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#454 - Vintage Clothing Shop Sells Retro Jeans for Modern Money

The daughter of Ukrainian immigrants turns a love of shopping into an e-commerce shop selling one-of-a-kind vintage clothing.    Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are.  Share: #SideHustleSchoolShow notes: SideHustleSchool.comTwitter: @chrisguillebeauInstagram: @193countries 

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Oh What's up, welcome to side hustle school at my name is crystal about. This is episode four hundred and fifty four four hundred and fifty four going strong today by the way, is national. Take a walk in the park day. It is correct, it's kind of self explanatory supposed to go and take a walk in the park, maybe just a walk down make sure you got your fit bit or whenever you used to measure steps, it's good to have goals and speaking of goals, we have often looked at projects on a show that come to be because of a problem that someone encounters and then sets out- solve or something there frustrated by or annoyed by, so many fine to be inefficient or sub optimal, But what about something that you ve wanted for yourself? Like some kind of item you ve always wanted to purchase, but you couldn't have because of your situation. Your circumstances or resources maybe even your beliefs and values, but that's where the inspiration for today's featured story comes from. I'm gonna tell you
a first generation ukrainian american living in Brooklyn, who turns a love of shopping e commerce, shop selling, one of a kind, vintage clothing, she's, twenty four, old and his earning at least two thousand dollars a month on a side through this project stay tuned annually, all about it, My day lives the voice key is the business development laid for an entertainment and media investment fund in New York City, the rest of the time nights, weekends where Michigan fitted in she runs Odessa re an online shop itself, custom, one of a kind, vintage clothing,
I didn't plan on opening event is causing shop with a series of events, including an accident on Ebay Purchase and the launch of reference blog send her down the fashion runway. This grew up in Brooklyn New York, the daughter of to immigrant parents from Odessa, Ukraine. He recalls the immense culture shock of being around some really well. He people during her freshman year, N Y, you the insecurity she felt about her wardrobe, at least in comparison to some of her peers, led her to the vented shopping world of New York, where she, fine special items of clothing, sometimes at a very special price. If she looked hard enough, this search eventually marked into a love of all things. Pre owned a few years later and twenty sixteen a friend was launching a block in one of the branded piece of clothing for a photo shoot by this, pointless it expanded or shopping to Ebay, and she was really into nineteen seventies era. Denham tuna framer, looking at the sight- and they found
vintage, revised and jacket, but I didn't realize they had placed the winning bed until the jacket showed up at the door. A week later, surprise lives offered to bring up this jacket before her friends Photoshop. What does that mean, while she borrowed sewing machine spent most of a day, watching You two pity I was learning how to sew and then delivered a jacket embroidered with a bunch of funky looking patches, the friend love it so much as he posted a photo and social yeah mentioning that hey? Maybe you should ask her to make one for you within half an hour. Lose had her first request for accustomed jacket from a stranger is quick. Success made her think that maybe she could do it more than once, because custom jackets or in its product when she made a website lives, got a lot of early attention in the form of organic press coverage. Her first press feature came a few months after that first custom jacket order and her shop has since been featured on sites like EL in style. Any news, then a buyer, Topshop, international retailer, clothing, shoes, makeup and accessories saw one of the features and reached out
is about doing a pop up shop at their Soho. New York store that pop up shop was supposed to last for days of her along holiday weekend, but it went so well that they extended for more weeks, less use the pop up shop to explore what kinds of vintage items would sell It's like EL, in style and Enos. Then a buyer, Topshop and international retailer clothing shoes make up an accessory, saw one of the features and reached out to lose about doing pop up shop at their, so how New York store that pop up shop is supposed to last for days of our along holiday weekend, but it went so well that they extended it for more weeks, less use the popup shop to explore what kinds of vintage items would sell and also help to organise and level up. Customers, find her on Instagram or through those press articles. She updates Odessa re once or twice a month with new items, but does no paid marketing so back to where we started. What did getting into vintage oh shopping and installing it online do about those insecurity she had over her personal wardrobe.
So she realized ass. She shocked that the items didn't need to be designer for her to think they were cool or look good on her. I just needed to be unique. In fact, it was the things that no one had seen before that were what people were complementing IRAN. This is now just twenty four years old she's doing well. She loves her day job in addition to this online shop, although at times it can feel like a challenge to balance who work at the music find with her online clothing. Sales she's also found synergy between Too soon shall be hosting and all female panel for her day, job, which is all about creating a brain. In the digital age to be used. Some of the women she's featured on the Odessa re block on that same panel. Whatever have.
Next lives is not running away from opportunities, in fact, she's running toward them, as both Derek tells it. Whoever said that money can buy happiness, simply didn't know where to go shopping. Ok, maybe that's true. Maybe that's not, but I do like this. One self confidence is the best outfit. I don't quite know what source that's attributed to, but I appreciate the fullest the self Confidence- is the best outfit and we're too self confidence come from where one way or another. It comes from learning that you are enough and that other people, not better than you, because they can afford nicer clothes or for pretty much any other reason.
And I often talk about how the greatest reasons for shutting aside hustle is not just the money. It is the self confidence that comes from strangers, purchasing your clothing items or hiring you for your service or whatever. It is that you do in a story: less loves her job she's, pretty young she's, just getting started with this new career, but ass. She begins this career, she's. Also, learning about entrepreneurship and she's learning all the aspects of running a little business in terms of buying and selling in terms of the marketing in terms of telling stories, and so for this real world education. Instead of paying for an mba or some other form, a programme which is actually earning money right, which I think is a little bit better than. Paying money. Maybe there's another package that tells you how to spend your money wraps fashion podcast. I have no idea, but here on the shot, all about helping you make money so that just like less you'll have more self confidence, you'll be able to make more choices and do what matters to you.
It is my hope, my mission, my intention every day, don't forget inspiration is good, but inspiration. What action is better if you like it. Caught, the Odessa re Shop or her instagram. All that stuff will be linked up on today, shucks page, that page is side us all school dot com, slash for five four Thank you for listening I'll, be back tomorrow. My name is preschool about four excite Ass Osborne.
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