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#230 - Luxury Toothbrush Hustle Produces Polished Profits


Introducing the high-end toothbrush with low startup costs: this man earns $1,000 a month on the side. Total startup costs were just $760!

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Support. For this part, gas comes from Goldman Sachs. What Goldman Sachs expert and leading thinkers have to say about trans shaping markets, industries and the global economy stain formed with the latest insights from Goldman Sachs on the economic and market implications of covert. Ninety think about luxury items, don't just think about people need think about what they want, because if you just ice the people need, it can be hard to compete. It can be hard decree some kind of differentiation. But if you focus on luxury, things that we don't really need in life, but we like to have you might find some kind of creative option there. Today's creative option started by aside hustler, of course, is a luxury toothbrush like a fancy toothbrush would handcrafted you'll, hear all about it and how this guy was able to produce a polish profits. I realized we just talk yesterday about beards but guy who grows a bearded and sets out on a quest to create the world's greatest beard. Oil, not everyone, his beard, oil, but most people need to brush their teeth. So this guy today is basically doubled the market of people from yesterday, anyway, from beards to toothbrushes. This wasn't hygiene, we
inside us will score, is just another good story and I'll bring that to you right after this quick message from our sponsor support for this fog, gas come from C d, W and Hewlett Packard Enterprise, at sea w we get. Modern servers need to be flexible, scalable unpredictable. Ever they did. You say that Ok, what what I say next probably, but a month's security, impressive and freaky sweetie W can implement secure, Hewlett, Packard enterprise, gentle servers that improve speed and performance while reducing rising costs the product of all. I too, straight by C D, W people who get it I predict a web address. He w dot com, slash hp, I'm in your mind man, It was spring twenty fifteen and Andrew Duff got a phone call. He knew was coming. The company he was working for was closing, given managing corporate sales and the same company for the past.
Six years and had been the one relaying, the dreary financial reports to the higher ups which is why you hadn't, been caught totally unprepared months earlier- He had seen the writing on the wall and begun some settle job searching for the options he found. What, if required us if your pay cut, so he thought, since he was twenty eight years old, already had a house in the car when I start his own thing in order to prepare for this coming, lifestyle change, he's sold his fancy car cut back his spending and when his job officially ended, he spent some time planning what would come next. You look back through his idea book or, as he calls it his book cool things and got to work and trying to decide what to do next to even spend a week in silence at a monastery and in the end he had six ideas that he thought were actionable. Many will those down further tutu ideas. I men's clothing shop in a high end, toothbrush you're focused first on clothing, shot because it was the idea he was most comfortable with having spent
decade in men's retail sales and have the highest potential for profit. That's not really our stories about. He knew we can make the clothing shop work by January, two thousand and sixteen need to come together and was on track to being profitable. So that was great and it freaked him out to turn his attention to his side hustle, which was that high end toothbrush he spent a fair amount of time. Thinking about this market in particular, he realized that men were already spending money on nice grooming products. Just like we heard about yesterday story. Some of these they were buying, would handled razors or bad your hair brush to shave, but then they would pick up a plastic tooth brush to brush there too. If so, when imagining the design of a toothbrush Andrew kept this market in mind, and the next step was the design which Andrew did on a cheap, he used the website up work to hire a swedish architect for a hundred and fifty dollars. He worked with him for about a month to get to beautifully designed to pressures from their enter, went to another website called shape ways: dot com where he had the two thrushes treaty printed in various sizes in thickness, is four hundred dollar, You know how to design a prototype three light, but from here on out things got complicated, then accept was figuring out the material
because the that it would be made from wood. He went to local hardwood in specially workshops, shops and ass people. Every question he could think of you would go two to three times a week with more more questions. Luckily, the hardwood, an exotic craftsmen he was talking to were very passionate about what they do and more than happy to chat and share, but the more he learned about would the more he realized how tricky was gonna, be if you use a lot of pressure, when you brush your chief, you run the risk of snapping your wooden toothbrush half. That was a no go. Also, some woods are poisonous to humans and some other ways just wouldn't hold out to repeatedly, wet multiple times a day, eventually Andrew found some beautiful and super strong hardwoods. The next thing to consider was protecting them from water, while still keeping them safe to put in your mouth. He really wanted beeswax to work and even worked with a local beekeeper to find
