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#319 - From Landscaper to Podcast Producer Earning $4k/Month

A Canadian landscaper lands on the side hustle trifecta: passion, skill, and opportunity. He eventually uses his new income to quit his job and travel to 10 countries. Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are.  Share: #SideHustleSchoolShow notes: SideHustleSchool.comTwitter: @chrisguillebeauInstagram: @193countries

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Maybe well hello, there, its critical above her side, us all school, got a great story for you today, it's all about podcasting! Well, it's about somebody who is making money using podcasting. I get a fair amount of questions about that. Topical. About a follow up and commentary after the episode today, but today is actually about podcast production and with the rising pie casts which Europe Familiar with central listening to the south is also an opportunity for people to work on production on all the stuff. It's a soul, with the audio files and uploading, if you ve ever wonder did he shows actually get made. Well, there are few models, in totally idea. Why it like a lot of people? Do it's not that hard to learn the basics or you can be. Part of a network, a company like my network panoply- I'm really grateful to them because they make my life easy. I just focus on the content for the show and they handle all the production, but there's also a third way which is somewhere in between
we'll talk about today and the stories about a guy who's, a landscape for his day. Job then begins doing freelance podcast production for his hustle it is not doing so well that he eventually makes the leap to do it full time where he's curly earning at least four thousand dollars a month. Only a tremendous success that stories come up after this quick shot out to our sponsor support for this pod cast comes from progressive. What would you do with an extra eight hundred dollars? Biplane ticket paid on your duty, Loan treat yourself to those shoes you benign with progressive. You could find out drivers who switch save save an average of seven hundred ninety six dollars on car insurance. Get your quote online. A progressive come and see how much you could be saving national average annual cards, savings by new customer service who saved with progressive and twenty nineteen Germany and was working at a landscaping job in Vancouver, Canada.
And you know it and want to do this job Robert. That's why I wanted to start some kind of side hustle to increase his options, we came to decide what that hustle would be, was actually a pretty easy decision, because you see, Germany is obsessed with five. He listens to fifty hours a week, The double speeds we can get there as many as it can and his love a pie cast, but are content. He also has the necessary skills to edit and produce them. Since he went school for audio engineering and production. As you started, thinking about doing, podcast, editing and production is a site hustle. You realise there is also a huge potential audience for these services. In his mind, he had hit the site, hustle, trifecta, passion, skill and opera, in it he is first up was to reach out to some friends without source, thereupon gas production to learn more about their work flow and see how they found in pick their editor, where those friends put him in touch with the package editor who worked as a freelancer for upon gas production company you're connecting without editor a couple months later journey started doing some freelance work for them. Well, seeing who else he could connect you in his network. He was also actively trying to land the first client of his
he's not around a hundred called emails. After coming through Itunes to identify podcast that were big enough to have, to hire and editor, but not so establish that they would already have one after a few weeks. However, this outrage effort at only led to one clients having that first client was great, but of course that's a lower return on investment for all the time you spent. So he took another approach. He began applying for jobs on upward dot com, where various people less technical services that providers can bid on he managed to land is first client there within a week to that validation was the Bush you needed to. They pursue this hustle further over the next couple months. He kept lending clients. The upward me realise that not one to this idea have merit, but he also needed to update his website to reflect this new focus. You see his existing site, which is hosting Works was aimed at musicians looking to record albums very different market than pot castors, so he began to update and twig that site with a minor changes and no additional marketing. Jeremy continued to get more clients, be a word of mouth and still coming from up work, so he made a good shift. Their
three months any made another shaft, he moved over to word press and also hired a graphic designer to make an infographic for his sight. This was literally the first costs incurred for this So everything to that point cost zero dollars, which I guess means it didn't cost anything at all around that time. You also signed up for Google Suite to help him organize and manage the behind the scenes aspects of stuff. But aside from that he's trying to keep things as simple as possible to manage We ve been doing this for about four months journey, started thinking about turn this into his full time work. Well, that's not entirely true! Here's how he put He says from the moment I got my first client. I knew that this could turn into something for time. If I worked at it and was patient, I had this goal acquitting my day job in September. As I got half If you August, I realise at that point was only a month away and it was decision time. I had enough money saved up to get by for three months and I figured if I couldn't make it work. The landscaping job would be therefore me again to fall back on, so I gave a month
