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#335 - Airbus Developer Sets Goal to Start 5 Hustles at Once

Not content with a single hustle, this web developer decides to create 5 projects that each earn $2,000/month. In this episode, we’ll evaluate his first two attempts.  Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are.  Share: #SideHustleSchoolShow notes: SideHustleSchool.comTwitter: @chrisguillebeauInstagram: @193countries

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Hey there inside US law, school listeners, its critical about back with you today. Now we got something different for you. This episode, we don't normally feature to projects in one episode at least not side by side, and because this is, one person with two projects. Sometimes people doing more than one thing. We tend to focus on one of them for the sight of school story, but today's featured there has sent a mission to start multiple project simultaneously as part of its goal to create financial freedom, which he defines as five projects. At least two thousand dollars a month each. So, in this case, in particular It makes sense to look at his first two of these money, making ventures which are both off the ground and profitable. Already we also talk about whether you should do it this way. Whether this kind of multi project approach is a good idea
or whether you might want to choose to focus on a single project, especially when you first getting started. All that is coming right up in today's episode. Support for this punk ass comes from progressive. What would you do with an extra eight hundred dollars I a plane ticket pay down. Your student loan treat yourself to those shoes you denying with progressive. You can find out. Drivers who switch and save save an average of seven hundred ninety six dollars on car insurance get your quote online at progressive dot com and see how much you can be saving national average we'll car insurance savings by new customer surveyed, who saved with progressive in twenty nineteen Paul Desert is on a mission. The Airbus defence in space web developer is working towards his five by two thousand goal. That goal is to create I've side hustles in the form of small online businesses, they will each generate at least to them,
dollars. A month is, first, you, projects, resume beacon and jungle. Flip are well on our way, rather maybe came about after friends and family kept asking him as the resident computer guy to help them with formatting the recipes. When word processing software, having to be less than user friendly. There was a technical obstacle, but one for which Paul had a solution and the knowledge to implement that solution. At only created, this project people create a professional lay out for their residence rather may be, can operate as a free service. Where basic resume lay out, which includes one anatomize template with no skill. Section is available at no charge upgraded services such as more template options, those skills, sections other stuff, begin at Ninety five. The site also offers other job resource content, including articles on resume. Writing, copper letters interviewing and rest they samples create resume. There's also an option to get daily email updates, with job opportunities from zip, recruiter and Paul earns a referral fee for signing people out there to create the sight he just got started writing code. What
can't do that. But when you are web developer, that's right up your alley. He started costs were minimal It was just a matter of registering a domain than investing has time to get the site up and running on average monthly expenses resume. You are about eighty dollars not always generated. Five hundred dollars in profit Paul seconds I saw jungle, flip is a website petering, discounted goods returns and open box items. Usually from Amazon DOT comes warehouse, It includes deal starting at thirty percent off retail, with new items at every hour by an algorithm jungle that generates revenue through it. Elliot Advertising programme by linking to Amazon dot com. If visitors make a purchase through one of the links, jungle FLIP and Paul earn a commission that this project evolved a bit. It began as a gift registry website, but the technical challenge was to beg for Paul to handle alone to change direction, make it more manageable by focusing on just one retailer. Yet a lot of his initial software, but the outcome was the searchable site,
gathers Amazon's, reduced pre, owned and open box goods in one convenient place, just like with Reza may be, can start up. Costs were much more a matter of time. Over money, the only hard costs was domain registration and the monthly expenses are about forty dollars jungle so far is generating an average of three dollars a month, so just getting started, but it is profitable. Now, as with many people featured on side of school, and perhaps like you is well Paul, wasn't trying to recruit, investors are partners. He didn't want to hire a bunch of employees. It wasn't trying to build a billion dollar company. He just wanted to be in control of his life. He wants something that will support his family, a lifestyle business that will bring him more freedom of choice. That's why he's starting these little projects in terms of marketing Paul is constantly experimenting,
