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#251 - Brother-and-Sister Turn Dad’s Medical Practice Into Online Store


A dermatologist enlists the help of his whole family to create an ecommerce site. 

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Hello and welcome. This is episode two hundred and fifty one of cider score lineaments preschool about I'm glad you're here today you're about a physician whose family turns his practice into a six figure side: income selling, dermatological products on mine. Question of the day. What do you give your best time to like most of us have peak periods in which we do our best for a lot of us it's early in the morning. Some people have different could be afternoon could be knowing, depending on your own rhythm, but a lot of us give our best time to something other than ourselves. And I know very well that most of the people who listen to the show, our very busy and dont have a lot of free time. But I courage. You today, to give some of that best time to yourself to this mission You believe in your goal of creating more options for yourself, it doesn't have to be a ton of time. Twenty minutes have focused work today and to me
on the day after that can go a long way in some ways it's actually more effective than trying to catch up on everything over the weekend. So that's my challenge, to give some of your best time to yourself. I keep these episodes or it by design, so that you'll learn something hopefully to be enjoyable. We also go away with something to think about anyway, today, story about a family who turns and medical practice into an online store coming right up. For ten years, Jason Parks watched his father self physician strength, dermatological products from his medical practice stocking ten brands is father. Cabin eyes on a small audience, grew zone? Come by helping to pare the right Haitian but the right products for their problem Jason, it always got. There was more of a market for products. Will he doesn't start aside. Hustle round his day, job in marketing immediately thought about his dad. We felt it was time to find a church
of reaching more than a small group of people with these products because of a nature Dermatological products like creams and ointments. They can only be so by dermatologists and not at your local drugstore and Jason New. At this limited supply, especially considering that most other dermatologist don't sell online meant that there would be level of demand release. He thought, so bringing his father and as a business partner, Jason spent a year investing as early mornings and weekends into building an e commerce store. They called Durham Warehouse, also enlisted the help of his sister, who helped create relationships with brands and vendors exe, the original ten brands, their father had worked with two a whopping, fifty four brands by the end of the first year and to complete the
My tree, Jason's mother, joined the team to help with the shipping. Warehousing and logistical sides of the business working with the family, Jason says has been one of the best parts of the entire undertaking and he played his part to he wrote all of the website copy himself, including hundreds of product pages, offers an email to go along with the site. This allowed him to keep his start up costs low and allocate funds to other places where they could be better spent on this. Wasn't it overnight ass. There were a couple of slow early months, and during that time the site was costing money to run and wasn't generating much income. But still success came pretty quickly and the hard work of the family paid off when Durham Warehouse went on to make thirty thousand dollars in its eight month, business always ass people when you- your first sale or you complex a milestone to celebrate in some way to observe that occasion and Jason. His family didn't, do anything special. They just kept backing products, ok, cool, just keep track, and now, like we heard yesterday, story search engine optimization as he was important, Jason in it
Have you social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram Twitter, but the majority of their sales are coming through. Google search results going forward, Jason, to capitalize on Durham warehouses, early growth expand their as through social media, and keep hearing more people with the right solution for their skin like Jason said when he was thinking about starting. This hustle think one of the key factors here, supply and demand. A lot of people use these products that they self, but there's not a lot of people, selling them I wouldn't be surprised in a situation like this over time that changes in overtime much more competition on lines were gets harder. However, if you're in a situation and you can establish yourself first run not necessarily the very but one of the first you do a good job, just Jason and assist her dead in terms of building a great experience. Forecasts where's, building relationships with partners and vendors. Then you pretty much opposition to it: seed and do well in the long term. I also think it's good that Jason is thinking
about new channels? It's wonderful! get a good ranking and Google and you can get people coming every day, but that doesn't always last forever. Either everything Sir Sour at least once or twice a year, Google kind of changes there go with them in a lot of sites that were ranked really well suddenly ranked at all, and so, if your whole businesses depends. On a google search result or a series of them not necessarily in the safest position. So Jason is mine for that, Thinking ahead, just think about that, as you think about your project, What you're trying to create what you're trying to build for yourself You spend some time on that today shown. For today's episode are at sight of school dot com, slash to five wine. If you have a question for the show, give me a call, hustle Hotline, eight thousand four hundred and forty nine hustle, forty eight four hundred and forty eight nine hundred and forty eight seven thousand eight hundred and fifty three.
I have another story for you to Morrow Uncritical about precisely.
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