, on weekends, with anywhere from two to ten people on a tour plush. So far, there's also, one or two midweek tourists, as well, with anywhere from five to ten
Inquiries coming in everyday, arrogant or co. Founders are excited to their great idea, is gaining some extraction so quickly and in fact their biggest problem at this point is managing demand on peak days with the framework in place for public tours. They ve also created private tours, so people can book for birthday parties or bachelor at parties as well as corporate Torres, that companies can use as part of a retreat for those who prefer beer over wine. Last month, they launched a brewery option It is clear that there is a lot of room for expansion, but they plan to ride out the season with their current bikes and then decide how many to add for next year now here's something fine, there's already been a number of special celebrations on the tours, but Aaron's favorite by far, is the one she led the first weekend in July. She hosted a private to her for her friends, which was intended as special way to share her side, hustle and a beautiful wine region with them, but at the last horse stop she was the one who is surprised her boyfriend proposed The winery was in on it and ready to put the sparkling wine when she said yes, a good time
had by everyone. Their errand hopes that everyone goes on. A tour has a memorable occasion, but she makes no promises that any future tourists will include a proposal, so I mentioned at the top of the episode that you have to go from idea to offer for you to look at. A bit more in future episodes. It's also a whole chapter in the status of work that comes out in September, and this is because a lot of people dont get past the idea phase and for you to have a profitable side hustle, which is what this is all about, not just a hobby. You had to go from idea to offer, so in this story? The idea was wine tourist by bicycle in this beautiful region, a couple hours out of a major city, but it was all. As Aaron Interference worked on the project that they came up with the actual offer and the off. Is that ninety five dollars a person to or if he'll be some more details for it on their website, but that's what people actually sign up for so as soon as possible in your plan
You gonna think. Ok, I've got this idea to make this thing. Maybe it's a course. Maybe it's a coaching programme. We need some kind of resources to create, and so, I would encourage you sooner rather than later. Ask yourself not only what is this about and who is it for, but also how are you presented, what are people actually going to exchange money for because when you do that, you're gonna get you a much more concrete phase of your site, hustle quicker and also my able to eliminate some ideas? You might have multiple ideas and when you take them and put them into offers, you really but some of them are not super compelling. Fortunately, errand and her friends did find a super compelling idea. They did take action on that idea and they transformed into an offer. They ve got some real traction there, not just cycling uphill, In fact, the idea even led to a chain reaction as they expected to have a brewery tour and in the private events and, of course, will see what they do next season side sandyseal school listeners. As always, inspiration is good, but inspiration with. She is so much better today. Show notes, are online at sight of school dot com, slash two zero eight opium
wonderful day. I'm crystal about this, the societal small.
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