at the most success with search engine optimization and read it with us. He oh Paul, says: there's no secret just force tat. He follows for each of his sight projects number one research, the key word you want to rank for number to use those key words in the title tags on your page number. Three make sure the content on that page is relevant and high quality and number four promote those pages and get links. When your first running out Paul recommends focusing on in creating content around it ten keywords read: it can be another great placed again exposure about Paul noted that the secret to marketing on red- it is don't do it. He means don't take the traditional approach. He said he sees it. Often people have a new project, they want to push so they pick a related sub, read it they copy and paste their pitch. They posted and they get lots of nasty comments with. He talked about this recently in another episode with red. It is important that you offer something of value. Like actual true value, not a ten percent discount, not something really small, but if you're product is helpful entertaining it can be well received so Impulse Casey, created and offered free cover, letter templates and resume
templates? He didn't require anything for people to download them, but he did cross promote. Resin may begin with these three products process, if you think it strategy as a way to get exposure, not something that will provide. Wrecked our ally you'll be more successful if something you're gains popularity read it will want to feature it and, in fact, Resume Beacon was picked up by life hacker using this exact strategy. Also try using Google Adwords. They didn't see a good return on investment. We just put those on pause for now. The also admits that he's a victim of the shiny object syndrome sometimes starts chasing a new idea before completing a previous project. Its part of his desire to do five projects at once, but he's realize he does need to focus on getting each one up to speed. Then moving on to the next still. He remains committed to reaching its overall goal of five by two thousand: that's five projects, making at least two thousand dollars a month and between these two current side. Ourselves here Ambition is to get ready, may begin to two thousand dollars a month then begin the third project which is hoping to achieve in early twenty eighteen. Let's wish him good luck and happy hustling.
Art, so should you, this model or not. Should you just pick one project Try to make that your main site I saw- or should you say well, actually want like three or four or five like Paul debt. Here I think there are three factors that have you make this decision. First of all, how much experienced you have a car you completely new to this world, or I ve done it before in different ways. You just learning to apply it in a new way. Now, if you dont have a lot of experience, maybe you just want to choose one thing: to focus on at least for your first twenty seven days, like the model, I use side. Us a buck doesn't mean you just gonna do one thing for ever for the next year, but trying to learn a model you're trying to learn, ok, how to actually create a product or service and get that out to the world begin to see some money coming in.
The easier to make that happen, if you just have one project second factor, is the kinds of projects that you choose, not in this case Paul as a web developer. He's choosing these really specific online properties, essentially disposes of fancy website Website, but what I mean is that the site is really well defined, its very clear, its very specific and its also fairly automated, like jungle. Flip is all about code. He spoke, Wait. I like bring this feat in from Amazon dot com where people can go in search and see all the stuff come in, but once it's really does have to do a lot for it. I got to do with that site is market and improve it, a bet but yes like be monitoring all the deal's coming in. He can leave it for a week. A month and work on something else. It seems the same it is true mostly with Russia may be Canada. There might be some more intensive work there. It seems you about them in a way that will be less labour intensive where he works for a while building the project, but then it just kind of out the door in running in Third, I think the role of your personality matters- I think some of us are predict at about doing more than one project, whereas
of us were like, while we're already too busy, we got lots of other stuff going on. I just One side I saw that's all I can think about right now and I'll do better work by just choose one project, so those are the criteria, the factors that I think you should look at when you're trying to figure out like which path you I go to. As always, I think you should figure out what's best for you and do that people can be success. In different ways, as you here on the show. So, what's most important, understand like what your strength is. What your Did you how you gonna architecture, the world? It doesn't. To be done. The same way that I do it or Paul does it or anybody else you here on show it's your site. It's, it's gotta work for you, speaking of work. Don't forget, inspiration is guided by inspiration with action. Is so much better, today show notes, are online at sawdust will score dot com? Slash three three five will include links to pause projects. You can check him out yourself.
Back to my with another story and weekly recap after that, thank you for listening. I'm critical about recital school.
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