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#389 - The Snuggle Is Real: Architect Moonlights by Selling Designer Onesies

An architect creates minimalist onesies and t-shirts for his own kids—then turns it into a profitable side hustle.Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are.  Share: #SideHustleSchoolShow notes: SideHustleSchool.comTwitter: @chrisguillebeauInstagram: @193countries

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you know every day on the show and bringing you a different, true story of somebody who starts aside hustle and of course, most of the time. I'm telling you the stories it's because there is success like something has worked out: economic questions from people who wonder. Ok what about the ideas that don't work, and I have a couple thoughts on this. My first thought is in just about every story that we feature, I would say at least the majority. The project is not a huge success from the beginning. There is usually some kind of tweak or change it needs to be made. There is usually a false start or too sometimes there's a big failure that precede success. So yes, ultimately, I'm trying to help you.
That the site hustle method works. There are all kinds of people all over the world doing this indifferent ways. As you know, if you ve been listening to the show for a while, but I also don't wanna shy away from those mistakes were false starts or just experiments. The don't go the way that you hope- and I also try very hard to not used. The word easy too often, at least when it comes to making money when I try to do, is take complex concepts and simplify them so that you can focus on what is essential. That's a big part of Cyprus will school method, but something that is worth doing like creating freedom in your life is worth doing. At least a lot of us believe that isn't always gonna be easy: if one part of it is easy, there's probably some other element of it. It's gonna take more work. For today we have a print on demand, success story and the thing about print on demand where you can make tee shirts and all kinds of stuff without stocking any amatory is that it really is easy to start. I could extra
a simple to upload, a design and habit available for purchase, but that doesn't mean it's easy to sell a lot of your designs, because the barrier to entry is so low, so many other people are doing the same thing. So, in a situation like this with profound demand, differentiation is key. You only to think about. Ok. What can I do that is unique or otherwise gonna stand out in today's featured side, hustler finds a way to make that happen for himself. Our story is called. The smuggle is real architect moonlights by selling designer ones, ease. Pretty funny story I'll tell you how he does it and how he manages to stand out in just a moment. Support recital school comes from three m from helping, I've vaccine seen in therapy development with advanced purification technologies, to defend in any event that helps boost vaccine effectiveness. The rest, scientists to three m are delivering innovative healthcare solutions to help us today and prepare us better tackle. What's next learning three m dotcom, slash improving lives. Three aims:
ants applied to life Gerald now is an architect. I get a plan of clean lines, plots of wife and simple type migrating. He also like the idea of a site I saw at first. However, he try to cover projects quite work, one was selling designer stationary and home where they found. It was hard for him to keep up with the stock. Phil orders himself manage the customer service and to other marketing required here he had at busy day job, which required a lot of ours. So then he tried doing interior design takes on the side, but that felt like overtime. You took on too many projects and just felt burned out. Drawled is irregular listener to satisfy school and an episode about print on demand caught his interest in
him to develop an idea. He had to create timeless minimalist tee shirts for his kids. He named his side hustle the typo tease. Further costs were only the domain name and a shop. If I subscription, he got through dishonest scope, promote link which helped you. Running costs low, always products are made in the USA and the ship road wide shop. If I handle this through a partner called princely and he decided to specialise in selling alphabet ones, ease
meaning that on the one side he would print a letter that usually corresponded to kids first, your last name and guess what happened was that a huge success most definitely not at least not at first, the initial results, whereas promising as his previous scientists LE temps. In fact, nothing much happened at all. What is shop if I store was open. It took a few weeks before it Gerald even got his first order. That order was for six shirts, which he thought was a nice proof of concept, but I really proof at the sight us it would make it long term, especially when that first customer wasn't happy with the quality of the shirts and wanted her money back in a case of that, first ordered the supplier, wouldn't give Gerald a refined so here to take it from his own pocket, plus he didn't think to ask for the shirts back before refunding the customer, so she never actually return them. Whoops Gerald learn from this experience. Put it in perspective and moved on. He was worried about the quality, the fabric, but any
He decided this was just an unhappy customer. It wasn't his fault. He had done his best in choosing a manufacturer and decided to keep going with them. He could always choose a different one later. If you change his mind, one of the best things about pronoun demand is that there is no inventory. Products are printed only when people order them. This gave jail the ability to expand his designs without any cost. He added simple edgy typeface, inspired graphics, the pictured funding playful messages with a clean ascetic, as he brought his designs and experimented a crazy thing happened. People began, bind them not only that these buyers we're happy with their orders. They loved dressing, their kids with something that was personalized Gerald, also added a companion ones. These insurance to encourage multiple product purchases, one customer favorite is a once. He that reads the struggle is real. You can also purchase a companion teacher,
moms and dads that reads: the struggle is real nasty out of the customizable features. Recite a customer can choose from any of five font and put in any message. They would like to add thanks for the wonders of print on demand, a turnaround time, it's only twenty four hours. Finally, the type of cheese site has just undergone a renovation reflecting Gerald growing understanding of what he likes to design and what his customers like to buy. Sales are growing steadily and he just reaches First4Figures month with the help of a special promotion. He said the best part of having a side hustle like type of cheese, is getting photos from happy customers and seeing their kids wearing those onesies and t shirts. It's a failing to see his designs being appreciated by others in a very different medium. What is used to it? Work.
He advises anyone thinking of going into online clothing cells or put on demand in general to be sure they have a unique differentiate her in order to stand out. It is a very saturated market, because that barriers to entry is so low, but it also offers a lot of potential just like he found his last suggestion is, if you wanna do something like this be sure you're in it for the long run and don't expect to return overnight, because the struggle or the struggle is real, but the rewards can be worth it. So let me just highlight this once more false starts or normal, not every experiment you conduct is gonna, be successful if it is quite likely that your success over time he's gonna come from trying different things and learning through experience. What people respond to save you think about the story in this example, Gerald could have just done. Those
designs and put them out there and said okay. That was easy now and wait for people to purchase them, and then I didn't come to purchase them. He could just get frustrated and give up and say well, okay, there's not really much to this print on demand. Thing must be overrated. Instead, he knew that it had potential despite the challenges, despite the saturation of that market and so using his skills as an architect. Thinking about the aesthetic that here and then matching that with the idea of doing ones. These four kids, but you didn't see a lot of people at least not in the space. That's how he ended up. Creating differentiation for the type of tea site so far starts or normal. Not everything is gonna work, but if you keep taking action and pay attention and a just as you go along, go just keep trying the same thing expecting different results. You should listen and observe and then try different things.
that is the site hustle path, at least the most common one. So yes, not every idea works, but don't give up over there there's something out there for you too, if you haven't found it already. I hope you ll discover it this year. Cycle school can be a big part or even just a small part, Making that happened for you and I'll, be here every day to cheer you on offer. Whatever support, I can give it a. I would like to know what happens, because, just like this story with Gerald, a lot of our stories are coming stars who were with us in the first year got an eye, we're, not an experimental another. Seeing these results, which of course makes me happy so with that, maybe to your day or sign up for now. Remember. Inspiration is good, but inspiration with actions is so much better.
You want to learn about print on demand or see the typos cheese site just come today, show notes those are excited, so school dot com. Three hundred and eighty nine. Thank you for listening. You're, a rockstar, I'm crystal about recital school.
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