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#237 - Woman on Food Stamps Earns $86,000 Teaching People to Bake Bread


In the face of adversity, a woman creates a series of online courses teaching the art of baking sourdough bread. Stop loafing around! If she can do it, you can too.

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Support for this podcast comes from Goldman Sachs through launch with G S. A five hundred million dollar investment strategy grounded in the belief that teams with diverse leadership, DR stronger returns, Goldman Sachs remains committed to facilitating connections and increasing access to capital for women. Black lucky necks and other diverse entrepreneurs learn more at GS, DOT, com slush launch with she S. Greetings hello. Welcome back! This is critical about foresight. Us will school. I have a pretty amazing store for you today. It is a true rags about digital marketing or building websites, or anything like that. He is established independence and truly create living in poverty after leaving abusive Shep, cleaning, motels even being on food stamps, so life changing transition into an online teaching business that made eighty six thousand dollars last year and the other day I talked about so
media consulting while we're gonna go old school today, because she did this not by teaching about digital marketing or building websites for like that. She is established independence and truly created in all new life for herself on the trendy topic of baking, sour dough, bread, that's right, soured o bread. This is not a joke. My friends, you gonna like this one and I'll bring you the full story in just a moment. Support for this fund carefully from C W and Cisco modern modernization today has the products you need to modernize your workplace like wifi, booster crystals, but there physical powers, enhance connectivity and spiritually awaken your internet things at city W. We get crystals what modernize your net unique system countless access points that are why by six compatible and can help you improve reliability, increase capacity and reduce latency, Cisco energy orchestration by seedy dummy people who get find out more expedient.
Dot com slashes go three, a green way loves begging. The love affair began in two thousand, for when one of her daughters decided to try and vague authentic soured, o bread. The daughter gave up after a month of trying, but not before, leaving remarked the changed everything. No one can make real soured. Oh Brad MOM, not even you, but those were famous last words there's, nothing quite is motivating as someone telling you you can't do something Teresa would go on to research. Try your hand, it baking sour dough from then on unknown late the work she put in paid off years later when she was what a monetize or expertise but first some context. Just three years Teresa got out of an abusive relationship and had barely any, some of her own. She had to juggle multiple part time jobs which involve cleaning it motels and even being on food stamps for awhile as though we're financial situation wasn't bad enough Teresa. What
able to work full time because she had to care sign who had autism her mother was? so suffering from a terminal illness. The horizon was four Teresa all around until she attended a workshop that opened her mind to starting a business. This is what helped her take her first step into expanding her side, hustle, She took a couple of courses on online learning platform you to me which gave her Information she needed the corset diverse, ranging from photography to video editing to Youtube Channel Management and all those skills renew Teresa, but they were all schools. That would be valuable in starting her sight. Hustle those courses costs ten dollars each had a discounted price, but for her it felt like an investment by following, along with the courses. She got the idea to create our own course, and she had just the topic in and making soured o bread Teresa knew there was a market for online courses. After all, she just purchased a few herself. Perhaps it would be possible to get others to buy hers. Of course, there were challenges she didn't have any equipment that you would need.
Your own course. She didn't have a professional camera or any highquality editing software. If actually anyone have a real kitchen he's had only her makeshift kitchen in the garage with a cracked and stained concrete floor and terrible lighting, but still Teresa persisted. It took her four months to create and launch your own course, but she did it the first month she made a thousand dollars in revenue which seemed huge and was a tremendous encouragement by the end of the year. She had needed over twenty eight thousand dollars in income from that course, sometimes the best form of marketing for your project, whether its course a book. Something else is to create another one and that's what you re so did for her courses. She continued to create ten more you to me courses over the next two years and you stay pretty focused on this niche courses included professional, sour dough, baked at home, more fun with south
bread, baking, extreme fermentation, big modified gluten, soured bread, make your own sourdough starter capture and harness the wild yeast discovering sourdough part two intermediate sourdough and the classic discovering soured o part. Three advanced sourdough warning hard mode, I'm not making this up, you can go and seafarers and the result she did over eighty six thousand dollars in revenue and twenty sixteen and is on track to top that this year, on the way her following group is well. She now has an two following a fifty thousand people spread like butter across her social media accounts, four thousand people on honour mailing list, its solidarity foundation bending her hustle and growing it even further. This extra income and financial stability has literally change. Teresa's life, She says it was scary for her, even when she succeeded, because there's a lot of trouble, and uncertainty when you go from being on food stamps to making over eighty thousand dollars, and you and your fifties but, as I said, it's been life changing for her. Her best experience so far is making
down payment on her first home, all from those used IE, Corsair commissions,. Russia is now creating more income streams by becoming an affiliate for both you to me and Amazon, while expanding courses to scale share and Etsy her website and growing, you too, general continue to bring in more leads for the courses, and she hopes attorneys into a membership for those interested in begging. He's also published a memoir reach for joy, which documents are trials in Tripoli, hence in leading, not abusive relationship and creating this new life for herself being able to combine your passion for helping others and baking has brought Teresa great joy and financial security And it also illustrates to you: perhaps you dont need to have a an idea for your site hustle worth nothing else. It definitely have to be cutting edge or something no one else ever heard of Teresa story proves that you can create a profitable new source of income from doing all sorts of things. You just need to take your first steps just like she did.
Is I make the show is a daily encouragement for you it's the least I can do. Inspiration is good, but inspiration combined with action is so much better. Have you take action just like Teresa dead today. Show notes. Are cycles I started the first but seriously when I heard this when I was like. While I am inspired, I need to go and do something for you over there sandyseal school listeners Prince community. It's your turn to get to work. In fact, you should stop moving around is I make the show is a daily encouragement for you. It's the I can do. Inspiration is good, but inspiration combined with action is so much better. Have you take action just like Teresa dead, But I shall not our side school dot com slash two three seven. The best is yet to come. I'm critical about recital school.
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