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#264 - Father-Daughter Duo Sells Handmade Looms For Fun and Profit


A customer support manager sees her side hustling future looming off in the distance. You’d better be-weave it! 

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Support for this bought gas comes from Bullman. Sacks. What Goldman Sachs expert and leading thinkers have to say about trans shaping markets, industries and the global economy stain formed with the latest insights from Goldman Sachs on the economic and market implications of covert nineteen available on our part costs at yes, a calm such covert nineteen or any of your favorite podcast platforms. Better watch out. This is critical about foresight. Us will school episode, two hundred and sixty four. I am in California heading to send you go to night and then on to Portland Oregon tomorrow at least listening in real time. If you listening later, when I was in San Diego, I was in Portland, the non probably somewhere else every show him telling a different story of someone who starts aside herself without cutting their job. National look at people from all different background during all kinds of different projects today is kind of
forty one and a mention etsy dot com, which is the world's largest handcrafted marketplace, and a number of our stories have featured at sea. But I think this is the first time in a talk about Etsy Wholesale, which is a specialised programme. They have that helps retailers or Other buyers connect with independent designers, people making stuff. Basically it's all about creativity at scale, at least that's what they call it and will illustrate that through today, story it is about a father daughter. Do oh, who sells here made looms for funding profit you know looms. Does Things you used to make fabric by weaving yarn or thread it's almost an unbelief while story by like everything you here on inside of school. It is in fact true the people you care about, Stories are real people, just like you and I'll tell you all about selling handmaid looms in just a moment. Support for this fog, gas come from sea W and Hewlett Packard Enterprise, at sea, w we get modern servers need to be flexible, scalable unpredictable. I predicted you'd say that ok what what I say next, probably
but about servers, security, impressive and freaky sweetie w can implement secure, Hewlett, Packard enterprise, gentle servers that improve speed and performance while reducing using costs the product of all? I too, straight by C D, W people who get it. I predict a web address. D w dot com, slash hp, I'm in your mind, man did. I story comes from Stephanie facts in sunny Santiago, where it just happened to be voting today on my tour doubly manages a customer support. At a mobile app software company for side. Hustlers would creek and co an online, but she excelling Handmaid D. Pouring gifts, including weaving looms, would shelves candles and jewelry in the summer of twenty fourteen Stephanie discovered the art of weeping? and enjoyed recreating the unique warnings that she saw online. She enjoyed it so much that she started
if they are designed to family and friends, and eventually she saw the potential of turning this hobby into a hustle and having to expand or craft Stephanie, decide to search re customize loom. That would allow her to do even more. She turned her dad Chris a penchant for woodcraft. This became a fund project that allow them an opportunity to bond over wood shavings in power tools, because what they say, the family that sounds together, states together, Stephanie. It also is that weaving classes and war hangings for becoming a trend on social media. For the father Or do I started playing with the idea of making their own looms for purchase their first Loomis very simple and easy to create so decide to see that would sell instead of following the instructions of other looms that were foresail they expire. Whence it on their own with different dimensions and lay out to create a more unique style that first salt almost immediately. They knew that this was something that could take on more long term after they sold a few, mostly using the platform at sea, which I come back to in a moment.
They re evaluate their offerings. Finding nicer would options and began selling painted and stained looms, as well as a higher price for weaving package for Greece John. Each new item I want to sell Stephanie looks to Pinterest and Instagram, and also in the scenes in blocks. They then mock up a few version. And test the sizing measurements once they're, happy Stephanie takes the product and set up a photo shoot in her home to create images for the store listing. Like many cry, He sighed, hustlers, Stephanie, decided to launch, would Creek and CO on Etsy. First. She says the cash register touching notification that you can get when you sell something is invigorating. She and her dad Chris would collar tax each other to celebrate each order and in fact they still do to this day and twenty sixteen it covered Etsy Wholesale, which is a by application only market place. We have really looked out before on the show, some are to the March by Amazon Programme, where you can potentially reach a lot more people. There is some criteria for it. You have to offer wholesale pricing that is fifty percent or less of a retail value. You have to have a good track record and reviews on at sea
but when you get access you can reach over twenty thousand retailers were in buying products from independent designers, and it isn't individual sales, because of Etsy Wholesale, would creaking coat now cells to forty five businesses all over the world and as part of this overcome. One big obstacle: they weren't sure how to figure out the best packaging for their weaving looms that would work for retail display. So I can try a couple things: they created a hang tag and instructional sheet that would go with every purchase. Now, let's talk about money, would Creek and caused revenue has steadily increased from nineteen thousand dollars in twenty fifteen, thirty, seven thousand dollars and twenty sixteen, and about halfway through this Here they ve already brought in eighteen thousand dollars, with the promise of an active policy, season coming up. In fact, you might say looming off in the distance start up costs were very low. The you Shop, a fight to make a website. I spent about two hundred to three dollars an initial costs at charges. Twenty said
listing for individual listings in a three point: five transaction feet through the wholesale programme. It did help that Chris routinely receive power tools as gifts during each holiday for the first year of the business. Seventy says the best part of wood, creek and CO is working with her dad. They are in constant contact and always thinking of new creations to add to the shop. In the past couple of years, they ve added stained and painted triangle of jewelry stands among other items and a twenty eighteen. They hope to add site tables more while hanging pieces, and perhaps some planters, seventies, mom now helps out with, are the business, including researching new items to develop. They have a family tax group they used to communicate throughout the week to share. I as an excitement about new orders, all those teaching notifications seventies go in the future is to include her husband in the business too So let us all school listeners don't become unravelled. In your hustle couple things I wanted to mention: Stephanie built her sobs website using shop, a bye
about every week, on average, we have somebody using the shop. If I platform to build their sight. Hustle does not surprising because its very simple, intuitive and affordable platform. We have a special trial, for a few shop. If I were, you can access at shop a fine dot com, slash, side, hustle and without offer Yoke a twenty one day, free trial that is not available to the public shoplifters, especially great for physical products, like what Stephanie selling in Stephanie worth checking out. If you trying to figure out, why set up to use once again that shop, if I'd outcomes, thy sight hustle and let's talk about Etsy Wholesale, they use this phrase, creativity at scale on their website. They say this is Etsy Wholesale Market Place retailers and designers express their creativity through the buying and selling of things you won't find in your average store cover twenty thousand retailer stock, their shells with goods from the independent designers and makers that Sellen Etsy Customers get to discover designers who live in the neighborhood and around the world and designers to see their creation sold in stores, so thinking about selling individual items on Etsy or another platform like this, you might need to get some
there is doing that, but at a certain point you may, when I think about selling wholesale. This does mean you need to be to offer lower prices. Since the retail stores that you would you're thinking to those acts that they profit, but, of course the upside is you have the potential to sell in book and I just have one loom or whatever it is you're selling, but a dozen or twenty five or fifty or even more, at a time and last, I'm always a big fan of everything after you make your foresail release your first few sales? That's exactly what Stephanie encrusted after they sought a few items they reevaluated found nicer would began offering different products and also that higher price for weaving package. You can usually make some huge improvements and be much more successful. Have more sales make more money by evaluating regrouping once your product or service is out in the world having a real encounter with real buyers. I've enjoyed today story, as always, inspiration is good, but inspiration with action is better today, shuts including links to everything I mentioned are at sawdust will score dotcom, slash to six, for I am on the road
are they side hustle book tour? I hope to see you somewhere all details about that are inside US school dot, com, slash tour, you're listening, rockstar, I'm preschool about for hustle school.
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