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#442 - Weekly Recap: My Most Awkward and Embarrassing Moment


In our ninth recap of Season II, we'll highlight the lessons learned in this week. Also: listener Q&A! 

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Hello, hello. What's operates critical about here, a few! Your host for side, us no school, bring you the weekly recap. This is in fact, and, if we number eleven of season, two. Yes, that is why, at the end of weak, sixty three We started back on January, one twenty seventeen. It also happens to be. National awkward moments day, that's right of your had something really embarrassing Awkward happened to you and, if you like me, it's more like you did something awkward embarrassed not happen today, so I can't go through my life Awkward moments, but when I about one of my most awkward moments. I was like what story to tell her. This really is a long list, but I can always go back to this time. I was in Singapore section my first trip to Singapore many years ago, and I when I get time out, exploring like little neighborhoods staying at a hostile. I think it was actually the wives yea and when I travel and to do this kind of ritual of working for
the day and in going out to see different neighborhoods yet or half the day. So in this case I my exploring in the morning- and I was working in the afternoon, and I want to get some coffee to have like for my afternoon, snack and, of course, keep going walked across the street on Orchard Road, and there was a star ex there, and- and I shall also explained like in my own little world, like ninety eight percent of the time. I'm not variable When I get lost everywhere, I go, which is a story for another day, but in this particular case I was just like lost in my thoughts had enough. I was listening to music or whatever the baseline walking to the star backs, and I notice it's no completely open, like there's just like an open air entrance, which is unusual in Singapore, because it's always like a million degrees. Like super hot, but nothing much Evan. I just gonna proceed to walk into the Starbucks that open air Starbucks and all of a sudden you like with no one whatsoever. A clash door came out of nowhere and just hit me now. Some people might say to that. I store- was there all along- I just didn't notice it, but whatever the case was like, I walked directly into the glass door like out for walking speed. Just like you
seen a movie. It's almost like. Did that really happen, and in fact that I think what somebody said like I walked into the door and I dropped my stuff everywhere and, like a cup I had a little bit, but of course, I'm acting like him he's, ok much. Yet that's fine, just by meant to do that. You know it everything's all right people looking around like that that guy just walk into the door- and I was like attitude through that door was nowhere before another son just showed up anyway, I so embarrassed. I just turn around left. Basically, didn't go, get coffee went back to the hostile, I'm kind of nursing. This cut on my forehead. If I thought anything positive about it, it was you know. One day- I'm going have a good story to tell, and in fact I do so next time, you're in Singapore. Look out for those glass doors just peering out of nowhere. It really is a dangerous place around. Aside from that, what's going on in the world of sawdust school? Well, I think I mentioned last week that we're doing these pomps in the sawdust society are online community, where myself or one of our team members asked people hate. What are you working on this week and last week I showed a few responses with you. Here's one more! This is from Doktor Lee industrially, says hey Chris Good, to hear from you my number one goal this week,
to connect an email service to my website and right, the first hello email that will go out when someone subscribes music Have the overall website critique by Linda James, that's another one of our members and the US, evaluated by Carolina. My biggest challenges, going from being a nine social media user to understanding how to use it as my primary marketing tool, so it actually, if those tasks are complete, I hope they went well. If not a privilege not goes out this week, we ve got lots of other people posting about lots of other projects into society. I've even have a chance to check it out, yet you can come and join at Satisfy school, dotcom, slash society, that's s, o c. I e t why and of course, if it's not a good fit for it. This time I totally understand we're still very much invested in producing this daily show for you and How much more is on the way before we go on. I want to take a listener question. I got a good question from. I believe her name is Mckenna. Let's hear from a ten hour respond to the topic that she raises. No also do a little quick throwback to the episodes of the week as well as a preview of, what's to come
