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#269 - Computer Teacher Turns $2 of PVC Plastic Into $800/Month


A childhood love of archery becomes a lifelong adult side business.

Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are. You need a hustle! Share: #SideHustleSchoolShow notes: SideHustleSchool.comTwitter: @chrisguillebeauInstagram: @193countries

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Side, hustle school whatsapp. Welcome back! This is critical above excited to have you here for episode to sixty nine, I'm in New York City going on She didn t see tonight Philadelphia tomorrow onwards from there you can always well, I'm out or come out to join me by looking at sight of swill school dot com slashed for or following me Social media. It's a hundred! Ninety three countries on Instagram, one, nine, three countries, I've been doing lots of Instagram store every day and of talking to the process of being on tour or just me, name crystal about on Facebook or twitter. That's crazy! I asked About you, you, I L, l e b, a you know every day on the show, I'm telling a story someone who has a job and is usually Bessie yet is still able to find a way to create additional income, not just by working part time jobs, but usually by creating some kind of asset for themselves
Most of the time by using the skills they already have or like in the case of today, story acquiring some new skills based on something they were interested in and most of the time, these stories are actually true just getting there actually true all the time. These are really Making this happen for themselves and my hope is at the store. Will serve as a model for your site. Us all today story is about a computer teacher who turns two dollars of pvc plaster into eight hundred dollars a month, making bows and arrows or another. I look at my notes. I see you just makes bows, but there the kind of both the Goethe arrows you can have one without the other and that stories coming right up. Support for their part comes from C d W. Age be at sea d, w we get that an unsecured laptop can put your companies data at risk, making you a little paranoid, I'm apparently you're paranoid
She D W, can implemented secure mobility solution using the H Billy book within tell a generation processors ensure view privacy to protect your screen from prying eyes. Did you follow me here? I t orchestration by C D, W people who get it find out more seedy, w dot com, slash HP security. What was that Jeremy Base has been a Robin Hood fan, since he first read the Howard, pile novel and forthright. It's also what inspired interest in both making and now the computer technology instructor is turning two dollars of pvc material into thirty dollars and profit over and over from his making craft or sales at Renaissance fares on Ebay and his own website. How did this come to be well in his youth? He would searches, yard for sticks and branches to fabricate his own, makeshift boats until he had saved
lunch money to purchase a used, fiberglass bow after high school. A lack of time caused him to set aside archery, although the interest always lingered in the back of his mind after the birth of his first child journeys, financial situation was strapped. Every penny in the budget went for food diaper and childcare, then, while browsing online one day, Jeremy found a primitive archery website featuring english longbows. He longed to get back into our tree, but since money was tight, he couldn't afford the hundred dollar investment. Yet that didn't stop him because was resourceful Jeremy email that cites owner and ask if he could barter something for about it. Just so happens that the beau maker, who is sixty five years old at the time, looking to establish. A better online presence in Germany was just the person to help. He got to work further developing the bump, your site and the financial arrangements they came to was that for every boat, Jeremy SALT, he got to keep twenty percent. When a boat sold. He would either both make her with the details and forward eighty percent of the funds through Paypal, keeping twenty percent for himself. The process took about ten minutes per order and even less time went by and journey
happy for earning those twenty, our commissions for ten minutes or less of work. It was easy money, money that allow and to treat his family to an evening out or just paper more diapers. Things followed this progression for several years when Germany needed extra money would scale up adding more both to the website, and we need more time you just let the site coast, the simple site, hustle worked well until his partner retired, could no longer send off orders and consider his job done. If he could figure out here, make the boughs he'd make more money, but that was easier said than done. When his partner closed up shop, there were three pending borders: the partner email them step by step, directions in Germany went to work not surprisingly the beau maker, had things down to a science making a bow in about an hour. The journeys first attempt took two weeks in several broken pieces of wood. He refund two of those three outstanding orders and shut the website down three years later Jeremy saw a Youtube video of a guy building bows from pvc sprinkler pipe. Who is also
author of a book called the impossible bow soon to be a breakaway bestseller after being featured on side of the school Jeremy, watch the videos about the book and went to work after a few attempts. He found he can make a pvc bow in about forty minutes, decided to get back to his side. Hustle Jeremy restarted his bow, making creating both wooden longbows as well as those pvc bows start up. Costs were minimal. He bought a heat gun for fifteen dollars, the pvc both to be made for two dollars and materials he registered his business with the state through an online form. It took, a few minutes, and his skillet bartering also continue to serve him. Well, he had the idea that a local science. Fair, might be a good market for his new bows. When he enquired about the cost of a booth, he learned it was way out of his price range at several thousand dollars. So he asked bartering, he learned that they had a longboat contest and we're looking for prizes for the winning archers Jeremy volunteered.
Make new both for the winners of each division in exchange for both space for two weakens. He bought a used pop up ten, at a second hand, store and decorated, with Renaissance themed, dollar store fabric and fake fines. For about hundred dollars altogether. You might call the maiden Taiwan renaissance Jeremy networks few weakens a year at these fares selling his boughs and assisting other archers. He says the great arrangement because he gets to do what he loves. You have fun and he gets paid for it. And on top of this event, sales journeys also actively taking orders through his website, which he developed using basic html and pay pal. He tried some other solutions, but drop them when he found them harder to maintain he now makes about eight hundred dollars a month, selling the boys at local festivals and he's not there he's got. His website is also selling on Ebay to make a few hundred dollars more ass for the best part of the citizens periods. While he says it was the spending money given Jeremy, a layer of security for ways how to family emergency and also the opportunity to support now, and then he up to expand its hustle further by getting involved with more ferris
and possibly branching into something called archery tag, which sounds a little scary to me. But I guess I don't know much about it in a day kinda selling medieval, an oriental swords. Another of his Hobbes stating for the pvc stored episode coming soon. Untied US law, school I was reminded us something when I was working on a story and came across this part where he was just sporting, those orders to their partner, who made the boughs for several years and at first I thought well what if he had learned to make the boughs sooner like would not have been better then maybe it what a ban you never know. So let me remember that sometimes aside us conserve you throughout life, indifferent seasons, so for this guy a number of years it was actually really simple. Just kind of tax on those orders make twenty bucks each time had time to get some more when he was busy, he could scale back then after the partner retire He had no sight us all, or at least not this one,
several more years, but then he goes back to it and learns to make his own so at some point earlier on, he had learned these newcomers skills which are pretty basic in terms of being able to taking orders, pass them on and then later he combined with this new Skelly acquires from watching you to try to make those out of this pvc material, Henry in a stormy debt about that guy in South Carolina who learned to make candles watching you too actually selling them on Amazon. Doing really well, because the point is to figure out what is best for you, and that's why learning the side us away can be so valuable because its adaptable its valuable might have a certain goal. Now, but a year from now or several years from now, you might have a totally different gall, but you can still use it. Same skills to support whatever your mission is. That's my thought. My encouragement for you today As I said, these stories are models for you. Have you spend at least a few minutes today, and every
doing something to get closer to the freedom that you want, because inspiration is good, but inspiration with action is so much better today show its include links to journeys both as well as that mega best selling fuck the impossible bow. Now competition was sales of recitals a book and anything else. I mentioned how to get renaissance. Dollar store fabric is made in Taiwan. Will not truckers are linked to that? You just go to the dollar store. Thank you listening. I hope to see you tomorrow. I'm critical about four side also spoke.
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