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#417 - Shopify Employee Sells Enough Apparel to Buy a French Bulldog

She only needs to make $3,000. But when she turns to a side hustle to fill the French Bulldog shaped hole in her life, she ends up making six-figures. Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are.  Share: #SideHustleSchoolShow notes: SideHustleSchool.comTwitter: @chrisguillebeauInstagram: @193countries

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Everything's, better electrified the guitar. It just sounds cooler to Russia's. They get brush ear in cars. Because you'll spend less time at the pump and leave a smaller carbon footprint. That's why honey is committed to full electrification by twenty thirty five right now. Sunday already has the widest range of electrified vehicles on the market, including the first ever to sign in Santa FE, Plugin hybrid ease. Their terms charged engines, have quiet, rapid acceleration. You can use electric when you wanted or gas when you need it, it's your journey of audit beyond the pump one in twenty two Tucson or Santa Fe Plugin hybrid abies test drive one. date? Nearest hundred your relaunched, The Junta, USA, dotcom call five six to three one for four six: zero: three for complete detail: hey! What's up its critical about here with you foresight, hustle school, what do these things
having common french bulldogs, the algae, BT, Q, commute print on demand and drinking an entire box of red wine. Well, it's like that. sometimes you might be motivated to start aside ourselves because of a particular purchase. You want to make there's something: but you ve got your ion and it cost more money than you have more money than you're comfortable spinning. Until you start aside hustle to pay for it,. What today's toy comes from a woman who wants to buy a bulldog, specifically a french bull dog and apparently those are expensive. I three thousand dollars expensive, who knew? Let me go about the show out of sight. Ass will school came from the shelter she costs less than a hunter. Acts, although we probably spent more than three thousand dollars on her over the years anyway, today's Peter story need three thousand dollars. So what did she do? What she gets resourceful and ends up making a lot more than three thousand dollars? She goes on to make more than a hundred thousand dollars, which is something like thirty three point: three french bulldogs.
Shelly buys one end, but we'll find out that stories coming right up after a quick. Thank you to our sponsor What recital school comes from three m from helping DR vaccine, therapy development, with advanced purification technologies, to developing an edge event that helps boost vaccine effective the research scientists to three m are delivering innovative healthcare solutions to help us today and prepare us to better tackle. What's next Learn more three m: dotcom: slash improving lives, three m science applied to life in twenty fourteen Louisbourg a rally of Toronto, Canada had pretty much everything she could possibly one in life, a good job with a stable income, a roof over her head and a loving and supporting group of friends and family. But still something was missing. You could say that there was a french bulldog shape
all in her life, and this is nothing new for those who have been wanting a french bulldog since the dawn of time. And anyone who knew her was well aware of her obsession with those little puffs only problem with this law Rid obsession ways that this precious little pop of loses dreams cost more than almost all for apple products combined since you are, started. Adopting by this point, selling lemonade a stand on a street corner for extra cash was no longer a viable option, determined to find a way to make her french bulldog dreams come true. She did what you do when faced with many of life's tough questions. She turned to the internet, but despite finding an abundance of it Mason about get rich opportunities for multilevel marketing for option seem to come down to making pennies answering surveys for possibly song a kidney. Neither of those options were attracted. Then one day something magical happened. She began a new job working for shop. If I, as a social media content producer.
This opened her mind to a whole new world of money. Making ideas plus it didn't hurt that starting in E commerce shop could actually have or be better at her job, since it would effectively put her in the shoes of a merchant and therefore help or see things from a customer's perspective. Somewhere, along the way, she also learned about drop shipping and print fall, which has a free up in shopping Appstore, and she said it was love at first click. She loved the idea of creating a shop I store front and using print thought because they handle pretty much everything from printing to shipping apparel away shop owners can focus on what their selling and to whom their silent with her business model in place. Next, she needed a good idea of what to sell, to monitor product, to be something that she was passionate about. So he took a closer look at the things that matter to her. As a member of the algae Bt Q community, it seemed only natural that she would create apparel. That would be right at home. In a pride parade only problem was that lose knew nothing about design, except for the fact that she might have had a copy of Adobe illustrator from two thousand ten installed in an old pc somewhere.
