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#318 - Office Worker Turns $15 Into $500/Month Custom Cup Hustle

A frustrated office worker “throws shade” on her feelings about coming to work each day—then gets paid for her complaints. Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are.  Share: #SideHustleSchoolShow notes: SideHustleSchool.comTwitter: @chrisguillebeauInstagram: @193countries

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Hello and greetings. Welcome to satisfy school. I'm your host crystal about neighbouring to talk about an office worker who turns fifteen dollars into a five and a dollar a month side. Us all. Lots of people are trapped in jobs. I don't enjoy. What people complain about their jobs, while this person complain about her job but actually found a way to make money from her complaints about that and in this and we're gonna. Look at print on demand, also called p o d, and we ve talked about this on it but it's been a long time, basically the way that print demand works is theirs number of companies that will print whatever design or quote or image. You want on all kinds of stuff. In this case it's gonna be mugs or cops, but it could also be tee. Shirts, Iphone cases, lots of others and a key part of print on demand is that you don't actually have to make an investment or stock any inventory, freer designs and the demand part comes in when somebody places in order to somebody.
In order for something, then they go in credit they ship it to the customer. You never actually handle it. So this is great for all kinds of reasons. As you Imagine there's no risk. You can test out a bunch. Different ideas and if it works like it does, in this case, it can turn into recurring income sought the story and give us the resources of how to learn more about this world. Maybe it started with your own, Brennan demand, hustle and all of those things are coming right up. Support for this punk hast comes from progressive. What would you do with an extra eight hundred dollars? A plane ticket pay down your student loan treat yourself to those shoes you denying with progressive. You can find out. Drivers who switch and save save an average of seven hundred. Ninety six dollars on car insurance get your quote online at progressive dot com and see how much you can be saving national average. We'll car insurance savings by new customer surveyed who saved with progressive in twenty nineteen.
Like all too many people in the ninety five brine station sums up at her work wasn't being appreciated her eye isn't suggestions were ignored, emotions passer by she was left to fend for herself in the rural world of office. Politics seaside met this letter feeling well little petty in order to cope with the drudgery of going to the office each day he came up with a set of quips help conveyor feelings without getting or fire. She calls this throwing shade on her job by telling her friends and coworkers things like I'm only here for direct deposits, or I just showed up for the insurance, should know that other people felt the same way about their jobs. To that's what.
The upper side also came from what if she could sell something that brought together all the people who felt stuck in their office jobs, but we're using them to fund bigger and more important parts of their lives, they should decided she take the shade that our friends and colleagues loved about her imprinted onto the site of cups. She thought there was something it most office. Workers are able to bring from home. They could be played off his again two management. They might constantly remind that person of the bigger motivation behind our day to day efforts. She called this idea. T plus shade now became a brand name, next. She bought it a main and signed up for a shop. I store she chose shop if I because they were bring a free trial and still want to test to see her It was viable before incurring any start up costs. She apply the same mentality email marketing and signed up for milk, him and the internet. This episode, I mentioned print on demand which allows you to do things like cell customer. Without having any inventory without doing a production run and choosing shop. If I turn out to be fortuitous because they have a free up, that simplifies Oliver processes for this called too
What teelaunch visa can I put her designs in that service? Will print and ship them on an order by order basis, each cup cost five dollars to make four dollars and fifty cents to ship and then two dollars for each additional mug in the same order, this allows t shirt to charge fifteen dollars fifty cents per cup plus shipping and make a nine dollar profit off each of them funding. It is honor for her. Shady mugs wasn't too hard either. She is a resource called fibre which have also talked about on the show, but it's been awhile this fibre services, a directory of low cost service providers, so using five or she performed a quick search for the kind of designer she was looking for. They had to me most back and forth, and then they got to work. Total cost for this initial round were fifteen dollars
so my quite five dollars, but you know fifteen dollars not too much by the way. If you ever looking to do this yourself station recommends, make sure your purchasing the rights for the image or whenever that designer creates common sense, might suggest that what you buy is yours to do with what you want, but that's not always the case. To be sure, you clarify this combination of free trials, free apps and designs from fibre meant that station and our new t plus shade side. Hustle only had a cell to mugs to recoup her initial investment and go home with pride. And since you started, she's been able to earn a consistent foreign and fifty dollars to five dollars. A month is also seeing a little bit of growth each month. Sticking with the theme of free plus shade must have been marketed through free channels, social media and protect are using active Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds. She
this means an imagery that fits with the shade throwing part of the brand and features people who use the cops to help create brand awareness. Each cup also comes with a brand name beneath the quote: allowing the visual aspect of the cuts to draw attention and promote that brand in workplaces, where her actual target audience spend their time. At some point, station wants to expand this brand unto tee shirts, toe bags and other visual products to help people keep throwing shade in new and creative ways. Lots of people out there complain about their jobs. That's why the show the office was so popular, so many people could identify with those situations, but Caesar didn't just complain sheet their complaints into a money making project awesome. So this episode of mentioned a bunch of different resources, including fibre, which like a set of talk about before, but it's been a while the same with Bernard demanded, general, so of course, on the internet
I mean like all these different things up. If you want to learn more about it, I do think it's rude to print and is pretty interesting, because it allows people to experiment in this way, just like In the story, without taking a lot of rest, if there downside to act like you might ask if this is so great and so easy wise and everyone doing it. While there are a couple of things to be aware of- and one thing is- that the production costs can be fairly, I sense its print on demand like the old. If selling mugs with me, I'm going to manufacture no two thousand of them at a time, then maybe they're going to cost like one or two dollars each stuff. I sell them for ten dollars. I have this great profit margin right. Profit margin is only great if you have customers willing to pay, and you could also have a situation of creating two thousand mugs and nobody wants to she then you're out a lot of money with private, and you don't have that risk, you don't keep him interim, but the cost is gonna, be a lot higher because, obviously those companies, those services wanna make money to second thing is because there's so much out there like this, it can be hard to stand out. She really something that is a bit different like what stationed at here. Chad is clear
get in mind. She had these quips that she was coming up with and sang around the office and people TAT were really funny and that you use social media to spread. So in the best possible scenario, you do something like this and you put it out there and then an earns relatively passive income for you if it that work. You do this and you put it out there and nothing much happens or you might get a few sales and their but you're not hurting five in a document such as and to be aware of. It can be hard to scale a project like this, because those high production costs, but I suppose, if a particular design or product lying in it are taking off. You could then look into manufacturing that item, and you can do so with some key France that gonna be able to sell whatever inventory by, because you know people are buying it like people are actually placing orders for it. Now using the print on demand service or you could just not worry about let the pregnant demanding do its work for you. Lots of different options for either side of slang is always about options and opportunities.
So, as you listen to these stories, I hope that you find something that sparked your interest and might get you work. Not because I believe inspiration is guided by inspiration with action is better, though, show it's our line at sight of school dotcom, slash three one. Eight thank you for listening I'll, be back tomorrow, What action is better, though, show notes our line at sight of school dotcom. Slash three one: eight thank you for listening I'll, be back tomorrow. I'm preschool about precisely spoke.
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