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#397 - Music Therapist Writes Custom Lullabies For Restless Children

After leaving her day job to care for a new child, a music therapist also creates a new source of income. Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are.  Share: #SideHustleSchoolShow notes: SideHustleSchool.comTwitter: @chrisguillebeauInstagram: @193countries

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This episode is brought to you by blackberry, blue- very mobile devices were powerful because they were secure today, its pair the security you held in your hand with artificial, and diligence to protect everything. You touch, blackberry, Intelligent security everywhere, learn more a blackberry, dot, com, good morning, good afternoon or good evening. Whenever the case may be welcome back to side also school. My name is critical about today. have a listener. Success story, for you always love. Hearing how our listeners are taking action, starting projects based off of ideas. They get from a show. We get a lot of these reports these days and I would love to have one from you at some point. I also want to mention that sometimes your idea doesn't come along right away, like sometimes it comes through repetitive. Listening and observation
In a story that you're here today it's about a music therapist, you write custom, lullabies per restless, children and, of course, get paid for it. She had listened to the ship every single day for quite a while before the idea actually showed up, and you know what I think- that's ok, that's normal. Actually, sometimes your acquiring knowledge or even learning a skill without realising it s kind of like taking an antibiotic if you're sick- and you take an antibiotic- you don't necessarily notice it right away, but presumably, if it's doing what it supposed to do, after a few days or, however long you're going to realise hey, I'm better, and then you need to continue that course of antibiotics until it actually reaches its conclusion. The temptation is always to stop illegal. I feel better. I dont need to take us anymore, but the point is it's actually helping you, even if you don't notice, so I think that's how knowledge can be as well, whether it in this world of how to make money with different projects or any other number of topics. I often say that listening to the show is an investment in yourself
my hope is, even if you don't realize it, if not notice it right away, is gonna make a difference in your life over time really says my goal: twenty day story, I'll tell you about that music therapist who creates a custom lullaby hustle. That story is coming right up. What recital school comes from three m from helping I've vaccine and therapy development with advance perfectly in technologies to develop, an event that helps boost vaccine effectiveness. The research scientists at three m are delivering innovative healthcare solutions to help us today and for arrested, better tackle. What's next learned, three m. Dotcom, slash, improving lives, three m science applied to life. the birth of your first child can be a huge turning point in life and that's how it was propriety, Edric, music, therapists, Stephanie level.
After her daughter was born, Stephanie decided to leave her well paying hospital job and take more casual work. Looking acts for a music video, although this new job was more flexible around her life and child, that pay just wasn't same, so she began to look for another way to make up the difference. This exploration brought her to the site Hustle school forecast. What that's listening from day one and never missing an episode. Stephanie constantly tuned India to hear people stories and get ideas on how she could make money from the scale she already hat after a few months have listening. She was struck with her own idea were the years she'd spent countless hours, trolling the internet. Looking for the best kids music, she found it took a lot of work to find something good Stephanie figured if she had that problem. Other parents might have a two, so she worked out a way to solve it. She would create a resource that was backed by her own experience as a music therapist and share the best music for different problems. Kids were facing to an August. Twenty seventeen
Stephanie created that website music for kiddos using square space. She wasn't interested in learning the ins and outs of website maintenance. She just wanted a website. She could easily edit after around half an hour of getting used to the system, she was able to create a simple but elegant website in the space of we can't with their website and place. Stephanie began to publish content and shared on social media. Her blog posts were made to fit specific. Google searches like best music for kids or relaxing songs for kids. The Cheryl nature of these posts also helped her to gather her
First, Facebook fans then to get people honour mailing list. She began a song of the month club where she, since people, the best song she's found that might in exchange for them signing up. Seventy also began to create giveaways, for people should highlight a product that was usually a bit more expensive than what the average parent would buy. Like a percussion drums had been posted on her page. She would ensure that link in various facebook groups for parents is held to regenerate lots of likes for her page so that she can begin to develop her own products. The website giveaways in some stock images she'd bought with it. She was able to start this project for around five hundred dollars. As more and more of a blog posts went up, Stephanie began to notice a trend: parents gravitated toward the music for helping children sleep. Perhaps the parents went to sleep as well With her years of experience and expertise as a music therapists, she had created and use lots of music for that very purpose. This made Stephanie think why didn't she record the music herself and sell it to these parents? She already had a
