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#393 - Weekly Recap: How to Identify Side Hustle Ideas in Your Workplace

In our fourth recap of Season II, we'll highlight the lessons learned in this week. Also: listener Q&A! Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are. Share: #SideHustleSchoolShow notes: SideHustleSchool.comTwitter: @chrisguillebeauInstagram: @193countries

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Hello, hello, hey! What's up MRS preschool about recital school, bringing you the weekly recap epochs. Three. Ninety three! We are at the end of January. Twenty eighteen for those listening in real time. Listening later. That's totally fine over here in my little world I went to Victoria Canada this week I was part of a small business event. There was honoured to be able to speak and to meet him readers and listeners. Well now back in Portland Oregon for a bit, I got some travel coming up again at some point, of course, but I'm actually home for a while. So that's nice, in this update owing to answer a listener, question about, went up in a dedicated bank, account actually question that comes up a fair amount from people most going to talk about how sometimes your hustle idea can be found in your workplace. What does that mean? Well I'll, tell you and we got listener voicemail in a look ahead it what's to come, oh and also going
a couple weeks ago we open side of society, which is our inaccurate. Training programme and online community that community is closed for registration now, but we can opened again in a couple weeks, so he'd like to be one of the first people to know about that. Just go to satisfy school doc. Slash society and you can join a little announcement less there eyes when a dimension. How happy I am with the initial community and all the members who join so far during that inaugural week we have a private discussion group where people can introduce themselves talk about their sight. Us will challenges share their ideas, what their working on gets him advice in feedback from others and the programme kind of keeps up with the stats. So we can see like how many people there and whose contributing and so on- and we know this week that more than four thousand messages have been shared since we started just two weeks ago. So four thousand messages, ideas and feedback and introductions and connections, and when I say that I want you to be overwhelmed, I don't you think, while I don't have time to go through four thousand messages or you don't have to if you're part of
group already than you know, like there's all kinds of ways to filter and you can look and see. Ok, what am I looking for? You can post a question and focus on the responses you get so it's not an overwhelming thing at all and if you're not part of a group here, well just letting you know how active it is, so that, when the chance to join comes up again, maybe I'll say this time? I think I'm here I can see the value here. I can see how this kind of accountability would help me Any way more about that later, I just want to say how excited I am that that's taking off so well, and I wanted to look at that question of how can your side hustle idea come from your work, place or thing you've had about the episode this week on Monday episode, three hundred and eighty seven, the Excel spreadsheet guru who earns five hundred dollars a month? If you had her that episode already highly recommend you going? Listen to it, it's all about how once again, we see that doing something useful and helpful can be very valuable, not as valuable can also be profitable, which is what aside us was about.
And this is a guy who lives in India where forty five hundred dollars a month is a great income, may makes that money by selling courses and tutorials on how to use Microsoft itself better. Not what does that matter is popular people listing who think like, oh my god, spreadsheets Microsoft excel. Why would I care about that because puppy some other people listening who stand that in a lot of jobs, people had to spend a lot of time using that programme and similar programmes. So if you can make people's lives better, if you can help them work faster, more productively, more efficiently. Accomplish are you really are doing something that valuable that can be profitable as well? And in this context, the guy who does this gets the idea, because he's just really good at Excel and for years he helps his colleagues. He shows his colleagues little tips and timesaving tricks. He starts a blog where he write. Some of this out makes him. She toiled because he's encouraged by the response than he decides to actually turned into the site. Hustle so basically is observing and then taking action which occur
Are the two minutes at the side of your school way towards this mean for you? While I don't mean you do the same thing for your job and then do it elsewhere? That's a bit different in that potentially raises a number of issues. People sometimes asked me like. If you could get in trouble for doing aside, I saw will you get in trouble with your employer if you're doing the same thing for your side, so that you do for your day job, especially to try to reach the same customers are clients So even if it is ok, you might get tired of doing those things. You know somebody beside us ideas. I tell you about involve people doing really different, unexpected kinds of things like they have their data their career, but for their side our swords either completely different or it just takes a skill. It takes the knowledge they have and then uses it replies it in a different way. So another example in day six, at the side of a book, I told the story of Meredith Floyd Preston, America, through the Waldorf teacher who created her curriculum and then sold at curriculum to other teachers because of her experience she knew the Waldorf teachers were expected to teach in a certain way and it took a long time for them to designer
