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#357 - Atlanta Duo Gets Paid to Help Engaged Couples Elope

Feeling disappointed with the wedding industrial complex, where the average ceremony costs $35,000, this unconventional couple creates an alternative option. Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are.  Share: #SideHustleSchoolShow notes: SideHustleSchool.comTwitter: @chrisguillebeauInstagram: @193countries

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Maybe hey there, hello. What's up welcome back to side hustle school at my name? Is Chris Calico? I'm your host? I have the privilege of bringing you a different story. Every day, someone who's creating a bit more freedom for themselves, and are doing it in the form of a site, hustle and income generating project, something that brings them economic empowerment, that they have more choice and open these projects there also making the world a better place there also doing something good that helps people in today's project. I think we all agree is really interesting. It's about a couple in Atlanta who gets paid to help engaged couples alone. The reason why I think this is so interesting is because so many apps and crowd source platforms have come along to disrupt all kinds of industries like the hotel industry is so different now than it was five years ago.
The car industry, the taxi industry for sure, even things like long care, we had an episode early in the year of these guys, we're doing goober, prolong care essentially connecting homeowners who needed landscaping, services with local landscape errors and there's lots of other examples, but there's also at least one huge industry that hasn't been greatly challenge, at least not by some market later, at least not by some huge culture. Trend. That is the wedding industry. The thing is not everyone who wants to get married wants to have a traditional wedding and not everyone who wants to get married, has a ton of money to spend on the ceremony, or maybe they just don't want to spend a ton of money on a ceremony. So this couple the oh here about today- they have a project that is one part site, hustle and one part mission. They want to provide an unconventional wedding auction. They call it fancy elopement Four unconventional couples I'll bring you the story and tell you all about how it works in just a moment. What he's not gonna hurt,
That's beacon. Restaurant in Atlanta are watching endlessly videos on Youtube. Starbucks barrister, Lindsey Delgado Harris is working with her White Sean revolutionise, the way millennials or getting hatched when it came to me them to plan their own wedding, Linsey ensure and found themselves completely overwhelmed, but all the flood of conventional ceremonies being an unconventional couple themselves. They thought it would only be fitting that they choose to have an unconventional wedding. They cast aside the in planning magazines. It didn't represent them for their ideals in the pursuit of something a bit different and not to mention more afforded eventually landed on a small intimate branch with family and friends. There was a delicious success in the afternoon haze of bubbly in good company. It occurred to lending, and John they're really should be more options available to this generation of the newly engaged one of the biggest considerations for revamping the wedding market is cost the average salary. For me,
in between the ages of twenty five and thirty four runs just shy of forty thousand dollars so that thirty, five thousand dollar price tag for your average traditional american wedding, which doesn't include a honeymoon, has left many millennials looking for something less traditional and while the classic courthouse elopement may have a certain appeal to some. It doesn't work for many of the selfie generation who, like to visually document, each aspect of their lives on Instagram Lindsey in China, put their heads together to find a way to combine the desire for good visuals, any meaningful experience with the emptiness of one's pocket book and they created the fancy elopement per around twelve hundred dollars. They can provide you with a licence deficient,
Tailor made ceremony with your choice of backdrop. You also get seasonal flowers, some sparkling wine, a thirty minute portrait session with a photographer and online gallery and digital rights for sharing your photos. The best part is that they do all this for you. I need to do a sharp and pleasure life away or get married depending on how you look at it. Getting this site us all up and running costs to very little. They put together a square space site. They got a photographer friend too, photos and used friends as models. They also got licences online so that they could officiate the ceremonies themselves and, by the way on the shown, its page will link up a site that will allow you to get licence to just in case you want that. You never know within the first week of launching their side, I saw which they called life in art events. They receive their very fancy elopement request, and it was one they are not likely to ever forget. As with many love stories, it was a whirlwind exe, AIDS with shine meeting them on a Tuesday in setting up their ceremony. For that Sunday, the experience was even more personally
thought Linsey in China because it was a lesbian couple like them living in Texas, same sex. Marriage was not legally recognised until the Supreme Court passed its historic ruling in June of twenty fifteen. Sean one of their special day to go above and beyond their expectations. So she went the extra step. A baking them are homemade wedding cake. The couple was throughout their were grateful to have somebody there for them who understood what they went through in order to get to that place in their lives. Ok, so let s talk about the business side of this I mention the cost of a fancy. Elopement is around one thousand two hundred dollars since planning and orchestrating fancy. Elopements are a pretty involved in customized process. Lindsay and Sean have also found success in offering day of wedding coordination services for eighteen,
There's this involves them flawlessly, handling all aspects of the wedding you ve planned so that when the day comes, you can hand authorized to them and focus on walking down the aisle, not tripping on your train. With these two services combined, they ve been able to plan and help out fifteen couples, and so far they made more than eight thousand dollars whence he admits that marketing has been their biggest struggle. Since most people don't know where to look for elopement providers plus it can be a challenge to find clients. You are on board with bucking tradition. She feels like they're up against decades of pre conditioning. That's led women in particular to believe they have to have a big expensive fairytale day, still its working, especially as they make more connections and get the word out this site us will begin
Austin Texas, but since move to Atlanta Georgia, with a change of scenery to a bigger city, Linsey and Sean are hoping to grow. May party scooped out some amazing venues in anticipation of the twenty eighteen wedding season. They also have a couple of new services that they like to test out in the new year in light of the rise of the sharing economy, where we share rides cars and even houses. Why shouldn't we also share a wedding day? Hey can happen or how about a pop up wedding, which is like a more subtle, less attention, drawing flash mob the ideas that Linsey and charm would find a location which is usually free and, of course, I appealing and they shop with a couple along with a photographer and a couple gets married right. Their family attendance is optional beyond that. Their bigger goal is to open a wedding venue that does things a bit differently. Ultimately, they want to overhaul the mindset around weddings for their generation, making the seller,
She less wasteful, less gendered and less stressful, because maybe less is more while I am almost always in support of the unconditional, both in terms of life in general and work site, hustling. Entrepreneurship. Writing. This is a pretty interesting idea. I actually think it could grow. Alot, Elsa think there's room for loss of extent. Like you're already thinking about in terms of the pop up wedding, the sharing economy wedding, I feel like there are opportunities everywhere for people to do all kinds of stuff with this so good for them. Congratulations Lindsay and Sean
you're out there in Atlanta looking to plant a wedding- or maybe you know somebody was putting a wedding, doesn't want something that super traditional. Maybe you should take a look at their website, which, of course, we will link up for you in the show knows, along with an opportunity for you to get licence as a wedding efficient. She never know we're eunuch side also going to come from and also ask yourself. Is you go to your life? What other industries need to be disrupted like this one? Other traditional expectations deserve to be challenged. This is not to say the traditional wedding ceremonies or anything else. Traditional is necessarily bad. It's just not for everyone. That's the point so pay attention because their opportunities all around you. That's what I've been trying to teach this entire your site, us a school really talking about it more and more than twenty. Eighteen. As always, remember, inspiration is good, but inspiration with action is so much better and though she
as with all the links I mentioned, will be online at Sicel school dot, com slashed, three, five, seven for almost at the end of the year, but the Shoah continue hurried back to more with another story, I'm critical about precisely school.
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