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#244 - New Mother Gives Life To Self-Care Coaching Business


In need of some routine before returning to her job as an Ultrasound Technician, a new mother creates a side business focused on self-care coaching.

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Many side, also school listeners, hello and welcome. My name is critical about. I am your host today is episode, two hundred and forty four bringing you yet another story of someone who starts and income generating project, and before I tell you that sorry ran into somebody yesterday who told me he's been listening the show for awhile and told his friend about it in his friend is actually started a project, that's more than a thousand dollars a month since flying some adolescents and starting some kind of business that has something to do with balloons and relax. Remember the details, I just said: please tell your friend to write into us. We know about that and we can feature it more or the stories that I'm bringing you actually come from our community from people who built
for a while or have just gonna jumped in a sort of their own project. So if that's you, I would love to know couple different ways you can get in touch on the side of swill school dot com site. If you click the about page and scroll to the bottom, there's little tad, it says, submit your site also story, conveniently when you click that tab, and submit your side of the story and the more details you can give us the better. The more detail the higher the likelihood that we could feature on the show where, if you dont, want to feature it, that's toy fine. I just love to know myself what you're doing what you workin on too charitably. If you dont want the survey just in a quick note to Whitney assistant she's, the one who makes the wonderful shone out on the site. Her email is Whitney at sight, us all school dot com. That's Whitney W Hiv in IE. Why, anyway. Today story is about a new mother who gives life not only to a baby but also a soft care coating business. That story, right after a quick shut out to our sponsor support for those podcast comes from C d, w and HP,
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when Virginia Rebecca was preparing to give birth? She knew she'd be bringing something new and joyful and full of life into the world. A little did. She know that her pregnancy and a few weeks post pardon but also lead to bringing a new site hustle into the world those weeks between giving birth and returning to a job as an otter, sound technician, routine founders, in dire need of a routine some straw, There are some way to manage our time and energy around her new baby and prepare ourselves for going back to the working world. So on May twenty. Sixteen she decided to create a website called fringe and fitness where she taught women about fitness and self care and in what was- have an afterthought for revenue model. He recommended a few water bottles and tank tops on the side, but let's go back a bit when she was seven years old prettier had her first you're, it became hyper aware of her body when it was telling her without her only implemented such a young age she'd also your mother slave away and put everyone before herself and pretty about in the same route. Instead, she chose to make decisions that made her healthier and happier,
And give her body and mind what they needed, thus allowing her be a better friend or a partner or mother and then jumping to her later years, prettier had worked as a fitness coach, where she was fascinated by classes that allowed her to explore how the human body worked. But time and time again, no matter what principle she worked with the women she trained didn't make the progress they wanted. It was only She began to focus on the self care required outside of fitness nutrition, but the women began to that progress? They ve been looking for a now. It's go to that website. She started in the few weeks following the birth of a child after the site was up and she had the tank tops and water bottles sale. She also began to offer her services as a coach a one on one or a group basis and not being scared to charge what she's worth she began with prices, beginning at five hundred and fifty dollars for a group session
ass. She got a response. She began to invest money in the business, a process that she admits has been trickier than she imagined. She spent a total of thirteen thousand dollars and getting off the ground. Since she was a coach herself, she chose to invest in courses coaches in conferences to improve the skills that she thought she was lacking or just weekend. She also worked with a few freelancers to help her with products in product designs. Routine did manage to save some money with her website by listing her sister to create this and user experience which he now maintains herself without any outside help. In terms of marketing. There were a few false starts and she found it. Boosting posts on Facebook was a waste of time, at least for her. How when she began going through social media herself connecting with entrepreneurs and her tongue women, one on one where they hang out online. This could be anywhere from Facebook groups to forum, to blog comments, to decide to spend time offering to help those people for three cheer them on share her knowledge, wherever she could and she's found this to be a early generation strategy than anything else, including paying for the Spaceboat cats so far, but he has managed to dinner
on eight thousand dollars and sales through her coaching and products and he's expanded or product range to include affirmation carts factoring in those start up costs. This means she still has a ways to go to get profitable, but with a new product launch on the way she's x thing to increase or income to about twenty five hundred dollars a month and then eclipse those initial fees for her. The best part the experience has been working with other women critic empowering tried. That is rooting for her to succeed as much as she is rooting for them to succeed in the future. She hopes to create a new of paste online course that women can follow based on what she teaches through coaching Miss where she can grow. Her income serve more people without having to spend more time with each individual person which hopefully leaves were more time for our own self care. It's definitely aside, hustled worth caring about. So let's talk about online coaching
or just coaching and general based on some estimates. It is ass, large, ass, a hundred and seven billion dollar industry, depending on what your coaching or consulting on it often requires no extra qualifications to get started. So, if you're an expert, you can start coaching right away. And I believe firmly that everyone's an expert at something. So really what must be I'll have to learn. Is the business side of coaching like how to actually set this up? What do people pay for? How do I develop and offer? How do I structure my curriculum or the pathway that I'm kind of taking pull down where the outcomes they want to see who are my your clients etc those the kind of things you have to be thinking about, and, as I was preparing to record this I error? Were that long ago, when I wrote the hundred I start up, there was an instant consulting guide that I included in that book was kind of frame. Some of those core since for you in and helps you gotta figure out. Ok, what is it that I can offer and how will I turn that into an offer So if you have a hundred, I start up, you have that instant consulting guide, but if you don't I'll, give you free pdf, so honest
for today will actually link up that instant, consulting guide, which will hopefully help some of you think this through emperor. Start, your own online coaching business. Remember if you do I'd love to hear about it and remember as well. Inspiration is good, but inspiration with action. So much better, though shown us for today are at sight of so school dot com, slash to force I'll, be back tomorrow, uncritical about recital school.
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