I quit my name of Mckenna and I'm calling for Denver Colorado, I'm calling because I've loved the show I've been listening for the past couple of months. And it really learned a lot about how to create my own side has something I've realising that I have questions about, how to determine a reasonable price points or praised point for a specific market, I'm creating a business or high school of the college. Young women go. I really don't have a lot of expendable income, I'm just trying to figure out what the best way is to reasonably priced upraised. Quite bad. It's gonna be attracted to that market. Think so much what the shell And I cannot thank you so much for listening and for your awesome question hello to you and everybody else out in Denver couple quick thoughts. Last year, some point ever recorded in extended cut about pricing your product or service. When I went back to look at the notes, I realized it was more about pricing a service than actually a product, but
still it might be helpful to check out you can access that when, in all the Ex ante cuts at sight of swill school dot com slashed extended? And as I listened to your question a couple more times, I had a couple other thoughts. First thought is regardless of who you're selling to you always want to fuck. On why they need what you're selling not just want but like. Why do they need it? Why is there some desperate need for whatever this product is? Even you know in reality is not actually need. You want people to think it's a need for people to read the key How do I see the offer and think you know I must have this. This is going to change my life, so I have to do something about it right now. I need to respond and, like I said, I think, that's true regardless, if we were selling to you, regardless of what the product of service is the fuck is he on benefits, in other words, first and foremost, really is the most important thing that you didn't mention what the product was right when you said something about how pricing it for this price, sensitive, Marquette, high school to college age, young women, I'm not sure that always is a price sensitive market like yes, it's true that young people don't have a lot of money, but
Sometimes they do have a fair amount of disposable income, or at least they have money to spend on things that are important to them from speaking generally, not for everyone certainly one right it off as a low price market or a market that lacks access to resources, people can be pretty resourceful something that they really want, especially if they perceive it's a native they perceive as gonna change their life. So I wouldn't so much about like what is the lowest possible price? How can I make it attractive? You know too that price point I would think more about. How can I make sure My offer is Crystal clear: how can I make sure I have clarity about what is then creating and how it's going to again change these people's lives, all things being equal? I think it's more important to get that part right. Good luck, Mckenna and let us know how it goes. Precisely,
back on the episodes of this week? I noticed there is a theme of at least three of them. Now theme was essentially doing something for fun that turned into doing it for money. I talk about this. I just wanna be clear. I don't think everything you do for funds should be turned into money, and I also don't think the path is satisfied. Success is always liked. Look at all the things you do we're fine and then figure out a monetize them. However, that said there are a lot of episodes. We feature, especially, as I said three this week, where there is a clear path from something that somebody's just enjoying, because they like to do it too, then figuring out how to me, money from it and I believe that began with episode for thirty six, it's not vandalism. It's a fifteen thousand dollars a year yard, Graham Hustle, this guy in pencil, and yet with a moneymaking project of setting a pink plastic flamingos in people's yards overnight. This is a service he provides and people are purchasing it to celebrate others birthdays as well as veterans homecoming from Iraq and elsewhere. Actually does it for free if it's your hundred birthday till you're out there in bucks, counting Pennsylvania and turning a hundred years old before you get in touch with sky or guess, if you know somebody who has an episode for thirty eight, a cup
his later. That was about pickle ball. I can't believe, actually didn't save a title that episode in the recording I realized later after the fact, the title is pickle ball pro pickles profits from persist in practice. How about that and by the way I did get that right on the first take and perhaps more important to you than just you know my ability to write a decent title. Every ten episode is the fact that this guy didn't going to pick a ball with the desire to turn his pickles into profits. He just started by playing the sport, which is in fact America's fastest growing sport, at least according to embassy news. Gonna, be honest and say I never heard a pickle before this episode, but it is a big thing. Apparently, there's this guy participated in tournaments in volunteered for tournaments hastily came to realize that there was actually this opportunity to get paid to do You didn't get paid very much at first. It was like five in an argument which is still great for something you do for free, but now I believe his goal this year is to make forty thousand dollars from it, which is not free and not five, an adoption month. It's actually really significant money in the last.
