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#435 - Weekly Recap: What’s Wrong with Network Marketing?

In our eighth recap of Season II, we'll highlight the lessons learned in this week. Also: listener Q&A! Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are.  Share: #SideHustleSchoolShow notes: SideHustleSchool.comTwitter: @chrisguillebeauInstagram: @193countries 

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Hello and greetings. What's up welcome to side us will score money must preschool about. This is the weekly recap. When I look back on some lessons of the week, I got some announcements for used well I'm going to answer a listener question about network marketing, I'm pretty sure my answer is gonna, be a little controversial and I'm just gonna give it to use, about that. I'm not gonna try to say on the one hand, this on the one hand that Michael what the show is Look out for your interest, give you something: that's actually helpful, useful, invaluable I can do to help you save time and money. I certainly will do it so hang tight and we'll come back to that. Also for those who were listening at the show comes out today is daylight savings time. Least in some parts of the world. I realized not everywhere has daylight saving time, but further us in the: U S at least most states again, that's complicated to ex. Not every state observe it, but a lot of places a lot
listeners out there, we are springing forward. Today we lose an hour of sleep, but we are gaining Uno again. I guess we gained daylight. We save some time. Somehow we save time are not sleeping about that. That's what I do every night. Basically, this week when spending a lot of time in the online community foresight, hustle society haven't talked about that recently. That is our new online community. We got a lot of listeners who are engaging with that posting up their ideas, as well as posting their progress on what they're doing so is anything we been doing each week for asking a prompt and prompt could be something. Is I like. What are you working on this week? What's your number one call? That's all I ask a day on Monday, so I got some responses. I'll just read you a few of them here. I think more than a hundred in the Forum Naval says my go this week is to finish designing my first online course without being too hard on myself, which I really liked about those parts like finished, doing the work, but also don't be too hard on yourself Navy and says: hey Chris. My task this week is to create a survey using survey monkey and ask my
stores for their email address. Clayton says I've got three goals. I want to make a second draft of my logo. I want to take pictures for my website and at sea and I also want to make some muffins, which is cool enough to make some muffins do what you need to do: lots of people posting other stuff and asking for advice and helping other people as well. If you'd like to be part of that, you haven't joined and yet just come to satisfy school dot com society. The price discount that we were running last week has now ended The price is gonna, go up more later to what we all want to reward people who are coming in early because we continue to add value. New feature is new benefits, etc. Would love to see you there? It satisfies school dot, com, slash society, s o c. I e t why also another news or another invitations got another invitation for you. Have you heard of the world domination on it or deputy ass. This is a gathering of awesome people, an event that I've been hosting together with an amazing team in Portland Oregon every summer for the past eight years, Debbie, yes, twenty eighteen is coming up at the end of June
of people from more than thirty countries around the world coming to join us really have a weekend together with keynote speakers in a mainstay auditorium where they have a bunch of workshops and academies where you can learn all kind of different topics. Some things about side frozen Entrepreneurship, but also all sorts of other things as well, because digital, nomad, crypto currency learning to speak, a different language, improving photography, improving you're social skills, had a travel like an interview like all kinds of different stuff. In addition to that, we have hundreds of meat ups you can choose which made up. You want to go to. You can search by interests. You can host your own made up if you want anyway. The best way to learn more about deputy, I can get a feel of waste like is to watch the video on a homepage. So if you just go to satisfy Skoda, com, Slash deputy asked just those three letters: it's gonna redirect you and it will actually send you to rural dominated summit dot com. If you want to go there directly so check that out, I would love to you to join us. This summer we got a wonderful community, really support of people in its lot of fun. Ok, so let's go to this question. I got this question about network marketing. I want peace,
too much like what he or she has to say, but I will say it. I get this question a lot and I think I ve talked about it. Maybe one or two times in the beginning of the show, but we haven't talked him recently, and I also don't I've been as direct in my opinion. It Gonna be here today. So without further ado, let's hear from this listener, I believe this is Janine. They could as its Janine from Chicago. I love your, shall I stumbled upon it now, listen to outline walking and I'm getting some great ideas for a slide. How so my question is what are your thoughts on network marketing as the fight hustle? I've been doing it for about three years with a company that I've loved, but I'm really not having much success, and I just kind of wanting to see your opinion generally Co. Somebody network marketing companies are popping up are a curse. Thank you so much away or I so here is my opinion.
Generally for your question. Thank you so much. I first of all, not only person whose asked this question, and you know you share your experience them and in your experience you said you been doing this for three years and you like the company. But you haven't been seeing results. Here's the thing your experience is so common. This is in fact the most common experience of people have and they go through network marketing programmes. Perhaps the only big differences, sometimes they in the loving the company, but the other two points about how you do it for a long time and don't see results. That is a reality that most people experience when they go through these programmes, and I know there's some exceptions are come to that in a second, but the reality again is the vast majority of people who participate in these programmes, never even recoup their costs like they make initial investment because what you have to do. Not only do we not make money, they never even recoup that money they ve spent doing this network more, wrote for the most part. Generally speaking, there are few winners and many losers.
