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#411 - Creative Illustrator Creates Creative Podcast for Creatives

This freelance illustrator did design work for Google and Nickelodeon, but after giving a talk at his church he decides to start a podcast—which now earns up to $70,000 a year on the side. Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are.  Share: #SideHustleSchoolShow notes: SideHustleSchool.comTwitter: @chrisguillebeauInstagram: @193countries

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Today, answers matter more than ever before. That's why I be Amis. Helping businesses manage customer questions with wants an assistant, its conversationally, I designed to work for any industry, let's put smart to work, visit, IBM Dot, com, Slash Watson assistant. Side. Recital school listeners welcome back money, Miss Priscilla, though it is my honour and privilege to bring you stories every day. Three stories. In fact, people just like you, starting aside hustle by that I mean an income generating project, something you do apart from your day, job not just working another job, and by doing so there Reading more freedom for their lives acquitting something that they believe in something that gives them were options, more choice, more security, more confidence, all kinds of things, Tell me to tell you about a guy who's, a freelance illustrator, and he starts a pep talk, podcast, something that's not really that scripted he's just kind of ripping on some ideas about creativity, but he really takes to the.
Former pie casting built it out, finds a way to monetize. It now is actually making some any significant money from it. I'll tell you about how I got this idea, how he made it happen and, of course, the specifics on what the outcome actually was. All that is coming right up. Brady, J Miller, it wasn't the desire for more money or quest to leave his job. It prompted him to start aside us. Instead, it was standing in front of fifty members of his church group giving his first public speech, which sparked a new passion within him not the state any rise. He felt a connection to the work. He'd, never noticed in his data, despite working as a free, illustrator, creating art for the big branded, always dreamed of like Google Converse Nickelodeon, there's something about talking to a small room up receptive ears that felt more empowering over the next few weeks. Andy explored how he could replicators.
Variants. Doing his current work, even toying with the idea of quitting illustration altogether, but instead he d he would combine his own work and his new passion into an experiment. That experiment was to create a few episodes of a short pie cast talking about creativity if he liked it he'd carry on if he did. He continued his illustration work safe in the knowledge that he'd at least tried grabbing, as I found Anti scribbled down some notes onto a piece of paper and then began talking into his voice memo app. He used. Those notes is a brief guideline, but mostly add lived an improvised his way through the next fifteen minutes before he knew it. He'd created his first part cast episode. We gave the pot Gaston
creative pep talk and applauded the audio file to his computer? You just computers, free audio, editing, software garage ban to clean up the file, anyone to free music archive dot org to find some music for jingle. The next step was to upload the file to sound cloud and all of this by the way, was free being an illustrator. Naturally, he created the artwork himself using the same Adobe software uses for his day. Job. That's for the little logo that shows up when you're looking at Pakistan a directory and soon it was ready to I a few people in his network who wanted to listen. This scrappy set up allowed him to start the podcast for no money at all, as Euro dollar start up. In fact, it would be a further twenty five episodes of the show before Andy invested in his first microphone From the beginning, he loved the project and ass. He went along. He decided to keep going. The episodes went from fifteen minutes to an hour in length, and he eventually invested in and outside sounded generic to help him improve the audio quality. He also began to market created pep talk through Instagram Anti crime
Unique piece of artwork reach episode then shares it with an updated Lincoln is Bio to help attract people to the post. This is with a regional artwork stories in general, updates on what he's doing to engage these fans between episodes. These minutes to increase following two over twenty thousand people. The first year the pod cast Anti says he was just tweaking listening to feedback trying to figure out where his part cast fit into the market. You pay attention to see which episodes his listeners like the most or which one sparked a conversation on social media. Then you can adjust his programming accordingly. The process
creating creative pep talk is well creative. Over the course of the week. Any will judge our ideas and closely observe conversations. He has with other creative friends and then take these points and expand on em. Drawing on its own stories are ones he's hurt elsewhere to give him a rough guide to follow, but any refuses to use a written script he'd rather explore new ideas as they pop up and feel behold into the words on the screen. So this inside us all school. Let's talk about the money, does not just a hobby and has been able to monetize his pie cast in four different ways. The first has come through attracting sponsors. After his first year, he began to reach out to companies brands in product manufacturers that he was already using every day at work.
Although his pockets were still small, has highly engaged listeners, which meant that smaller brands were likely to get on board overtime. He's found these smaller, more targeted sponsors to be a better fit than big companies whose products only kind of fit the goals of his audience. The second has been by creating products is online shot, boasts a wide range of products from pins to posters, colouring books to voting sessions, products and services, essentially, all of which have been designed by Anti himself. These range from ten dollars, dollars. Each. The third has been donations from his listeners, unpatriotic breeder one dollar, or to our pledge. You can get access to exclusive content and personalized episodes. It doesn't it for much of anything come, but it adds up final and he's been able to use his pipe testing powers to book. Speaking engagements, you can take the topics and ideas he speaks about on the show. Then deliver them to live audiences, he's our and it's a lineup ten talks for the rest of the year with hopefully more to come.
This means that Andy earns up to seventy thousand dollars a year from his part cast all he can His may work of illustrating for corporate clients. Looking to the future, wants to book more speaking engagements to continue making the past The hopes to Arthur a book around the theme of its not shocking creativity will, as a fillip, castra, always love hearing stories of other people who use this wonderful medium, to build connection with people, share their ideas and especially in this case, doing it in a sustainable manner making seventy thousand dollars a year while he continues his main work and obviously this is not passive income, like he's putting a lot into this, but that's ok, because this is his passion. He loves. Creativity, loves engaging with these creative ideas. Speaking to other artists, writers, other people indifferent.
It feels. So I think it's great that he's been able to do that and be rewarded in lots of different ways, there's all kinds of reasons to do a podcast to write a blog or whatever else, but if you're interested in the business side of it. If you'd like to learn some more lessons about that, refer you to a couple of resources, and then we just talked about last week episode four hundred and four, this was a profile of the being boss podcast. I got a lot of comments about that. I'm actually go back in June. And it cut on it at some point just because so many people are interested, but for now you can hear that episode, etc. So school dotcom, slash four zero, four and then at some. Last year, I did an extended cut myself about the lessons I've learned through pie casting in my first year. I think of something like nine or ten lessons, I'm just various observations, including some things that really surprised me, because this whole medium was new to me. Just over a year ago, if you'd like you, can check that out, excitable school dotcom, Slash extended. That includes the index of Oliver extended cuts. I just got on a page and look
What about my casting and last but not least, stocks are overwhelming with all the links, but if you'd like to see the show nights for today's episode check out any show or see his instagram anything like that, those are etc so school dot, com, slash or one one. That's what episode for eleven Hope you enjoy this one up, you're doing well, wherever you are in the world. Don't forget. Inspiration is good, but inspiration with action is so much better. I'll be back with you again to Morrow, or at least I hope, you'll join me. I'm critical about four sought out of school.
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