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#416 - Corporate Marketer Plans Worldwide Trips for Women

Frustrated with climbing the corporate ladder, a marketer finds adventure waiting for her at the bottom when she starts a travel planning service for women.  Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are.  Share: #SideHustleSchoolShow notes: SideHustleSchool.comTwitter: @chrisguillebeauInstagram: @193countries 

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Oh hello there. This is critical about your host upside arsenal School, where, every day we talk about creating freedom, creating options having more ownership of your life, making decisions for yourself through the form of a site hustle, I said four slash three source of income and maybe even a fourth row. Fifth, who knows this is not about having a big startup. It's not about quitting your job and jumping off a cliff. It's about doing something for yourself, so that you can then do what's important to you everyday on the show. I'm telling a different, true story of somebody who dies exactly that today. Story gets her inspiration from initially feeling a bit disenchantment. I don't know about you if you've ever felt, disenchanted or disillusioned
It's too strong of aware, but just gonna dissatisfied discontented. You know you're looking around you like you know, not better ball like I've got a good life, but isn't there something more? What do I have to figure out for myself out their personally? I think that is a very powerful feeling. I think it's something that you shouldn't ignore its actually something you should embrace to feed. You ever have those feelings, maybe just observed them: pay attention. Don't push them out of your life because there there, for a reason not to day story, features a woman who had that kind of feeling. After a building a successful career being a high achiever, just gonna looked around and said you know what else is out there that letter to make a big transition. In fact, you could say she was frustrated with climbing the corporate ladder and she found adventure waiting for her at the bottom she's up starting a travel planning service for women. I tell you all about how it came to be and how it works. Of course, right after this quick shot out to today, sponsor support recitals
comes from three m from helping DR vaccine and therapy development with advanced purification technologies to developing an edge event that helps boost vaccine effectiveness. The research scientists at three m are delivering innovative healthcare solutions to help us today and prepare us to better tackle. What's next learn or three m dotcom, slash, improving lives, three m science applied to life There is much needed all the thing she thought she was supposed to do. She went to college and got a degree in marketing she eagerly jumped into the workforce.
And worked hard, but after nearly eight years of coming the corporate ladder and chasing promotions, she realized. We want something different, you see, Mary was successful, but she didn't feel like she was the one guiding the chef. In said she felt she was drifting further and further away from what she wanted. Her life to look like you say, should always wanted to travel. She felt that doing so might give her more clarity. I give her more vision for a life, but her sixty our work schedule and are very limited.
I'm off forced her to put that on the back burner, so she made a promise to herself. She said you know in one year's time I'm gonna quit my corporate day job and go off to see the world, and we do realise, of course, that most of our listeners can't do that, but Mary situation she was like. I have to make a change. I have to do something and I've got skills. So, if I need to, I can always come back and get another job, so she kept that promise to herself she traded in her heels, in brief case, for a set of comfy hiking shoes and travel back to then spent five months doing a solo track through Europe, beginning in Turkey and in heading lest, after all, those sixty our work weeks. She says it was the best kept she ever gave herself during her travels. Mary did a lot of reflection and she took away three thanks number one. Whenever she did next, she want to travel to be a part of it experiencing different cultures, nurtured her curiosity and brought her joy. Never tissue want to serve a community that matter to her what she was doing with court
job was fine, but at the end of the day she couldn't really say it mattered and number three. She wanted something that would give her more flexibility when she was first taking a look at her life a year before she travelled her mother had a brain aneurysm that completely shook her world during that time really wanted to support her mom, but with her high stress job, she wasn't able to be there as much as you want it. So she was gonna be able to continue the chain she had begun by travelling. She wanted to work in some flexibility. Still, all that was fine well, but what she needed was a good idea that would encompass all those requirements. She effectively needed a north south and she found it through the block she started. While she was travelling on the way she had been documenting, ensuring her journey and after a while she started to notice a trend.
There were an overwhelming number of responses from women at all walks of life who wanted to do the same thing as her, but didn't have time to plan or were held back by the reservations about travelling solemn, and when I say do, the same thing is true: I dont mean quit their job in trouble for six months, but just go somewhere that they ve always been dreaming of, or maybe somewhere they ve never thought of before, but somewhere that different tumor that would nurture. Their curiosity. So this let us, apart from Mary, she thought back to all the stock she'd made along the way she realized. She could play these kinds of trips for other women to make it easier for them to have the life experiences they wanted without the burden of having two planet themselves or go it alone. She would put together group travel experiences for women and plan each step of the way from hotels days to where they gotta eat to the activities they do.
