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#262 - Friends Team Up to Sell Colorful Hammocks


After discovering the life-changing magic of colorful hammocks, a humanitarian worker based in Cambodia recruits two friends to import them to the U.S.

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What time is it? Showtime live from Seattle, Washington at the side, hustle book is out today. Naturally, I'm pretty excited about that, and I know a lot of our listeners are too I've been getting some nice notes from people saying how much they looking forward to it. When I don't have to look forward to it, you can go and get it if you did not get a chance to pre order, the bucket you can actually just go and order it now ask for bookstore store order, your favorite online retailers and it would be super awesome if you could share it with your friends, use hashtag side, hustle book, maybe even take a picture of you at the book and send it to me. I mean if you want you don't have to anyway onto today story. This adventure takes us to all seven continents and features three friends who become business nurse to spread the joy of colorful hammocks. One of the three friends is actually my close friend Stephanie Zito, who is a partner with me, When my side, hustles travel, hacking cartel we ve also taught a creative life course, together about
to make your dream trap a reality, and spent more than a hundred and eighteen countries herself, but today or not talking about that we're talking about hammocks. Also. Today's episode includes a twenty percent on code. For these amazing hammocks stick around listen to the great story, and I tell you but that at the end, support for this fund can come from C d, w An Cisco, modern modernization today has the products you need to modernize your workplace like wifi, booster crystals, but there physical powers, enhance connectivity and spiritually awaken your internet things at city w we get crystals. What modernize your net unique system countless access points that are why by six compatible, I can help you improve reliability, increase capacity and reduce latency Cisco, and I d orchestration by seed people who get find out more, is needed. Dot com lashes go
it all started in for Penh, Cambodia or was it Washington DC? In any case, this story begins fifteen years ago When Stepanida was living in DC after moving back to the- U S from Africa, Jerry, yellow in Orange hammock she'd bought while travelling overseas and on Sunday She'd! Hang it up in front of a row house on capital held the Capitol Hill at the time was always full of busy people dressing like suits rushing by and looking at their blackberries. You didn't know Likewise, we don't remember it. Well, that's fine! worth remembering and on days were she'd then her hammock outside these busy people would look up from their phones and smile and stop the chap after many interactions. Front stoop Stephanie, came to the realisation that hammocks were magic, told one of her friends that they need to make their own brightly coloured travel, hammocks and seldom in the weakened art market. They spent weeks searching for fabric and teaching themselves how to solve. But after finally creating one hammock, they realize they didn't have a business model that we let himself hammocks cheap enough to cover their costs. That happy,
If they made was consigned to the department of well, I could have been nice looking at me for two years, or at least I think I done with this project. Some other things were happening with Stephanie and her friend. But after two years, Stephanie took what time job working for a humanitarian organization in Cambodia cheated upstairs nearly for years. An early and a new life there. She was walking through the market one day and found some brightly coloured nylon. She bought two colors bright, pink and blue and took this fabric to the shop of a seamstress she'd recently met. She drew a picture of the hammock. She had tried to make in D c two years back. Turnaround was quick. The next day she had an amazing hammock and the idea to start a hammock hustle returned. She called up to friends back in the. U S and said I found a way we can start to business and we can do it in a way that works to support women here in cambodia- and I was the origin of this project and it grew part time was Stephanie into friends for the next four years. Stephanie went back to the shop with fabric. She made new kinds of hammocks. They created somewhat different features, including an Iphone.
Pocket and different styles stuff, sacks they designed and built and then improve their website. It help that one of the friends was a designer and they re to shipping a thousand hammocks a year to fans and hammock lovers worldwide. There were some challenges doing this. In fact, there are some big once it was hard to get a consistent supply of fabric in Campbell. And for a long time they were paying eleven dollars each to ship. These hammocks to the? U S is had a big impact on profit margins and it meant they couldn't afford to do retail sales until they saw this problem. Other big challenge that the world discovered hammocks somewhere around here for their project, where they had once had just a handful of competitors with similar products. All of a sudden, there were a lot of them. Most of those were maidens China or Indonesia, which means it's hard to compete on price, while maintaining the quality and ethos of their product. They know they have make an exceptional product that is different and make sure people another story, but I been doing that That story. Underside us all is called color cloud, hammocks intent, starting they ve sold about five thousand.
Somewhere along the way, the hammock making, also changed continents and countries from Cambodia to Ethiopia as part of that is there not able to manufacture and ship an entire years worth of inventory in one production run, which lower costs and reduces complexity, but still supporting local women who make the hammocks in events, the sewing online in their own shop and through a number of hammock resellers there now selling through local gift and garden shops across the. U S, they also have the capacity to brand hammocks for corporations and events and a partner breweries businesses and even the world domination summit to create branded hammocks an event hang out and not miss this part, the color clotting. They could easily increase their profit margin if they shifted manufacturing to China, just like where many those competitors then, when they started the business there model to support jobs for women is a core value. Seventy says as well Many businesses focus on the marketing of giving back, but from her humanitarian experience she knows has an even greater impact to invest the source of the supply chain. These cultural happy hammocks, I travelled far and wide and they really are
in the world a better place and by the way you can get a twenty discount on your own color cloud. Hammock just had to color cloud hammocks dot com and used coupon code hustle nation. I will link that up for you on our shown age. Awesome. I hope you joy, this happy hammock, hustling story. I've been a long time, color cloud hammocks. I've actually hammock myself in Singapore in Sydney, probably a couple other places as well. Andy's hammocks have been very popular it WS each year since we start If you haven't even before you should at least take a look, they are really fine. There's a collar cloud tracker we can see the hammocks around the world is a great instagram account in a color cloud, Willing all those things out for you on a shown, its page, which is cited so school dot com slashed to six to I love how these three friends have built and continue to a mission driven business, which is
local women in Ethiopia instead of a big factory in China, but it also making money. It's also a lot of fun, so, I hope, you're having fun today time excited to kick off my hundred city tore out. You will join me for some of that perhaps physically at one of the stops. They're all postal at Titusville School, Dotcom, slashed work, but if not physics at least personally as I go along, we ve got a ways to go, always. Inspiration is good. Inspiration with action is better I'll, be back tomorrow. Every day, I'm critical about recital sport.
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