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#255 - Lawyer Creates Online Course for Mothers Returning to Work


For her first side hustle, a Washington, DC attorney creates an online course for new mothers returning to the world of work—and then finds a way to get employers to pay for it.

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Hello, greetings, welcome back this inside us all school, an uncritical about and for those Listening and following along in real time today cell number two hundred and fifty five happens to fall on the 12th of September. It is a publication date, not of my book. That's coming next week, seven days to go but up Gretchen Rubin four tendencies: book I've talked about Gretchen many times on the show she is a dear friend he's also a colleague author and founder of the onward project, which side us for school is part of I've been fortunate to have her as Us you're at the World domination summit we hung out and on Facebook lives and other funds stuff in New York in Toronto years ago. And Anaheim just recently anyway. Gretchen is what I really respect and unexcited about her new book. I got a chance to read an advanced version, but of course I also promoted a copy which should arrive at my house
the four tendencies is a model that she's constructed and research for many years. It's all about understood, in yourself. She believes that each of us have one of these four personality types and these types effect our thought process, how we make decisions, how we resist or conform to various expectations. In her outer etc, and if you read the short little buck. First of all, you understand what tendency you are. I am a rebel, not shocking way again some insight and why you do the things you do and it might even help you make better decisions. She probably get by now that I'm a big fan of Gretchen- that's all I say for the moment, but I think you should check this book and also I have a really great story for you today is about Washington, DC attorney, who creates an online course for mothers returning to work, I thought this was such a meaningful project and also profitable. I think you're like the details and couple pay attention to first, while no one had ever made anything like this before, despite the fact that there is a huge need for it. Since Laurie the attorney, who creates the course she found a creative way to get employers to pay for it, which I think is a big next level. Peace to this whole story,
some of the cycle back around the end of it and talk about that a bit more and I might even have a suggestion for lorry, not the genes, my help, so this will be a bonus suggestion that whole story with all the details is coming up product or this support for theirs. Pod gassed comes from C d, w and hp. And she D W. We get that an unsecured laptop can put your companies data at risk, making you a little paranoid, I'm apparently you're paranoid she never? You can implemented secure mobility solution using the H Billy book within tell a generation processors ensure view privacy to protect your screen from prying eyes. Did you follow me here? I t orchestration by Sea Deja vu people who get it find out more cd. W dot com slash HP security. What was that very Michalek, Levin lives in Washington DC foresees a partner, and it made
laughter and focusing on Medicare reimbursement counselling. She represents equity medical centres, hospitals and health systems a broad array of other health care organizations she's. Also the mother of two boys ages, three and a half and six. There was after the birth of her second child that her first sight, ourself mindful return Michael Return, they for weak online course that helps new working mothers. Return to work after maternity leave and lorry has nothing origin story about this project. After returning to work for after her own maternity leave, she had heard of it for say that when you have a child in you have another child, it's not that much different or more difficult, but that wasn't her experience. She found that one child plus one child, felt like eighty five children and its high powered attorney, who represents a huge organizations in company So she wasn't tears on the kitchen floor more often than she'd like to admit, and now seem to be talking about how hard it was to transition back after the typical three to four month. American maternity leave.
