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#236 - Police Officer Funnels Frustration Into Six-Figure Hustle


A style-savvy police officer creates a fashionable subscription service serving men and women nationwide.

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There there what's up. Welcome back. This is critical about foresight. Us will school, bringing you episode at two hundred and thirty six today. Our story, this time, is about a style, savvy police officer who funnels his prostration finding closed into an online styling business and for everyone out there who has ever struggles, which is basically all of us, might like a story. It has a great conclusion. This actually turns into a six figure site us all? But what s interesting is the process and how long it took to reach that point. And not only that, but how long it took until he had his first sale, not We give everything away in advance, so I just say that for every story where you here, they launched a project and We're making money right away a sail on their very first day, there's probably at least one. Story, if not more, where it takes a bit longer to see that kind of success thrust.
Said if you ve ever struggled or through struggling now, you might like the story and I'll bring not to you after a quick shot out to our sponsor Has, it time, police officer, father and husband, North Carolina basis, you're Gonzales rarely found himself with free time and when he did stumble upon some time, he rarely used it to go shopping. This created a problem whenever Samuel needed to refer areas of his wardrop finding the right items of clothing was frustrating there simply wasn't to find the right close for his shape and style. Eventually, as the effort wasn't worth a meagre reward. He began exploring committed options. He looked into mine, styling services, but didn't come across anything promising. In fact, with some of them, a single pair of genes could run upwards of two hundred dollars. Emotions services only sent items from their own brand rather than working with multiple brands. Samuel too,
to try creating his own service. He wanted to target the audience that those current options were not appealing to people who are interested in items from a variety of brands and people who needed a tie, saving shopping option, but can't afford to pay premium prices Scully, he wanted to create a service, its valuable, not only for high spenders, but also for the average person filled with it. Like for this vision, Samuel winter, York city for a trade show called project in Y, see he had no website and no customers, but was ready to start making connections, but without an existing business. Most brands gave him a quick! No thanks, someone even meet with him. The trip was no waste, though he did find two brands to work with initially and then what he found a few more over the next couple of months, it became easier to find others. So Samuel placed his purse clothing orders built a website and started marketing with Thousand dollars of his own cash is free. Time was limited spent every ounce of it developing his brand product and content. It was exhausting but
only his new service Urbane box launched and nothing happened, nothing at all a couple months went by no sales, no interest and Samuel began to lose hope. You realize he was a serious crossroads. You can quit and cut his losses or he could press on and hope for. Improvement Well, you can guess you decide to press on it's a good thing. He did. He says I was under the impression that creating a business online would see success quickly, but I learned that getting traffic to a web It is not as easy as I thought it involves a lot of consistent work. Samuel began focusing on Facebook, it took a while, but he finally found his group of Facebook ads and four months after launching Urbane Box landed its first customer. He also began exploring content marketing. He used the Urbane box blog. The platform, to publish fashion and lifestyle content that valuable in relevant to his audience, and it's been working in your two of the best. He decided to hire a marketing agency to help him build even more traction, but this didn't turn out so well, they wrote, guess posts on a variety of websites.
Odds, but the investment just wasn't yielding returns and it wasn't a cheap investment so Samuel, to pull the plug on that? Instead, he developed an affiliate program for his business, still, no, but already seeing much better results from this project they, if through hiring agency, three years in after that very slow start. Urbane box had made a total of two hundred. A thousand dollars and sales at that point, the operational adding to beg to run out of an extra bedroom. So he felt it was time to take the next step Only after the earlier struggles, finding Fulfilment centre was easier than Samuel expected, even though wasn't a massive client. He found one that was accommodating. They helped him ship all of his inventory to them. Then they worked on sending out the package's efficiently. That was last year. Emulous grateful that he decides to make a move before he was too big. He says if you, until now, the transition would have been difficult because urbane boxes now try to generate a hundred fifty thousand dollars in sales this year alone, website traffic is up. Brand trust is on the rise
and more brands are opening their doors. In fact, now, even though he still finds most of his brand trade shows, some companies now reach out to him to be featured when time you was growing up you a difficult childhood his mother didn't know English and his father struggle with substance, abuse and Samuel New, to do anything he could to help kids in difficult situations. In fact, it was those early experiences that lead Samuel to become a police officer and inspired him to adopt an orphan, They also impact how he runs urbane Box for every sail. The company makes don't eat, one dollar to organisations that help homeless youth for Samuel. It's not a gimmick attached to his business is part of who he is Samuels wife recently left her job to work on a hustle full time, but Samuel himself has not quite ready, yet he loves his job as a police. Are
Sir he's only seven years away from being able to officially retire suffer not accompany, is happy with growth and is excited to partner with more brands and charities. In this case, perseverance was the answer: if at first you dont succeed, should you keep trying twice think, not always perseverance not always the answer. As you may hear, from their stories, something isn't working times. You should try something totally different and I think that's totally find so really like stories like Samuels, because if believe in emission. You should absolutely keep going. Change how you're doing it just like Samuel He had to learn along the way about the Facebook ads and then he hired an agency, but they are too expensive and didn't bring a good return, so is willing to, just along the way, which is a common and key characteristic of successful side hustlers, but he didn't lose sight of the bigger picture
that mission he was focused on and now as you. It's doing really well token gradual. And Samuel. You inspire me and while I was I hope, you're inspired to, but, as always, I combined inspiration with action to work on your side. Us, if you ve been struggling. Maybe it just takes time, maybe have to adjust. Your method, tries in different strategies, and maybe you just have to be patient anyway. That's my encouragement for you today are shown us for this episode Let us go dotcom, slash two three. Six more is on the way to Morrow. I am critical about four satisfy school.
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