Where is the way the whole industry is positions in pretty much any pitch you ever hear for network marketing company is that everybody can be a winner and you're a winner right, you deserve to win, is to make a lot of money, but by nature of these programmes it is kind of rewards, a few people and most people, as I said, just never recoup their costs, and I don't want that to happen to you are listeners like I care about you, that's why we make the show, so in my opinion that these companies, a lot of them anyway, are selling false hope. Basically, and you, go away feeling bad about yourself have to participate in them, because you think there's something wrong with you. You look. Can you see like a bit like everybody else was successful, or my sponsor told me that I could make x number of dollars or wherever it is, and so it is not their fault. I think there's something fundamentally wrong with the system. So I'm trimming it comply about this? Listen if you're the exception to this rule. I know I've got a great programme on doing really. Well, what's good. For you, I mean that's great, really truly, but am I going to advise people to do something in this industry? No, I'm not going to you because I honestly,
leave most people would be better served by doing something on their own and that's. Why talk about every damage? like all. These different projects is not about buying is someone else's vision. It's looking within yourself in saying, like what are the skills that I have? What am I get at? How can I help people, and how can I learn to apply these pretty soon One side ass, those principles to something that I already know about, or something that I easily learn. So against anything
for asking that everybody out there. I hope that's help. Oh let me know it. You think I'm not gonna say quickly. Thank you to our sponsor and I'll be back to do a quick recap and look ahead at once to come haste us take a look back at the ever says. We talked about this week once again, an incredibly diverse set of stories that the choir teacher, who turns a site reading workbook into a twenty thousand dollar hustle flight instructor, who makes an app kind of ignores my advice about not making apps works on pretty well for him, so good for him or his thirty thousand dollars a craft. Her who makes a tool for people who wear dread, locks lover, site called luck. Sesar is die com, great name. A car
dinner, employee who uses patriotic to fund algae BT, Q pie tasks to Pakistan, fact that she has about activism and storytelling. If your project is something mission, all like you're trying to advance the cause or there's some charitable component behind it, but you also want to make money if you want to be sustainable amount to take a look at the model that she uses, because it can work for the right person there. I project is best for everyone, but that's how the role of sight vessels works. It's not one. Size fits all, but there is something out there for you and it's probably not network marketing, but I won't go about that. Will wait to see what kind of emails I get and then there was the southern couple that rules out sweet profits with the family site. Hustle, making delicious cinnamon roles in Mississippi, which we had satisfied school would be happy to test. I'm not normally for like I'm not influenced by people offering to send us free stuff before the right pastry. I might make an exception just to be totally honest with you and then moving from Mississippi all the way to the West Coast. Our last episode, the weak yesterday episode four hundred and thirty four California moms get high and Tidwell
all about the new and emerging recreational marijuana, medical cannabis and cd, in particular that episode industry, like I said somebody There is so much is going on these days. We're getting a lot of submissions were able to just look here and say: ok, what is best? You know what stories we want to highlight four listeners. What is interesting, what is helpful My inspire somebody to go and do something at their own. So it's something you've heard has been helpful. Please let us know I would love to hear about it and possibly tell her to listeners about it as well. A lot of the stories we feature, I'm not coming from the community and from cytosol society which may really happy so feel free to be in touch any time you can write podcast, it's out of school dot com. You can call a hustle hotline. What is thus a hotline number when I say that, unlike I forgot what it Russell hotline number is eight hundred and forty four at nine never go eight hundred and forty four at nine hustle, eighty four four hundred and eighty nine four hundred and eighty two seven thousand eight hundred and fifty three. It was a quick hello message there or
you shot on social media, I'm usually online pretty much every day since I make the shower ready to meet next week. Of course, Rina continue. This trend got something about aerial performance got something about Ipad lettering. I've got something about proofreading courses and then perhaps my favorite episode of the most when I will say, is coming out tomorrow. It's called it's not vandalism! It's a fifteen thousand dollar yard. Graham hustle is in fact a guy who gets paid a lot of money, plastic, pink flamingos in people's yards, usually overnight and then are gone in a couple days. So stay tuned, you'll get the whole thing tomorrow. It's crazy,
and, of course, so much more to come as well, I'm really enjoying making a shepherd. I hope that you are enjoying it is well, you are the reason I make the show our crew works on behalf of making sure you have a great experience. May I say thank you to them in a second, but also just want to say if you make the commitment to make listening to satisfy spool part of your routine. Well, I to commit to a being here. Every day like I want to support you in your quest to create that new source of income want you to have the kind of freedom that your hearing about through these stories. Maybe you thought about it for a while. We haven't done anything about it. Well, that's! Ok! I want you to be yourself up, but I want you to feel guilty, but I do want to encourage you to take small steps because the crazy thing about taking
steps is even if you taking those small steps you do of actually get somewhere. I too, as I said, thank you to our crew. Are protection team is led by a sea Valdez, also features Sarah Bear. It come on their folks, some time to come and go someone who doesn't come and go. Who is super solid? Just like a sea Winnie Koranic is my assistant works in Portland Oregon? Does our show notes? Does our content scheduling works with our writers works of other people that are working on the show in different ways, very thankful to her and, of course, also my cat Liberia go about who works the night shift. He doesn't have dried locks. She doesn't use recreational marijuana just even like sentiment roles, but still she a solid cheese, consistent she's there for us
but not least, I docile school might not exist, at least in the form that it does without my good friend and Mentor Gretchen ribbon freshen is the founder and curator of the onward project. That is a collection of podcast with all kinds of ideas about making your life happier healthier and more productive or more creative check out the onward project that com or just search for her podcast. You may already subscribe to it because everyone does, and they should it's called happier with Gretchen ribbon enough. Close it out. The last thing I say thank you to you, the listener. You have made the show this community so much better than it would have been with just me and there's so much more on the way the best really is to come. So thank you for listening thanks for telling your friends about the show. Thank you for supporting our sponsors. They allow the show to be but the free to you. Thank you for your little ratings are reviews and apple pie cast those help a time. Mostly I'm grateful to be able to do this every day and I have no plans to quit. I can't quite because we do it every day there has to be never said incurred, Consider listening to this ten minute, audacious and investment in yourself a ten minute, little investment, making you like better of you'll, join me too
every day next week for more stories? I look forward to hearing your stories, but just Atalanta stories are episodes go online. So one a M eastern time. I'm critical about this is site also swore.
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