She also noticed that, while there was a curriculum out there for pretty much everything, baby related from had a massage your baby to how to puree baby food and how to make a birth plan There is almost nothing on how to go back to work after maternity leave without losing your mind. Does that sound like a big need to you? I think it's a tremendous need the last I checked and not a mother, but it makes perfect sense. Okay. So how did she create the course? The first step was to map out the curriculum she had four themes. She wanted to convey to new moms about self care, logistics, leadership and community. So she decided on a for weak format. She then broke each week up into five lessons and mapped out what topics she believed needed to be covered after she had the topics she got to work both writing the lessons and recruiting experts in areas. She wasn't an expert in so far less money. Society and new mother had she recruited clinical psychologist for the less non transitioning
maybe to childcare. She recruited one of her sons, daycare teachers when she had all the curriculum written. She turned to the question of what platform to use for the course she decided unreserved coup because she had taken an online course without platform. Before and like the experience, she tried it out from the perspective of being a teacher or leader, of course, and found it to be equally user friendly. You don't need any special computer skills to make it work interfaces with billing software easily. You can run as many. Horses as you want- and it's not expensive. She set up the mindful return course price it at ninety. Nine dollars an provided, an option for employers to cover the cost of a couple of observations about both those points, the price and the option for employers to pay for it. So stay tuned for that the story after she had launched the course she was sitting in a meeting for a day job. She checked her personal email during a break and she discovered that the first person had signed up. She says she did a happy dance and called her husband shortly thereafter to share her joy. That was three years ago. Laura has now run the course for four hundred women was recently featured in the Washington Post and she's, not averaging
thousand dollars a month and net income from it for our next step, she's collaborating with a dad whose currently out on his second paternity leave, to create another course for weak online course, specifically for working Dad's. She says there are related but different issues on the dad front, so she looks forward to wanting new course in the first quarter of twenty eighteen, while continuing to run the original course for moms. Ok, I have some comments and observations. First observation: this is awesome, Gratulation story, It really is such a meaningful and needed resource be curious to see how it goes when she expands to working that next year. Second, as I briefly mentioned, I really think this concept of getting employers to pay for it is critical, and I was curious, how she did it like? How do you market such a thing? So I went to a website which, of course will link up in the shadows, and there is an actual section
or employers like it's really obvious. You click that link can tell who is targeted to and headline says employers offer mindful return as maternity leave benefit and help retain your top talent, great headline makes the benefit really clear if you're, an the HR department or you're, an executive or whatever makes a decision on what to pay for here is a maternity leave benefit you should be paying for, and here's what you're gonna get out of it. You to help retain your top talent. I believe that there is a testimony from a mommy's taken the course that testimony says this course is the best investment you can make to ensure a smooth returned to work for a woman who has been on maternity leave. Great testimonial now is still curious about this, so I talk to lorry a bit more. I asked for by the percentage of employer sign up the verses. Intervene sign up, and she says it's evolved over time. In the early days it was mostly individual signing up only a handful paper by employers, but for her most recent session it was almost fifty fifty. In fact, fifty two percent were employer sign ups. Obviously it's been trending in that direction. I wouldn't be surprised if going forward,
we're like seventy to eighty percent of employers that were paying for this, especially if it is able to get in the benefits package for some larger companies that might be they have a lot of employees going on maternity leave. So obviously this is a very Are you a benefit, regardless of who is paying for it? And that leads to my last observation. Ninety nine dollars a person opinion, that's away underpriced. I think I could easily cost forty five times that, especially if you think about the market, the market is professional women for the most part, most of those people gonna to make more than ninety nine dollars the first day their back at work. So isn't it worth more than that and also like lorry noticed when she started the project. Babies are expensive about everything that a family pace for a new baby, the pregnancy, the birth process, the first three months. There are so many costs associated with that. There are all kinds of resources that new parents for the most part They pay, for I mean maybe they're not going to pay for all of it, but it's thoroughly understood that having kids is expensive, There's a resource is going to help someone be a more productive worker, better manage their law,
for balance, do a better job for their employer and for themselves to go back to that testimonial the course as the best investment you can make. I just wonder if that investment should be a bit more anyway. That was just my thought. Lorry clearly doesn't advice because she's doing great and for you over there. I hope you enjoy this story. What kind? Of course can you create? What are you looking for? It doesn't exist. What kind of problems have you run into any frustrations? Do you have maybe make some notes about that? Sometimes you're going about the rest of your day, Inspiration is good, but inspiration with action is better. They show notes, are satisfied, school dot, com, slash to five five back tomorrow, I'm critical about resourceful.
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