doesnt August fifteenth. Now, here's something I found amusing, it seems Germany is like me, he has some clear strengths, but there is also a couple things. He struggles with he's, not greater bookkeeping. Also, just like me funny thing is that at that point, Germany had this money coming in from multiple clients, but he hadn't actually effort. Hold up all of the income from inside us all. So at the end of August, a couple of weeks after he gave us ass. He finally added it all up and realise that he had made more money that month on his side, I thought then his day job, which was a good confirmation, it made the right decision and within a couple of months of quitting estate. He was bringing in an average of four thousand dollars a month since putting that day job, he turned all of his energy to the Pike ass production hustle. He wrote in a book on pay fishing gear. He started doing some targeted marketing. Musingly pages in Facebook adds, but overall he still try to keep all this marketing authentic. He said for the most part, I do it I talk to as many people as I can about Pakistan by casting try to make connections and so far as paying off well. Not only has this site has paid off financially, it's also pay. In some other major ways, Joe,
as always, wanted to travel and not just travel for a week or two and go to the beach, but really travel really get out there and explore the world since officially going full time. Last summer, Jeremy has spent ten months travelling across four continents and thirteen countries. He does mention that he has to work wherever he goes just like. I do think he's a permanent tourist seeing the robbery also has responsibilities, but still he says the freedom he's gay and the ability to pick his own direction and life more than makes up for whatever stress, has in terms of managing his clients around the world. Also, what do you do when your site also goes for time? Well, you probably another side us all right, because everyone needs one journeys you hustle is all about ice cream. He started a personal podcast called rain city scoop with the goal of being the go to source for all things ice cream. The Big NEWS or resources out there in the ice cream world in German tends to capture it. It's not clear if rain city scoop has the same financial potential as his pipe cast editing gig, but he certainly has the passion,
and the skill, but I really like the story. I hope you do too. What are you interested impact production or not. Think that key point is the trifecta mentioned in the beginning. Beside us, trifecta passion, skill and opportunity, This is something that Germany was really excited about. You mustn't defy cost fifty hours a week. He had the scale because he had his background in order production and engineering, and there was this tremendous opportunity which still exists of all these new package coming out every day and a bit of a gap in the marketplace between people who just want to do everything themselves not spend any money and in the more professional pie, cash that come out from networks and companies, there's a big middle there and between those two different categories. So it makes perfect sense that this is a great hustle for him ass. I thought it was smart how he made a couple of shifting his mark.
Strategy at first. I thought it would be a good idea said just called email, a hundred people from the Itunes list. I don't think that's a terrible by the way. I think it's something is probably worth trying in that situation, but when relies he got a fairly low return on investment with that strategy. He shifted and started listing. His services or bidding for services, there were four auction on upward dot com and, of course, you continue to evolve, actually updated. His website began doing more staff once he went full time, but I think the really key point. The important thing is in the beginning of how he found that trifecta. I think that is absolutely something you be looking for in your site also expiration, could it makes things somewhat easier now, in my case, in terms of public health protection, as I said, I am fortunate to have some really great folks who work at panoply. They are very skilled at all that I'm not so. In my case, I just record the episodes sent to them they the cool music and they make sure everything sounds good. They handled uploading to the feed that you listen from all that kind of stuff, but I mentioned
making this episode that people have a lot of questions about podcast I've been noticing noticing my tour that people are asking about podcast cast as aside hustle model. So if you got some questions about podcasting how the business model works or how to production, side works or anything else go ahead and send them to me, you just sent a quick note to Chris inside us, good outcome or hit me up on social media and I'll see. If I can get those in when I record that next extended episode for now wish. You well and encourage you that inspiration is good, but inspiration with action is better today, show notes included, everything that I talked about also include a link to a blog, I wrote earlier in the year with several thousand words podcast lessons when I record that extended episode of action have a bunch of updates from but if you want to see the original one just come to the shown its page, which is side also school, dotcom slashed three one, nine three, nineteen, that's offer today, but I will be back on critical about four sided school.
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