What she did. I was a box of Wine Tom, informative principle: tutorials, and a working knowledge of the shop if I platform so morning of May. First, two thousand fourteen, her algae BT, Q, apparel shot called Bobo Academy came to life despite having a serious morning after headache when she says that was from the wine, not the process. She focused on creating simple designs for shirts, sweaters, hats and totes, with confidence, sassy phrases like death to gender roles and even some holiday themed merchandise like HO ho homo for those who wanted to fly their flag. The ugly sweater Christmas Party because lose figured out the designs herself and she gets a free shop. If I stores apart for working for them restarted costs were virtually zero. Incense uses principle for printing and shipping, her apparel, they take a cut of profits, but that's ok because it allows me to focus on marketing in design and she does Oliver on marketing too, which is mostly organic through
Instagram and Tumblr at First list thought she just be selling to friends and family within orders from across the country from as far away as Europe started rolling in. I don't think I've ever drank so much champagne. In my life she said three years. Bobo Academy has now shipped over a hundred forty one countries, and it was even the official pride merchandise or for the Toronto pride parade and twenty sixteen. Here's the thing loses initial goal was short and to the point to make three thousand dollars and get a french bulldog, but the irony was that she ended up getting so caught up, with the excitement of creating new designs, figuring out how taxes worked and then deciding on the best marketing strategy that she completely forgot about our goal, at least for a while after the first three months, she could approaches that bull dog and called it quits, but instead she kept making bigger goals. But Academy can still going strong and will be four years old in May twenty eighteen, according to rest, most of our net income. She could be sharing her household with more than fifty francs bulldogs by the end of the first three years,
and yet she now only does math by referring to bulldogs, but in the end she self for one and her name is alive. We asked list for some best practices when running an e commerce store, and she said well unikitty with customers respond in a timely manner and be human because no, unlike, like speaking with a copy and paste robot, also said, make any contact information easy to find nothing drives or crazier than not being able to reach a shop honour its big red flag, more than anything else, though, she recommends that you find something that motivates you and encourages you two sat and reach your goals, because that's what work for her less thinks that the right The income earned from bubble academy will go towards building a better life for her and for all, of course, maybe she also start saving up for her pup education, because one day that dog is didn't go off to bulldog College and we all know that's not cheap. These days, Ok, why is this print on demand story? Successful when others fail
About another one recently episode: thirty nine, where an architect moonlight selling designer ones ease and another sort. I talked about how being specific in this field is so important. Gonna stay out. Somehow you can't be a generic per annum demand supplier. There's somebody people trying to do this in this case list chose this specific target group agreed that she had enough. worth and she understood- and she says she knows nothing about design, but I wouldn't look at that his eyes. They looked pretty good to me. Maybe he's gotten better over the past three years, but some of the messages are funny and its also positive. She has these encouraging messages about anti bullying, about protecting Trans kids and just about celebrating different forms of identity, So I think it has a lot to do with it and also she didn't just put it up and walk away. She's done a really good job with Instagram. In particular, I want to take a look and she's got very consistent posts. She has more than thirteen thousand followers the time I'm recording this
even the kind of began serendipitous Lee or out of a desire to make just a few thousand dollars. It does seem like she's built a real brand and something that provides for a security issue continues in her job. All that is wonderful, and I hope that we can get something like that for you up by listening to the show by taking action, not just listening but doing something about it. You too can have a success story like the ones. I tell you every day, because inspiration is good, put inspirational action, so much better check out little shop and see some other resources about shop. If I about print fourth round demanded general, though shown outside as well schooled dot com, slash for seventeen, that's for one seven! I am your host critical about this is cited in school and I hope you'll join me tomorrow.
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