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#256 - Foodie Friends Blog Their Way to Free Stuff & Real Money


Two friends get paid to post photos of their lunch on Instagram. No, really!

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Hey, what's up its preschool above her side, hustle school here with you for episode, when, in fifty six of the show, a lot of talk about books. Lately, I mentioned, Riddick Gretchen, Rubens new book before tendencies is now out. I've read it myself in to be unsafe off in fact learned a bit about stop that. I did not know it's much cheaper than therapy at that they are exclusive, When I say congrats to another friend John Ache, have he hasn't you book out this week as well? It's called Finnish, give yourself a gift of done Couple years ago, he wrote a very popular but called start, which is all about how to get started and take the first steps on something realized through much feedback and talking with lots of folks throughout the country that some people struggling, getting started, they struggle in finishing now there is perhaps they get started too often, but they fail to see it through No John is a great writer, a great speaker as well, and I want to check that out. It's called finnish and today, this story is about two friends who started hustle together, taking photos on Instagram to promote,
caress restaurants, and I like the story, because there are able to do this and make real money, they have a summit thirty thousand dollars so far working part time over the past year. There also the foundations that they should be able to increase, but they ve done this with being internet famous. So a lot of stuff. Is about brand marketing with Instagram or other social platforms kind of require you to have it. Huge social media following before. You can really do it, but these two friends, when they had just a thousand followers on Instagram, which has certainly respectable but it's not huge another way- This is something that anyone can do. The story is called fruity, friends blog their weight. Free stuff in real money and opportunity, but after saying, thanks to our sponsor Alexander booze works as an account manager for a fee. Our firm in Washington DC cannot knights and weekends. This booty and her friend current have turned food and lifestyle logging into a profitable site us off Alexandria would visit Karen in New York City. They would always glad
eat somewhere, new and interesting. It was during one of those nice when you are looking for their next me off it aside to start and Instagram account to document there find food, he adventures hey no one's ever taken a photo of their food and posted. I instagram before. Ok, if I wasn't her after a month, about what they should call it a launch, their instagram account and we started it friends and family, locking there. I phoned photos of food quickly turn into over a thousand dollars. So in September they built the website coasts contests as to complement the instrument account they use daddy to buy the url in Word press to create a free website for months, offer their services for free, reviewing small bakeries, coffee shops in food track, in the form of abuse in social media campaigns. No brain was too offer them, and with this attitude they were able to feature a lot of different businesses, they also attended free conferences. Mars, dinners and festivals to meet chefs pretty much anything they could think up to meet people and get the word out. In other words, they hustled once they realise there is a market for the kind of content they could create. They invested in some equipment
they produce better media and what was coming from their iphones. They bought a go pro. Couple dsl hours and a few interchange Lenses understands expensive, but by key there I offer sales they only spent about fifteen hundred dollars and all that equipment and this equipment allow them decree better photos in video which, along with their consistent networking, helped him reach more brands. The next step was to from doing all this work for free to getting paid for it Alex and care and made a list of all the brands they would like to partner with and then start reaching out and pitching each brand. Personally, I hear them the skills from their day job, because both current and Alex come from media backgrounds. They already have I d on how to crack and engaging narrative, it would be of interest to potential partners they all that research was key. I spend a lot of time. Everything they could about a brand before making a pitch. These efforts paid off because last year the EAST Coast contests us Linda their first paid partnership with a national one company, and that's not all they leverage that first partnership, putting two other brands on their list. They try to make their pictures easiest
above the brand to say yes by making sure it was a good fit in providing an entire media cat with their pricing and examples of previous work and speaking, a price They offered multiple packages depending on the Brandon situation. For some brands. It only makes sense to do social media promotion for three dollars per photo for other brands. The best option. Was social media promotion, plus an editorial right up at a dollar per word. Situations. They would also offer to do a video which starts at forty dollars on top of the other promotions. They priorities pack, is based on the number of followers they had, as well as the amount of time it would take, and the strategy worked well, they can you to get more partnerships and last year brought in fifteen thousand dollars in revenue at some point. They realize the rest Industry has a lot of cross over with the hospitality industry, so early this year they started branching out beyond restaurants and began contacting boutique, Cells emits eyes national chains. This brought a new partners and for the first half of twenty seventeen. They brought in twelve thousand dollars in revenue to another well on track to surpass. Last you're figures and, of course, they're still doing this part time in the midst of the other commitments
Karen appreciate the extra income, but also the opportunity to learn alongside a friend Alex that we challenge are there to be more creative and innovative. It's also I too have someone there with you during any hard moments, since they first got inspire during that dinner in York, City Alex and current have now and with nearly two hundred brands. Many those were free pie, ships in the early days, but now nationally their focus, unpaid commitments and with dozens more ships lined up for the rest of the year. They don't have planned the slowdown anytime, soon but there are a lot of things so like about the EAST Coast contests. As I appreciate that and story how this came to be, then the decision try something out and see what happens the willingness to work for free and build those relationships with friends, not a bit of a portfolio and then to create that revenue model without an enormous social media following- and I also like packages they offer. If you visit their website, be sure to check out the work with a section
since their clients are restaurants in hotels and other brands is essentially their sales page, and they do agree, job highlighting a variety of ways that France can pay them through sponsored content. Course, but also giveaways, photography, features and more so to me, a good working model of something that can be replicated If anyone has a background and pr or communications or other media combined with an Kristen Food in beverage or hospitality. So, if that's you, you can grow something like this. It just takes the right idea and the right dedication, and I think, but those things come through in the story from listeners, inspiration is good, but inspiration with action is so much better shown us for it episode are at sight, school dot, com, slash two five six, you can follow me Instagram at a hundred ninety three countries, that's one nine three countries or just my in critical about on Facebook, Twitter. Thank you.
Listening. You are rockstar and I'll be back tomorrow.
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