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#362 - NYC Banker Launches All-Natural, Drinkable Pickle Brine

When a NYC banker sets out to create a drinkable pickle juice, it turns into a big dill. You’ll relish the lessons from this story!Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are.  Share: #SideHustleSchoolShow notes: SideHustleSchool.comTwitter: @chrisguillebeauInstagram: @193countries

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Support for this bought gas comes from Goldman Sachs. What Goldman Sachs sport and leading thinkers have to say about trans shaping markets, industries and the global economy, stain foreign. The latest insights from Goldman Sachs on the economic and market implications of covert nineteen available on our podcast, Hasta COM, such covert nineteen or any of your favorite podcast platforms, They are what Welcome to side also school money, Miss Cristel about got interesting story. Today is about a banker in New York City who sells a food product and have an interesting unconventional product, they, whenever you do, that it usually presents numerous challenges. But many of our future case studies this year have figured it out. Among others, we tat episode to forty one. The writer who turns left over here
Into a five thousand dollars a month, income episode, two hundred and nineteen two friends start twenty five thousand dollars a month, paleo bar business and, of course, episode. Two hundred and forty eight, the protein shake lover who jumps crickets for six figure side hustle, Once again, that was two hundred and forty one, two hundred and nineteen and two hundred and forty eight. In all three of these stories. People had to learn how to make their products in bulk using a co. Packer cope hackers, a company that essentially will take your recipe and bulk produce. Your food item so today story features a financial services, professional, a banker basically who finds himself in a pickle that is a drinkable, pickle, brine site, hustle, it's kind of a big deal and I'll tell you the whole story right after this.
Michael Bellicose is the vice president of consumer banking for J P, Morgan chastened CO he's got a lot of responsibility. This data. When he's off the clock he keeps out over something that most people don't give any thought to pick a bride. The unknown to many Harold Ryan, is actually a drink. The loved by an habits of athletes, lot adverts postwar the generation and hydrogen qualities. Shafts love it for its complex klaiber profile than Harris well, with many types of food and lovers of adult beverages enjoy Mexican into coffee house or use hang over really Afterwork Michael and a friend like to enjoy chilled shot a pickle Brian, followed by a shot of whisky, which is known as a pickle bagshot, but they found at the brain was often just an afterthought, intended to be unfiltered old and filled with all sorts of preservatives. The point about the sad state, a pickle brine, Michael in the frame, began playing with the idea of creating their own with thousands of bars and restaurants. The city, not knowing how delicious good brine could be or how it can complement a spirit they believe they had found an opportunity Michael knew that he
create a delicious all natural brine that would be far better than the ones most places served. The also knew that New York City is filled with passionate bartenders that are always looking for ways to improve their menu, filling confident that they'd stumbled upon an underserved need Michael and his friend started playing their domination of the drink up brine market some side us take just days or weeks to experiments the transformation from idea to income. But this one wasn't one of those. It actually took fifteen months to launch brine brothers side note. I think it should be called Brine Bros, but we'll go at their name: brine brothers,
The first few weeks were spent speaking with cucumber farmers and pickle manufacturers. It took a few dozen phone calls it, but they eventually found one. It would work with them to produce exclusive brine recipes flavors. The next step was much more difficult and took several months. Finding a cup hacker. Remember the cope hackers that company that will take your recipe work with all the ingredients and package. Everything together so that could be sold at retail, and in this case there are two big reasons why the search for so long and exhausting first most facilities didn't want to run pickle brine through their machines. They feared that the highly acidic properties would taint the equipment for ever. Second to meet regulations. The brine has to be pasteurized and heated to a hundred ninety five degrees Fahrenheit, while its being bottled another process that many cup actors weren't equipped to handle this time to phone calls weren't. Just in the dozens, they made hundreds of calls to find a co packer in Bloomfield, New Jersey that can meet the requirements and was willing to handle the brain. To finish,
hang up manufacturing Michael and his friend collected all the information that is required for the bottle labels and certifications. Thankfully, this information was easily accessible through various food manufacturing websites. I've got a whole list of them by the way, if you're interested link them up in the show notes, they outsource the branding in Bonn labels to ninety nine designs, nor able to pick the designs without spending a lot of money. They also built a website with shop. If I began pushing relevant content on social media Finally, their first bottling day arrives. Michael his friend went to New Jersey to watch their initial run of mm bottles into the worlds. They then took the cases and store them in Michael's brothers basement thanks Bro in May two thousand and seventeen at fifteen months after Michael first had the idea. Bryan brothers Comm, launched they've been hustling ever since their most effective marketing tool has been social media. They have an interesting our strategy, not only lay pose great content, but every day, Michael messages, athletes, celebrities, chefs bars anyone else in a position to help expand their audience. One of the athletes he pitched was Blake common from the innate shells. New Jersey,
does he responded and tried one of the brains and love it so much. He since taken a bottle to every single hockey game to avoid Crampton stay hydrated, No word on whether there is any whisky involved as well, is quickly lead to brine brothers being mentioned on the front page of the national hockey like website, which was the brands largest publicity. Yet In turn, this led to a variety of newspaper, an online magazine articles featuring they're, all natural pickle brine, also able to show off their brain at the New York City Pickle Festival, not making this up, which is the largest pickle, focused event in the world. They brought an ice luge played party music and serve their brain to people walking. By just seven months after launching brine brothers, now has product in over fifteen bars and the New York area and generate sales on line from around the country before Thanksgiving they seen just over five thousand dollars and sales. However, in the two weeks after thanks giving, they generated two thousand dollars. So it seems like the pickle empires on the up.
But Michael's not getting comfortable yet he's aiming for ten thousand dollars a month and to reach a point where the business drives itself without him having to message influencers every day which arguing that side of the school, but today everybody go check out typical brine, to get to the point. He and his brain was soon be launching a new line of Allah based Brien's, as well as frozen brine pops the head may have challenges. Michael looks back he's incredibly proud of the journey so far. In fact, you could say he relishes their first year of hustling. What do you call a hard working people? that's right, you're! Welcome and if you relish the idea of having more than one source of income side, hustle school is here for you a different story. Every day. But he making money often doing really crazy thing. Like pick o Brien as we have, the twenty eighteen are. Second season will be picking up. The pace of introducing an my community caught sight of society, I'm gonna be going. I count on the road to lots of cities. Hopefully we can hang out somewhere in
there's a lot on the way. I hope you'll join me for it. As always, remember, inspiration is good, but inspiration with action is better today, show notes, Putting links to those resources I mentioned, as well as everything about the pickle empire, are excited so Schoola dot com, three hundred and sixty two thank you for listening I'll, be back tomorrow. I'm crystal about for cytosol school.
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