perfect blend, but no matter what he did whenever he quoted is toothbrushes with beeswax for some reason they tasted like well like these wax. Luckily, just as he was admitted defeat with the bees racks, he found a german firm who had developed a coating that was specifically designed for wooden children's toys. Perfect, except one more big challenge. Next, he had to figure out how to get the bristles into the beautiful wooden handle plastic toothbrushes have tufts of bristle inserted into the holes using a machine that can pop out thousands of toothbrushes an hour, and we figured that one of these companies will be able to run his wooden toothbrushes to their machine with no problem, but it turned out that the slight variation in size, literally one slash, sixty four of an inch with enough to jam up the machines. He tried a broom maker of vintage toothbrush maker, a bamboo toothbrush maker, anyone that he could think of No one could do it. The best he found was a canadian company that had a one third breakage rate. Not this point he has spent about ninety dollars on design, prototyping, wood and other miscellaneous costs, which is still not that much
when you think about all these done so far, but undertook a step back and realize he'd been putting all is too precious into one basket. So we started looking for alternatives, which was at first difficult to do. Indeed invested so much time in getting that wouldn't handle to work. But he realise those we're just sunk cost. He had to focus on the future through his connections at the clothing shop. He found in all the italian company best known for rehab. Russia's with aid also develop the line of two precious that we're both beautiful and functional. They were able to produce them at a fraction of the cost that Andrew I have been able to produce. His Russia's, because they already had a manufacturing in place. So Andrew change this by a bit he stepped in and simply brought their product in North America and decided to become a reseller and from this point on his knees, were much simpler. He bought a shop if I theme for two hundred fifty dollars a domain name for ten dollars. Three and fifty dollars worth of initial toothbrush stock and a hundred dollars worth of shipping supplies is monthly cost or twenty nine dollars for shop defy, and nineteen dollars for Recharge subscription service even set up. Google outwards to drive traffic which,
been pretty cheap since luxury toothbrush isn't a super popular search firm and that accounts for most of the visitors he gets to his website. He uses stripe and pay pal to process payments and a few tat restarting, was bringing about a thousand dollars a month not a huge amount of money, of course, but financially the site also gives enter the ability to. And more time and money on new site, hustles he's kind like recharge subscription service even set up. We just can't stop starting things already working hunting is next product thanks to the extra income from the toothbrushes and beyond the x. Many Andrew loves that he gets to manage the entire supply chain of aside hustle from sourcing to packaging at the oars. Summers, it's all him. He does everything himself and even though that's not manufacturing is on product. He still really I did about providing something unique indifferent to people who appreciate a luxury gut.
So in the story, even though Andrew ended up reselling, just purchasing someone else's product than in selling it himself at first, he pursued this path of becoming a manufacturer making US product, indeed almost figure that out for less than a thousand dollars to. If there's something you're thinking of making obey a couple lessons here, one it doesn't have to cost alive, you can get a prototype made without spending a lot of money. And to its also totally fine unreasonable, may actually be better as you investigate that process. If you find something else, it's already out there, you're not failing. If you abandon your manufacturing idea, you just using something else being willing to experiment and No experiment for being willing to change course is a powerful skill. Now, as I said, free items are much better than generic items. Nobody needs handcrafted toothbrush, but it's not just about what people need it. What they desire with a white. What makes them feel better in under has found a special way to tap into that, while speaking have taken care of your teeth. Remember to be nice to your dentist, they have.
To buy now you know the drill. Inspiration is good, but inspiration with action is so much better. Today show including links to everything I talked about, pandering to refresh hustle the sight he used to find the to do his initial design, as well as the platform you used to create that prototype Now we find that will all be, albeit cider, score dot com, slash to thirty. If you ve got a commoner question for the show. Give me a call on a hustle hotline at his eight for four nine hustle. Another fund story is coming up tomorrow. I'm critical about forsythpl school.
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