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#46: The Live Cricket Drop-Shipping Hustle


Another crazy story for you today about a man who sells live crickets to reptile owners—without ever handling any inventory, which of course is critical.

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They are welcome to cite a so school, my name is critical about. Are you ready for it? easy story, a six figure fitness pull dancing studio is an awesome enough for you. If a novel and makes more than a hundred thousand dollars a year, brand new writing course doesn't impress you and I don't understand why a woman went to reinvent the bra. Well, you monotonous and the eater. But you might be entertained. So let me just break it down for you. Here's mine, no need to lady and suspense. This It is about a man who sells live crickets to reptile owners there's one critical part of the story shouldn't give it away the beginning. He doesn't actually have to handle these crickets at least not most of the time. So have you two want to learn how to drop ship live insects all across the United States or somewhere else in the world, or at least, if you learn how this guy's been able to do it and make money for
every month, stay tuned, sawdust school will not let you down. Support for this podcast comes from progressive. What would you do with an extra eight hundred dollars my plane ticket and you're student loan treat yourself to their shoes. You benign with progressive. You could find out drivers who switch save save an average of seven hundred ninety six dollars on car insurance. Get your quote online. A come and see how much you could be saving national average annual cards. Savings by new customers, urban who saved with progressive and twenty nineteen Jeff as a day job as a project manager Fernandez, your painting contractor he looks for contracts manufacturing facilities didn't puts too estimates and if he makes the sale yes to see the project through to completion, to ensure its profitable and successful. Now he's also a serial hustler when I was first looking for stories before starting the shout. He sent me three or four them, among other things, he said just for sidekicks on Craigslist and its first month. Doing
he made more than six hundred dollars. He also has a coup on site, which is interesting? and could make for a story of its own, but what Is me the most. Was this little side note he made it. My survey form may said by the way. I also life crickets to reptile owners have been doing this from in six months, and it's going really well needless to say that caught my attention. So I ask you to tell me more: to be honest, I also thought well isn't gonna make for great headline, but who in actually wants to do that. I've had a lot ass in my life, but this is something but I've never heard of normality listen doing it myself, or at least that's what I thought at first. So before we go any further, I wouldn't go back That critical fact that I alluded to in the introduction it does not receive any inventory. He doesn't have an ice chest full of crickets or a drawer, and refrigerator that it opens up whenever he receives an order. In fact, with one exception, he's never seen that is it all he is simply reseller for a cricket farm He handles orders and takes a market, but then an actual cricket farm does all the shipping
when I heard that I was more interested as we know, there are such things as cricket farms, but let's stay on track for how to get started, and all this just from his extensive hustling experience as well as his work, and E commerce website to look for an edge that has low competition and crickets easily fulfil that criteria lieutenant people out there, reselling like crickets. The greater problem was finding the right drop, cheaper, Usually the original source, but sometimes another distributor will handle the actual shipments. Jeff learn that there, several cricket farms in the Eu S that offer drop shipping but their ship. Rights are so high because they use Fedex there. It's really difficult to dissipate shipping costs and to maintain a good profit margin to after doing I'm taking on what he calls. Probably around eight chair, of Google results. By the way, what a world we live in. Apparently there are ten pages of Google results for cricket. Far who will do shipping for you? He found a small famine business that looked a little off the beaten bath. He gave them a call and he found out there
four drop shipping at a great price and they ship with a post office which helped at time with shipping costs. This leads to the wine only time he actually took possession of any crickets, and it was good that he dead they learn something important. He had this family on business send him a demo shipment and it looked fine. The only problem was it was missing. Some instructions that we're supposed to be include. And apparently the instructions were missing because crickets eat paper and his infant I had consumed the instructions while travelling from the cricket farm to Jeff House so Import lesson learned once he started taking orders. He knew too and the instructions in a confirmation, email to his customer and just tell the cricket farm, do not include anything else in the box one recent month he had twelve dollars in revenue and was pretty excited, unfortunately Next month he saw a big dip in sales and its total number at seven hundred and sixty dollars. He thinks the reason is because the reptiles these crickets are fed to doing a certain season of the year go through a process called broom
which is essentially reptile hibernation, so he's hoping once they come out of that Khyber they'll be hungry and he'll see another surge and sales so where to begin? What can we possibly learn from this story? First of all, you ever met stop some live crickets, don't include an EPA, in the box, because that would be a big mistake. But beyond that lesson there actually some really helpful things to notice in the store. I already mentioned that Jeff New, to look for a niche with little competition and through outside school. You hear a lot of stories like this most of them want to do it live in sex, but they do relate to this concept of finding markets where most people wouldn't expect to look now. Let's talk about drops being dropped. Shipping has a long history and the hustle world pre internet days companies that advertising magazines and lots. People with I'm just start this kind of business, some six finally, and most unsuccessfully, and it continues today, but if you're
you're sitting dropping the way to succeed is not by searching Shit Programme and Google, that will lead you to me. For selling products about drop shipping, not the actual drop shipping for the most part. If you think about it, it makes sense If it were that simple everyone would do it too, in fact, the scale that's really to succeed in this kind of hustle is the scale of research to? If you are good at research, you enjoy going on fact. Finding missions you like going to page ten of Google search result but can be on the obvious and trying to find something deeper backdrop: shipping org. Reselling in general is a really good option for you to consider for your hustle. Now when I spoke, which at last he was about months into the cricket operation putting all of his earnings back into his website and trying to improve search engine optimization and for the most part of that? take it on a time between some customer service and emailing drop shipper. He puts in about why. Or two hours a week and he actually says that hopes that amount of time will increase, because if it does- and it means he's receiving more orders, well satisfied school listener
I'm pretty sure that your story is gonna, develop a bit differently than jobs. I don't expect you to start alive. Insect drop, shipping business, But if you listen to these stories, you begin flying into your own hustle. U S! your own results. They will be unique. Rembrandt inspiring It is good for inspiration from action is so much better check up no, no it's for today's episode or another, but about drop shipping. Even orders from like crickets or at least look at just website. GonNa Sicel School Dyke, slash forty six I am critical of this- is that it growth and I'll see you tomorrow with another story.
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