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#209 - Polish Bartender Makes Money While Drinking Beer


After being frustrated when setting up a bar for Virgin Atlantic, a Polish bartender living in the U.K. sets up an online shop to sell cocktail equipment.

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Hello, hello, what's up welcome! My name is critical You are listening to side us all school on a mission to help you create a new source of income without cutting your day job that wasn't. Have you ever used the words there has to be a better way. You might be frustrated at something you counter in daily life or just find him in its very inefficient, it could be done better. I encourage you to pay attention those observations because paying attention led to a lot of side ourselves. It there's something you King foreign, you can't find it you're, probably not the only one and if you're frustrated by something other people probably are too today stories about a polish bartender living in the UK who sets an online shop to sell cocktail equipment and before he started here, not a about setting up an online shop, but he did know cocktail equipment and he was frustrated about something but fortune
he didn't remain frustrated. He took action and created this growing asset for himself, and his story is coming up right after this brief message, some people, Barton as a job or just something to do for a time to pay some bills, put some do it as a career because they love the art of mixed ology. Paul Bobby, I was one of those people those who truly enjoys mixing up a nice drink, whether its gin gimlet with him some cucumber or prohibitions, I sat with an absent rents. He loved the research, the preparation and the interaction with Mars, he's been too for nine years, both in his native Poland and is adopted country, the United Kingdom, these days. He mostly does event portending, meaning that he does a home bar rather travels around to various corporate parties, perceptions and weddings. He recently
the chance to open a bar in London's. Oh two arena perversion: Atlantic, Delta Airlines, this was your project and it came with a lot of autonomy. All was in charge of her during an ordering all the supplies they need. It also naturally curious person and throughout years of bar tending he often asked managers and bar owners about the best places defined supplies With their answers were always big, they go to Amazon, gotta Ebay had to the market. Now that he was in charge of setting up a bar. He saw how difficult it was. The supplier they are working with was out of stock nearly a third of the items they needed there catalogue and website had no photos one line, descriptions of all the items she had to make his best guess what actually seeing anything in one case, you need for an item, but it was only sold in packs of twelve. He described the whole process as a nightmare, and he said to himself. There has to be a better way. Hot decided to take matters into his own hands and opened his own bar. He was needed Uk didn't have a lot of contacts.
Made a website, but he was resourceful and figured out things out step by step. It was An overnight success at all, in fact, it was extremely slow, When the beginning, you didn't suppliers and got stuck on a few things. But he did eventually set up that website bar counter London dot com and honest about page. It displays a clear mission to provide bartenders hotel offers, an enthusiasts with affordable, Bartels and other supplies. The promise as you save money by skipping the middle man we shop with us, since we work directly with suppliers and manufacturers. We even makes him stuff ourselves like wooden mothers and here's a fun touch. I noticed if you read that about page carefully and go to the bottom. You get a free shipping. So basically rewarding site visitors for learning about his business. Our counter. London is now up and running. Serving customers throughout the UK he's also x, and it was setting up shop at London's famous Camden Market Policy Barton in during the week, but he enjoys the passive income. That's coming from the website. In fact, the best part, the experience has been a couple of times when he's checked his phone,
see that he made a day's wages while he was out drinking beer with friends. He loved her bar counter London to become a full time for at some point, but he's not in a hurry, and he feels like he's on the right track. About this business heard once and it says, if you, You start your own garden. What do you put their first? My answer is your foot. The words you have to do some work. This is like the polish version. Inspiration is good, but inspiration with action is better. So thanks for carrying my tagline for me, Paul regulations on your side. Also success side of souls listeners. Remember that phrase. There has to be a better way if, in your life your you're travels your adventurers, you find yourself this realization, something that for Reggie something that can be done so much better easier. You trying to figure What's your site hustle, this is a great direction to go down. What could be made better,
easier, cheaper, more efficient or some other of change in a marketplace. That's a great thing to think about. Go about your day and especially, if you're looking for what to do next channels for today, but so are live at sight of school dotcom, slash, two zero! Nine! You can also get a free five steps too of course, there, along with a bunch of us, Fun stuff: I will be back tomorrow until then raise a glass to freedom, something they will ever take away. Just like your daily episode of side, also school.
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