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#26: These Resume Templates Make $462/Month In Passive Income


A student creates a visual resume service to make extra cash, then transitions that service to work smarter, not harder. It now brings in $462 in month in completely passive income.

Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are. You need a hustle!

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Hey there what's up, welcome Besides all school, minus critical about gotta, really fun story. Three. Today, it's all about passive income. You may know if you'd been paying attention for the most part have actually been really careful about. Not using that phrase too much, I think its a bit over time. Think when you hear the phrase passive income, it sounds really great, but you also have a fair amount of scepticism about it. And for good reason, and sometimes you have to work pretty hard for something to be passive, so I wanna make sure you understand side. Hustles are not a get rich, quick plan, at least not for most of us are not most of the time, but nevertheless it is really really great when something you set up turns into a recurring source of income without you needing to do anything for it. So that's what you hear about day. It's a story of a student who creates a visual resume service to make extra cash, then transitions to make that service work for him and now bring
and more than forty and sixty dollars a month in you guessed it completely passive income support for this cast, comes from progressive saving money on your car insurance, is easy with progressive. It's an average savings of sex hundred ninety six dollars for customers who switch and save. In fact, customers can qualify for an average of six discounts on their auto policy with progressive, including discounts just for darting a court online or owning multiple vehicles get your quote online, grass of dot com and see how much you could be saving national average annual conference. Him he's been you customer service who save a progressive and twenty nine. Discounts varying are not available in all states. In situations where and was a sophomore in high school. They aspire to work as a programmer for digital agency being a high school Didn't you knew how to do something to stand out, so he decided to create and unfair general presently, instead of using
word processor. Like most people. Would he used Adobe's Photoshop sweet to create a visual resume. They looked completely different from every normal resume. He'd ever seen, he didn't end up getting a job because he was a high school student after all, but the owner took notice and became a businessman Or to him, a few years later, he remembered this experience when he was in college and needed to make some cash. Maybe he thought he could offer a custom resume service for other students, timid, smart. He didn't want to just one students at his college. He knew the Marquis much larger, so he decided to promote this offer online. He went to the website fibre, dot, com and posted a listing. I will create a stunning custom resume for just five dollars that very first day he received an order and once he filled it and got a raver view for it. The next day he had another order within a few short weeks. He is receiving and feeling more than eight orders a day,
five dollars in order won't take you far, but TIM had improved upon that, even though basic services on fibre, cautious, five dollars the site less, you offer a lot of upgrades and cross cells in your listing So, by adding on some additional purchase auctions, Thames average order was closer to fifteen dollars, still that wasn't a ton of money for a busy student who had divided his time carefully. When his class schedule got busier, he shut down a listing. The end of the next term. He returned to the idea he felt he was onto something The recently templates they are interesting, fun and clearly a lot of people like them, all these orders on fibre. He knew there was a clear demand for his service, but he also knew it want to and all his time filling orders, especially at a low price. Could there be a better way, Temple part of the next summer, trying a few different ideas. First, he lifted his offer
different website trying to break out of the fibre ecosystem where low prices ruled the day. The results were lacklustre, be still believe in a concept, then he tried, creating its own website called resume redesign. Unfortunately, this too didn't get off the ground finally, more than a year after launch his first resume service on fibre. He had on something didn't want to be a designer doing. Client work. Creating has been Erasmus from scratch. What he wanted to do was to sell that template itself, so he called a new business foundry recognise and he created sixteen unique designs. It was a lot of work to create all those templates, but template is the key word once he made them, they didn't need to be changed or customize further, at least by him. Ten would sell the templates and customers would personalized them by adding their info by switching from custom designed to selling a template. He was also switching for
clients to customers. So it's no longer a service based hustle or he's doing all this work. It's a product based one where he's just selling something online, and for this new focus ten created a new website. He also listed those templates for sale on Etsy, which typically offers handcrafted items and also a website called creative market directory of design assets in stock photos that people pay to download, just as he saw when he first line his original service. He had sales right from the beginning. This time he saw the templates for eleven dollars instead of five dollars, and this time he no law How to do any work once people purchased from him instead of looking at his inbox and feeling overwhelmed, he looked at and saw notifications of money arriving coming in on a regular basis, and within a few months, this site hustle was earning more than forty and sixty dollars a month with no work whatsoever from him so tat was always a hard worker, but over time, as he kind of
through different interactions of this project. He learned to work smart too, so I call this lesson if, at first, you succeed, keep trying because what you did ripening beginning technically worked, and he could have kept running himself, ragged, making custom recipes for five dollars or fifteen dollars. Technically, it would have been of well hustle, but in our, even though that was a great experiment, it helped him gain confidence in his skills. He also knew it was. Our idea. In the long term, he didn't want fifteen dollar client. You didn't have to do in resuming resume custom design for a very small amount the much better idea had which kind of came through, as he tried different iterations experimented, was to really focus on the corpse a at his side. I sought revealed by change this should he provided for it. So soon others needed a custom resume. He had this kind of fun unconventional design that had been seen before, but he realized he didn't actually have to do the customization in person
patient for it, and this change of solutions is what allowed tender more creative and for yet more of his time, whilst it getting paid so he's onto other stuff he's doing other projects now, but yet he still during a foreigner and sixty dollars a month, so that a pretty major victory to me, and it is a true story of passive income and has It may not happen exactly like that for you, but if you listen, these stories and begin applying them your own hustle. You will see results over time. Memory. Inspiration is good, but inspiration combined with action is so much better. If you like to see the show nuts for today's episode, including links to all of the services and platforms I mentioned just had ever decide: hustle school dot com. Where every data is an original post with all those notes and links. We have so many more funds stories and lessons and explore it's free to consider coming up on Christianity, experiments Greta consider coming up on critical about this aside. Us will school and I'll see you tomorrow.
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