Marries minded always told her love big, live big when it came time for heard a name, her women only travel company, she decided to call it living big. She picked up some marketing contract work in order to pay the bills and give her some flexibility to build. The side hustled the way she wanted, and fourthly, for Mary, she had some skilled friends and family. You helped you Together the pieces, her sister in law, helter design, a logo and her brother in law helped her sets out what you need to do in order to secure insurance from their. She just start doing what she did best, which was building and marketing, are brand. That's what she had done for corporations before and now she was doing it for herself, starting with the people who had connected with her on her blog she reached out to women who expressed interest in going on a plan to trap for that first trip. Nine women jumped opportunity to try something new to marry, planned, an excursion to Costa Rica for two thousand dollars: airfare, not included Mary plant each aspect of a seven day, eight night trip from where they stayed and where they ate two zip lining and yoga on the beach she's.
It was incredible. Everything went better than she could have imagined, and she knew then that this was something with long term potential since then marry his help I'm vacations for around a hundred fifty women on fifteen different trips to places like Switzerland, Iceland, Croatia, Thailand in ITALY and he's even added some options for people who are looking for assistance with solar vacation planning must ever trips range between two and four thousand dollars, depending on how long it is where it is in her. First, your business she brought in around four thousand dollars in their income. Mary has learned a lot o lessons along the way. Number one lesson she says I wish I had started living big much sooner than I did. She used to look at successful business owner. And seeing them as having everything figured out. But when she discovered is tat, you know what all of us are just kind of figure it out as we go. She also said: you're, never gonna feel a hundred percent ready. So if you wait for that moment, it may never arrive good advice. Thank you marry at some point. Mary hopes to turn living big into a full time career, but for the time being, she's here,
to grow her brand slowly unintentionally. He's also grateful to have the marketing contract work so that she doesn't have to put too much pressure on herself or on the new venture. He feels like if she did, money would have played a bigger part in making her decisions. In other words, if she didn't start, this is a site. I thought she might not have been able to make decisions based on what was best for the company and, of course, what was best for herself. Maybe this
Another reason for somebody out there to start site I saw maybe this is another reason to look at your life and ask yourself am I fulfilled. Is there something missing and if so, what steps to I take next, I say first of all, congratulations to marry good job on paying attention to that disenchantment being willing to step out and try something new. Remember you over there. I would encourage you if you feel disenchanted at some point if you feel dissatisfied. That feeling is therefore reason. It's not necessarily a bad thing that might lead you to something much greater, at least if you pay attention to it and do something about it so good for her on that and I was taking a look at our website and I notice that, since starting aside hustled turn business, Mary has been to more than thirty countries.
it also looks like she's working with other guides, which she caught hosts now. What I think is good, because you can only be in one place at a time if she is ever gonna grow there. She can't do it just by travelling more places herself so clearly, she's thought about that and she's putting ahead she's planning for the future, while still focusing on the core values of the brand and something else she mentioned in her notes, two eyes. She says she spent a lot of time trying to understand her ideal clients, and this is similar to exercise that have an aside hustle book now asking yourself like: where does that person get their information from what social network to they prefer to use and Mary said it's good to meet those people in the place that there already going to learn and make decisions?
you wanna make sure your authentic you're not pandering to them, but you are reaching out to them. You are trying to connect, because, after all, they are your ideal customers dry, your clients, those people who are just perfect for your travel planning service or whatever it is that you're making. So that's all for today, I hope you're thinking about your freedom plan, whatever it looks like whatever entails for you, as always, inspiration is good but inspiration with action. Less the better way to go. You can find today show notes it's not a full school dot com. Four hundred and sixteen that's four hundred and sixteen, if you have a comment or question for the show, give me a call in a hustle hotline. That number is eight hundred and forty four and nine hustle eight hundred and forty four. Anne herself, for eight for four nine four, eight, seven, eight five, three wherever you are in the world today, wherever you are in life, I'm sure you on back to Morrow morning. Miss Cristel about this is satisfied club.
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