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#250 - Soccer Fan Plays The Odds; Earns Affiliate Commissions


A British soccer—er, football—fan sets up a blog that refers visitors to bookmakers. He gets paid for every referral, making this a project worth betting on.

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Hello, hello, greetings. This is critical about recital school count on continues, twelve days to go until side of Slovakia's out, but until then, of course, we ve got a lot of great stories coming up. One every day today talk about blogging as an affiliate model, so setting up a blog or website you are an authority sending people to some other site, usually a company that pays a commission for use and investors that become customers. We talked about this in a couple different ways in previous episodes: going way back to the beginning, episode number two of the show: the fish tank guy, the guy, who set up a blog about fish tank several years ago, you're, getting paid seven hundred hours and might from Amazon for that neglected site. But so episode? A hundred eighty eight, which featured auto slash this guy,
created a company that ended up disrupting the cardinal industry eventually went on to make hundreds of thousands of dollars, but of course it started as aside us all, but today story is about sports betting. Specifically, football or soccer in the EU you'll hear about a guy for whom watching soccer has been a lifelong passion. Now, figured out a way to turn it into cash So very new hustle just started six weeks ago. These already seeing some pretty great results. I'll tell you all about it right after this the marketing manager, Henry Francis Soccer donors, football in much of the world has always been a big part of life. Like many people in the UK, he grew up watching his favorite players on the big screen playing in the schoolyard and turning out various local team. That's why As an adult, he found himself spending a lot of his spare time watching and talking about the sport with his friends. He was So familiar with a casual sports gambling culture in the UK,
It's not unusual offer people to spend a small amount of discretionary income betting on their favorite teams. Henry noticed that some people were profiting from this and they were called hipsters. What Pictures are active on social media and Henry spotted an opportunity. He was already the go to person and his group of friends forbidding tips. He figured that was good enough for them. Maybe the rest of the betting public, or at least some of it might be interested to Sir Henry created a brand called today's football tips where he recommends bats, four wheel, hunters to wage money on. We won't get into the technical details of this, partly because I don't understand it myself, but what I do understand that the site mostly recommends high profit bats called accumulators where Campos can bet on multiple teams to win big cash prizes. Henry does research talks to other tips as far as his own intuition and publish a list of suggested tips every day his day, job skills as a marketing manager helped him get this business off the ground. Invested around three hundred thirty dollars into a word press site and used a free theme to give easy to read style. He knew at this early.
Dad you didn't need the best looking site. He just needed, it provided easy access to information. Such we tried to create that, because of the nature of this business, there's also some specific legal requirements that he has to follow casual sports gambling is open and accepted in the UK, but the laws are stringent. He has to be sure to display of the correct legal documentation on his sight. He also had to place links to gambling care and addiction sites. Clear view on the site as well. Henry genuinely want his customers to do well, so he was happy to do that are so. How do you make money telling people where to bet on a blog, but this is where affiliate marketing comes in better place through a business called a bookmakers and when Henry recommends it bookmakers with the best AIDS or that hasn't offer for a free bat and the willing gambler signs up and makes that bad Henry earns a commission, and not only that he then continues to make a commission, through all the bats, that gambler makes in the future. With that bookmakers, this means you could potentially may, money from one person for several years to come, which would of course be passive income tax.
MRS, is profit. Henry has relationships with several different bookmakers. He researchers the best place to pick up a free bat for his loyal readers each week this autumn, lasting the opportunity to make multiple sales from one customer for almost the same product since he's referring them two different bookmakers over time, now. This is a brand new site hustle. It is just six weeks in in the first month, Henry made a hundred and twenty dollars in commission. Now we are halfway through the sex, what then he's already beat that so few factor in the thread and protein I started He's already made a seven hundred our profit that he's got to invest back into the site in terms of marketing hint spend a lot of time on search engine optimization or ass. In fact, he says he spent eighty percent of his time working on this hustle. Trying to grow that websites authority in Google, especially ranking for the terms football tips and free bats. There is a way to go with the strategy right now he's just on the seventh eighth pages for those terms, but he's got an action plan. Any hopes to move up a lot of people would think that the only way to make money from sports is to be enough. Eight and Henry is ambitious, even with his clear early success, he says,
won't be satisfied until his broken five thousand dollars a month with this hustle. That is, of course, a big ol, especially just six weeks in, but hopefully port back to us and let us know how things go, he's also going use much of his profit for the next few months. To invest in improving the design and usability of a site. Nothing is guaranteed in life. So don't know if I would bet on his success certainly wouldn't deal him out either This is all just. How do you make a hundred hours at the casino start with five hundred dollars? You might say the same about sports betting, especially as a career or age. Exports of income, but an historic, is found a risk free way like, based on his love for soccer and his knowledge of all the different teams. To this brand new. Just six weeks. As I said, I really like what is done in terms of working with multiple bookmakers. Smart, not only for the chance to make more money with multiple commissions. It also means he's now
dependent on anyone affiliate relationship. I've got a couple of the pilot projects myself that have gone well. I ve been highly dependent on one source, one company, one merchant- or maybe too, It's a lot better if there are several competitors and an industry for several opportunities of companies that you can partner with, it was just intimated Henry spent. Eighty percent of his time on s yo I spend zero, in my time on it, but for his strategy it seems like it's a lot more important. These also paying close it into how people engage and how we can better serve those people to receive more commissions. As I said, we will track this new project and see what happens as always, inspiration is good, but inspiration with action is so much better today shown on our side of the school dotcom. Slash two. Fifty that's right to an end the episode so far and counting principles
there's always bet on yourself. This is preschool about four psychosocial.
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