since from the ground up each week, so she provided templates and ideas they could use which, of course they could then further customize to basically just like summit the Excel. Reggie girl who earns forty five hundred dollars a month, murder found a way to be useful and helpful to your colleagues now by the way. This has come back to this whole topic of non compete, and will I get in trouble because I get a lot emails about this to the thing is like? Most people don't have to worry about it. I'll say no one has to worry about it like if you sell the trade secrets of your employer, that's a problem if you steal office supplies and then resell them on Ebay. That's your business model of it, probably a problem too, but if you're doing something totally different on your own, it's extremely rare for your employer to have any kind of enforceable contract that says one hundred percent of the money you earn has to come from them like. If you think about it, you should realize
Absurd is also an issue of control and multiple ways. So never wine, your company, can't control you you're an individual, not accompany your job. Doesn't own you and too. Don't you want more control of your life. Don't you want to be able to make more decisions for yourself and have more freedom of choice, which again is what having aside us all about. You know. This is positive, it's not rebellious. It's not so much like. I hate my job in trying to get away from there as quickly as possible, and it is true for some people it as I do here from those people. So if you're out there you're, not alone, which is bigger, picture wise. This is about doing something for yourself, so assuming you're, not stealing office applies to put on the aftermarket and assuming you're, not selling the trade secrets of your employer, sing crazy, like that is probably just more important to think about. Okay. How am I going to start people? What is this product or service? And how am I going to get to those people, which is why I want to remind you to always focus on that is my encouragement for you this week and I also promise to answer a listener question
couple things going on here I got one e mail and one voice mail. So let's look first at this amount. This is from Emily, it my says: hey Chris. Thank you. So much for sharing site hustler stories on upon cast, it's been a big inspiration for me currently have cast a wide net trying to find the right project. This includes Etsy, store and hopefully March by Amazon account. My question is: when do I need to open a business bank account Can I have one bank account for multiple potential revenue streams like my Etsy store in Amazon, haven't made much money yet so it doesn't seem necessary
but I also want to avoid any future complications thanks. So much for your input, while Emily great question, congratulations on exploring your hustle ideas, Etsy store marked by Amazon. Whatever else comes about in my answer, is you don't need a dedicated business account from the beginning, but, as you say, it can help you avoid complications later. So it's usually not that difficult to set one up depending on where you live, as can often be free worst case near others like a monthly fee of ten dollars or so, and in some cases you could even get paid for it. Thanks are often sending out incentive offers for new accounts. I recently got a twitter feed. Our incentive offer from a bank that I haven't been part up, afford I've never done business with, and basically the offer is hey. If you come into one of our branches open, a new business account, I think deposit, a certain amount of money, maybe have some activity in the account for three months or whatever, but the incentives to intervene dollars to. Basically, if I go to the bank at some point, openness account do whatever it is. You need to do to get paid that incentive. Not that kind of offer me
the available where you live, but it's not that complicated. So, generally speaking, I think it's a good thing to do it as soon as possible. And yes for the most part, you can use the same account for multiple projects as well. Is there your own projects? What I mean by that is You have something you're doing by yourself and something you're doing is a partnership with somebody else. Then that should absolutely be separate. You should definitely have a dedicated bank account for any partnership activity, but for your own stuff, especially when you're getting started. It's usually okay to just have one account for multiple business activities Emily. I hope that helps. Let me know how it goes, Kevin. Are we going to gonna play a listener voicemail for you as well beginning a bunch of these are my two especial episode at some point, just QA with listeners, so At a question or common I'd love to hear from you as well, you can call up the hustle hotline. You can ask a question: you can share comments. Today is actually a success story which is fine. I always what you guys are doing. A hotline is eight thousand four hundred and forty nine hustle, eight thousand four hundred and forty nine hustle or eight hundred and forty four nine hundred and forty eight seven thousand eight hundred and fifty three, if you prefer
use your phone and make a little voice note and just email that to podcast it's not as school dot com well, I'm the worse person in the world at leading voicemail Tipp, leaving a message intimidates you too, don't worry. If you screw up, you can just tried again very much anytime. I too call someone leave a message. I always feel bad afterwards. So surely you are not worse than me: it's a safe space. So, if you'd like, let me know what's going on and for now that your report from a high crape ninety, they stayed there, mercury locals here or there are again and address. Kindly thank you for seeing shell and late in the day, but I've been thin. Dried hang a name I think in August. Now and again,
of the shared learned so much, and it got me really inspired in working on a couple of different projects and it was actually is willing to. Let you know that yesterday I put out on Craigslist decency cluttering in organizing for the new year. Already guy someone who wants to hire me- and I told you- I have done that without yourselves- you think he's some rights keep doing what you deal. That's so cool. Thank you so much faith for sharing that congratulations, and I hope this is the first of many clients for you. I will show you on another: there's lots of other people out there doing the same, took at work
