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#275 - 16-Year-Old Earns $10,000+ Selling Watches


After spotting an unusual watch design while on vacation in Aruba, this enterprising teen and a friend go on to hustle their way to making five-figures.

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What's up school listeners welcome back. My name is critical about. We are beginning a brand new weak xx, to bring you a new episode every day, featuring a new story every day, a true story of some who goes out to create aside hustle. That is in fact, an come generating project. Something makes you money, creates more security for yourself, a backup plan just something awesome. It brings you more options, even if you like your job. Now. This week I am Me too, you live from London, that is London, England, not London, Ontario, not one in Kansas not any other London but in fact the world's bigger and most well known London came in a couple of days ago after transatlantic flight from New York? I will be here for the next couple of days. Doing events and media, including public event that you are invited to, at least if you and to be in London and your listening in real time, if you listening later on
I was in London this week. Have you got a good week were everywhere that public event is October? Third, you can sign up inside us all school dotcom, slash, tour, at the end of the week I'll get back to the. U S: Army in Atlanta, Miami and Phoenix those details are on that website beside us all school dotcom, slashed, you're, not gonna, go joy for you as we begin the week. This is about a teenage side hustler, who becomes a full time. Entrepreneur he'd want some cool stuff now, but if, we were interested in the side hustle at the time of the I story he's actually sixteen years old, make some money selling watches why's that interesting, because he actually, more than ten thousand dollars selling watches and is not just a great salesperson. Though, it seems like he's that as well, you actually did something a creative and smart to source. These watches in the first place I'll tell all about how he got his idea, what he did and what happened along the way in just a moment after this quick shot out to our sponsor support for this Pont cast comes from progressive saving,
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Play story comes from Doug Messer in New York City. He now run to start a colleague university beyond Tis, a marketplace for students and brands to connect and collaborate dug his hat multiple site. Hustles he's hosted events during holidays and ran a small consulting business, helping brands with marketing the first hustler he started was eight years ago when he was just sixteen thus selling interchangeable, silicone watches to his high school friends and then eventually a lot of other people. In addition to running this watch but he also hosted events to earn extra cash and promote the brand here's. How worked started. The watch hustle while on vacation in a robot with his best friend Brendan a security guard hotel was wearing a brightly coloured watch with a band dug it never seen it. Like that, in the U S before Sweden, the guy wearing it, how much it costs the security guards had he could have. For five dollars dug in Britain. That was actually to cheap. There are expecting something like twenty dollars, at least when they told us They be happy to pay the full retail price. He told them, though
She's were only three dollars in the shop down the street and when Doug went to the store, he found dozens interchangeable bands and faces and sure enough. They were just three dollars. The watch had a website URL imprinted on the back. So in Dugan Brendan went home, they contacted accompanied. It ran that website and Lord. They were not to enter the EU s market. This company offered providing the licensing rights to sell, their own name at no cost. As long as the EU there is a manufacturer to Dugan bread and asked her parents two thousand dollar alone, they use that loan to play their first order and began marketing a different high schools in the area, and they had a creative I for this to they hired student sales wraps to help promote their new brand at their school at first. This was a challenge How do you find students were not only trustworthy but also able to actually saw the watches? Almost nobody had job experience, so they pick people based on their extracurricular involvement. Will you that president of clubs, captains of sports James Cheerleaders, etc, would be able to reach an audience who would take their product recommendation seriously. Now, also,
the student leaders, could set trends they began with it. Mission, only program or students would get paid a commission for selling the watches. They also created weekly sales competitions with cash bonuses, as an added incentive, dogs had the watches were pretty easy cell to high school students, since they had never. And seen in the U S before also because they were interchangeable, they could be matched to the student school colours as they kept marketing and reaching out to people. They even got some endorsement from Youtube celebrities, one day a friend of Doug sent him a photo of one of their favourite Youtube influencers wearing one of their watches in some of his videos within a few people, doing as they like I urge the photos they had to reach out to other artist managers asking if they wanted the product for free. This early success soon grew into something much greater one day, a friend of had some watches sitting around his house and a friend of that french parents worked for people magazine. She picked up the watches and said these are interesting. I've never seen anything like this before she requested some samples, and the next dug in Britain's watches, were featured in the style section of people. Next to some of the biggest
experience in the world. This also, then we're getting a white is distributed in shop right and urban outfitters. Remember there still in high school I went stuck was eighteen and he began promoting events. This was essentially, other site hustle? He was doing an internship, but a small record label in Manhattan and is part of the job here meet with venue managers while trying to source bookings for artists result of all they already was doing other people, you got to know he was soon promoting his own, chose to all his friends on Facebook and naturally want started doing his own shows. He brought in his watches to sell the shows as well and in fact, where the only sponsor allowed dogwood charge a cover at the door and receive a percentage of the bar from the owner, in addition, it out, he would sell dozens of watches, sometimes more at every show like a lot of side. Hustle, this one didn't last forever. Dugan Brenda Benchley went to work on other projects for a while they switched full time to working in a start up together and then because Doug really likes to start new projects. He began to more before the watch hustle wound down. Dugan Brendan each made about ten thousand dollars in profit, this experience and
lessons are learned, gave him confidence as they moved on to other things. It was a profitable, helpful and yes timely site hustle I really do this story personally because I got my start as a young entrepreneur as well. I wasn't selling watches, but I had some stories myself at things like this and I was like paying attention to the connection piece like very often in the side of the world, whether you're, sixteen or sixty. Once you start going down this road one thing testily to another, so in this case they had the watch business, which made ten thousand dollars each future that's on its own and then dug kind of transitions are connected to his next thing, producing events and along the way, acquiring skills. Most time, both your high school in college requiring skills along the way do not usually getting paid for it, which is exactly what is happening here. That's why sometimes say good side us all is like a hobby is something you look forward to doing. Actually enjoy lot of pieces of it, but unlike most Hobbes, which usually deposit money, this is a hobby that brings you. Money anyway, can grow nations to Dugan Brendan,
you're really young, so I'm sure they have a lot of psychosis ahead of them and for you over there I hope you enjoy the story I am having to do a number of events in interviews and London, signed off by saying migration is good, but inspiration with action is better consideration, It's our online at sight of some sort, dotcom slash to seven five, that's right episode to seventy five. We are a long I'll be back tomorrow. In each day this week, I'm critical about for school.
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