Along. These lines was episode for forty wine and australian designer who starts of publishing company and hires herself. In this case, it was her goal to become a book designer. She was doing graphic design and she wanted to do more book design and lay out she really loved the road of publishing, but he wasn't getting our clients, because you didn't have a lot of experience, doing that particular design job for in her case. Maybe it wasn't just fine like maybe I'm stretching a little bit, but the point. There was this creative entrepreneurial women's group in Australia and a founder was kind of walking away from it. Everything about this community had been free before, and this person task of steps Instead, you know it all run the group and, as part of running that group, she added a paid membership auction, continue pressing events across Australia but also said I'm in a start, my and publisher, and his publisher is going to produce books based on conversations from events that have taken place in this group and eventually her own book. And other people's books that you'd collaborate on. So it was something it wasn't really a monetary goal, at least not primarily it was. I went to get more clients.
The design or I want to kind of break into this world of publishing design more. So, in her case, she does go on to make money. I think it's something like ten to twenty thousand dollars a year and that income that's from the actual publishing company, but then she also lands alot more gigs as a designer which was go, so I want to get not everything you do for fun. It's gonna be monetize support. Nor should you try to make money from everything you do for fun, but looking at those things can be a good clue and especially with the pickle balk. I because the others were kind of creating something out of nothing, but with a pickle ball guy, he was participating in existing tournaments and realising there was this need for people to organise them. So that's what he did and now apparently going. I'm a full time pick a bar at some point. Anything can happen in the world of side ourselves before I sent for the week. I want to say thank you to everybody out there. We say thank you to our crew for making this possible.
Also, looking ahead to the stories next week, I see something about a million dollar, whether proofing products hustle I've not recorded that. Yet I'm curious myself to see more of what that's about, as well as something about a letter joy subscription service. These are just two episodes, of course, want to have a different episode for you every day. I do want to give credit where credit is due on deaf or not the only person working on the show making the magic happened. In fact, I'm just gonna do my thing than other people make the magic happen. Our protection team is led by a sea about. Does it also feature, Sarah bear it and show notes in content, management host wrangling, all kinds of other stuff are by my assistant import. Whitney correct my cat living yellow hasn't done much this week, but you know she's a cat, so that's ok, she's not going to sit and pick a ball or pink classical mangoes. I say thanks as well to best selling author Gretchen River
She's, the founder and curator of our project cycle school school is partly the ongoing project is a collection of podcast, with concrete action of ideas for making a like happier, healthier and more productive and more creative port. Just more awesome, I guess my final thank you is for you, the listener, you're, the reason we make this it's a free listener supported show if you're enjoying it I'd, be tremendously grateful if you would pass it on to tell your friends about it, show them how to subscribe. They don't listen to pack has already than just ask for their financing. Here's how you do it it's free. If you listen every day and you apply it over time- is going to help you at least that's my goal. That's my single mission with the show truly help. You create a new source of income without putting your job without taking a lot of risk. It's not about me. Entrepreneurs having a start up. It's about asking. How can you look within yourself and find something that is going to be staying invaluable are useful to other people. Can you find that opportunity, like all from whence. I tell you about each day and then once you found an opportunity, how can you learned very, very basic business skills? You need to be able to put that opportunity into
offer, get it out to the right people and then, of course, make money from it. I don't want you to be able to money, I do want you to be able to have more confidence, more security. Even if you love your job, be able to look and say this is my thing. I started this project, I have ownership over it and therefore I have more options going forward. I can do more of what Hope for you. I hope you'll join me all next week got episodes coming out every single day. There's episodes go online at sixty one. A M eastern time encourage you to think of this time as an investment in yourself and hopefully one you can look forward. To least I look forward to bringing this to you I'll, be back again I look forward to bringing this to you I'll, be back again to Morrow and every day I am critical about this is side us all school.
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