Ok, looking back on this week, I realized we had quite a variety of stories when I was making some notes about them. I realise that each story that into a different status on model- I didn't say it like that- Should you say, like my intention by design a type worth it's better. To be honest, I just realized that Now when I was making my notes, but if we go back to where we started this week that first episode about the Excel spreadsheet girl, that's a model focused on education, on usefulness and an overall concept of using your workplace to find side us ideas through called at the workplace, plus usefulness model. The next episode. Thirty eight was the quiz master who creates aside hustler. Nobody can question. This is a model of taking a hobby, something that you like
Will you be happy to do for free, but then finding a way to get paid for doing it? Now not every hobby should become a hustle. It's ok to just two things were fine or for enjoyment. As you can see in that story and many others, sometimes it can be fun, joyful to both do your holly and get paid for it. The next epochs The struggle is real architect, moonlights by going. Designer ones is this. Is it on demand model where he doesn't actually have to create products and stock inventory the image, whereas only created by outside company, when people order. I said, let us out it's a no risk, almost zero investment model, which is a good thing, the bad thing, or at least the challenge is you have to stand out somehow because it is so easy, so many people are trying to do it. The next episode,
in Michigan social worker who creates sexy cosmetics line in her case she wasn't actually manufacturing. She was just private labeling, so these cosmetics, those let products already existed, which he had away to essentially create her own branding around them, which is also interesting, and it can be a lower risk than manufacturing. Everything yourself after that there was a south african writer who launches an accidental acting career. I wasn't sure what category this wasn't stuck in a rut: random, the random idea model. Maybe you have it Idea to me, but it goes out. The weak yesterday was a dog sled trainer who becomes a women's fitness coach. This is clearly an coaching model and by the way I want to talk about this another time, but just a side note on coaching coaching is not really about instruction. It's about empowerment and people who are successful in approaching business. Understand that so this former dockside trainer understands that really well. She knows that she's helping women, I believe in their fortys and fifty's to get fit and be healthier and more active, but she understands it
we'll Call- is something deeper than that something more than that so well cycle back that at some point and coming up next week, we ve got another a wide variety of stories, including a couple. Then, of course, you will have to just here to believe we have got four eggs but an electrical engineer who becomes a romance novel cover model, true story, of course- and I think he make something like twenty thousand dollars extra year from doing this. Many crazy. So if you ever wanted to become a romance novel cover model which you probably haven't, but who knows maybe there's one person out there Even if not you can learn how it works is also a tv producer who gets paid to hunt down blog posts, typos and music there passed, who writes custom lullabies for restless children and, of course, so much more, and before I sign off for the week, I went to say thanks to a few people who make off is possible set us a school is recorded on location and rode on nation headquarters at import
or again, it's been produced in Washington, DC and Mexico City. Sometimes even Brooklyn New York, depending on who is working on it are production team is led by a scythe out, as it also feature Sarah bear it. She's the one in Mexico City show notes and content management. Keeping me aligned? That's all by Whitney correct my wonder assistant and, of course there is. The official show CAT Libby the lips to deal above in charge of responding to negative feedback. If you have a complaint, I've offended you in some way just reach out to her and she'll. Probably never get back to you, because I just outwork, she's cap, subtle school is part of the onward project. That's led by best selling author Gretchen ribbon and number a pot cast with concrete action of ideas are making your life better It is better, it's technically happier healthier more productive in more creative, but those are all good things and has always, as I say, every single week. I want to thank you. The listener you out there listening on your commute, the germ while your work and supposed to be doing something else
wherever you are what you know that you're the reason I make the show I committed every single day to supporting you and your quest to create an additional source of income. That's good for you for all kinds of reasons what you do with it is up to you, but I do think it not just think. I firmly believe that can change your life and that's why we're here every day. So, as you heard from faith and her voice mail, this is working for lots of people. I wanted to vote for you as well. If you are enjoying the show, please tell your friends about it. All of our growth comes from listeners. You don't have a big marketing campaign, we're not spending money,
as we are focused entirely on delivering the best possible experience to you say thanks as well to everybody who slept us a little rating review in Itunes, also known as apple pie, casts that step does make a difference. If you don't have an Iphone, if you prefer to listen somewhere else, then feel free to review is there to make whatever you want to do is totally cool, and I don't take your time for granted. So thanks to everyone who has done that in each episode, I always say, inspiration is good, but action is better because I want you to take action when it be able to future your story at some point or waste. I want to hear about it all look forward to that and I hope to see you tomorrow and everyday next week, more stories and ideas. This is an investment in yourself. It's pretty low cost investment for ten minutes a day and the episodes go online at six o one, a M eastern time, everyone you are a rock star on fiscal, about recital school.
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