some lullaby she'd written for her daughter, which gave her a great place to start from convened Her husband was a sound engineer. He had enough recording equipment in software to help her at it, so she grabbed her guitar and began recording some samples. When they were ready. She sent them to her friends to ask if they like the idea and not just to they liked it, but if it was a product will they be willing to pay for it? The response she got was heartening. So she decided to pursue the idea further Stephanie alibis our customizable and the amount of customization depends on the package you buy for twenty nine dollars. She can seamlessly edit a child's name into a pre. Existing lullaby for forty nine dollars. You can have the song editor to include specific references to your child's likes dislikes, impersonality or fortuitous dollars. Could have a lullaby written completely from scratch to fit your child perfectly Stephanie decided on these prices, based on earlier recommendations from her friends and by asking herself the question
if I was to be overcome with orders, with the amount on charging justify an entire day working on them side. Note, I think, that's a great question and a great way to think about how to price your services. Ask yourself. If I had a ton assign ups, would I be charging enough to justify spending a lot of time on it? Ok, so to market the customize lullabies Stephanie began to reach out to Instagram and Facebook influencers who had children. She would prerecorded lullaby based the names, the kid she could find their feet and then send it directly to those parents. Not everyone was interested, not everyone responded, but the people who sent her lullabies have loved them. One instagram a receiver custom alibi. While she was it Disney wrote. She then made a live. Video, promoting Stephanie work to her followers. This mix of emotion, customization and influence or outreach helped music for kiddos earn a thousand dollars within the first month of launching in November twenty seventeen. If you're looking to create and
The convention Stephanie recommends that you invest in your sound quality and editing that sound can make or break a project like this, so spending a little extra cash to get a sound engineer to work on your audio is a worthwhile investment, especially if you don't happen to be married to one so as mentioned this is a brand new project. Stephanie is hoping to use them and aunt em she's, built to help her make more sales and grow our business she's, also creating a gift certificate option for people who want to buy Levice before the babies born, but dont know the child's name. Yet it might be a sleepy side hustle paying real rewards, here's a quote from comedian re. Romano: everyone should have kids, they are the greatest join the world, but they are also terrorists. You'll realised this as soon as they are born and they start using sleep deprivation to break you are I too. Maybe some of those parents need accustomed lullaby,
Congrats Stephanie well done on identifying a need that matches up quite nicely with her skills. That is what it's all about. That's what we're trying to help people with on unsubtle school so to make a thousand dollars your first month of doing this. That's fantastic, can't, wait to see what happens next and just want to make a couple quick comments on her price tears. So she chose three different prices. She says she got that idea from reading the sight of a book. It usually one the first things I recommend in situations like this. We are creating a new service, give people a choice, don't give them too much choice. We give them a little bit of choice, so three pricing options are usually ideal. In her case, she went for that price of twenty nine dollars per just kind of inserting your kids name or the forty nine dollars that allows you to customize it a bit more and then a tuna dollars for they completely customized
from scratch. Lullaby. She share with me to observation that I thought were important. She said interesting Lee. I've sold more than two hundred dollars ones than I expected to. So that's good, of course, and also most of my sales are for the forty nine dollars version will listen. If you do, your three price is right at exactly how it's going to work. You will be surprised that some people choose the highest option, which obviously is going to increase your average order size significantly, but then also what that middle price will do is serve as an anchor the kind of encourages people to upgrade from the lowest price.
So I suspect what a lot of people are thinking when they look at this. They say: ok, twenty nine dollars, forty nine dollars two hundred dollars. Alternatives is too expensive for me, but maybe I can go a bit more than just the basic customization with my childs name. Maybe I actually want the forty nine diversion and it seems that's what's happening so if she had only done a twenty nine diversion to start with, she never would have found out that a lot of people are willing to pay a bit more. In fact, some people are actually going to do that to an adoption lots of insight there. If you pay attention to that, you can almost certainly make a lot more money which we do service. So I hope that helps somebody out there to cloning to pass a commission for that by the way I just want you to succeed. So if you like, what you hear just tell your friends about us, Miss Daly, Podcast is free and listener supported and listeners. Don't forget. Inspiration is good for inspiration with action is so much better if you'd like to see the shadows for today's episode just come over to satisfy school dot com, slash three: ninety seven, that's three! Nine seven.
Let me know what you think you can follow me on social media can send me an email from the website where you can send us a voice message with a question at eight thousand four hundred and forty nine hustle at eight hundred and forty four nine hundred and forty eight seven thousand eight hundred and fifty three thanks for listening. If we take off a brand new month, I've got a lot of great stuff coming up soon and I hope you'll join me for it. I'm christian school.
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