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#463 - Weekly Recap: How NOT to Add People to Your Email List

In our fourteenth recap of Season II, we'll highlight the lessons learned in this week. Also: listener Q&A!  Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are.  Share: #SideHustleSchoolShow notes: SideHustleSchool.comTwitter: @chrisguillebeauInstagram: @193countries 

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Hello. Their friends listeners community welcome dishonest, no school money, Miss Cristel about it. This is the weekly recap over here. We have just finished weak number of fourteen of season two there is, though a personal note I beginning episode today is actually my fortieth birthday, which I know sounds like a punch into a joke like the world's worst pine except openness is in fact reality. Apparently, I woke up today and I am forty years on all those The plan I should be on location today in Cottage Grove, Oregon, I'm gonna, run a half marathon era figured. I would do something to start out this year. This decade, twitter there's a little bit in advance and presumably all will go well and a tiny, her there's some forty, and why should you care that, well I don't know you probably don't, let's find us National Panada day by the way it that's a more interesting and your host forty eight birthday- I don't understand, but I would say just
brief! Anybody out there who are struggling from time to time I share that I've had some struggles myself with anxiety and depression is kind of an ongoing thing in my life, and I say ongoing doesn't mean it ever present. It just means that there are seasons and some weeks for some months, I'm just doing better than others, and so it anyway there who is currently struggling just want you to know that I'm thinking of you- I am mindful of you and not just me, but somebody other folks in our community as well. I, whenever I mention personal things like this, Are you not for people saying o me too? I'm so glad you said something so personally, I'm working on getting longer stronger in mind body, an spirit this year and maybe hopefully the whole decade will see, and so this is my little shut out to you as well, all right and moving on to you today, status quo content, which is, of course, why listen to the shop. I understand got several things to share with you today we look back on the weak look ahead. I talk about defining some terms. I want to talk about to accept some comments. And subscribing people to your email list when do that and when you should not do that
you're, a new listener project with you, one of our favorite things at the shout, both myself and our production clearest is to getting those from people talking about the products they started. While listening to the show so I share one of those with you and also some comments on a couple episode from this week and then I particularly enjoyed so first things. First on that list defining some terms, I mean by this- is I try pretty hard to to be careful about using jargon? Are you terminology, that not everybody understands or that is kind of you up or entrepreneurial is at a word on it your e mail. I don't actually make shell for entrepreneurs. I make the chef irregular people who have regular jobs and are just trying to create something for themselves, but I know a couple weeks: I talked about network marketing, got a lot of responses to that some people who are pretty passionate on both sides that issue you just catching up the short version is I'm not a fan of network marketing or multilevel marketing? I think you can do much better for yourself. I think those companies kind of exist to enrich themselves, for the most part, and by starting aside also hustle using your skills. Your experience doing things like that,
you hear about in the stories every day. I think your odds of gonna be much higher. Now explain those come in a couple different ways over a couple, different episodes, but I also heard for Well, I guess a couple of listeners, a few aggregate, the precise number you said hey, you didn't actually explain what network marketing is inside problem an assumption there and that's a mistake. I should never assume that I don't go through the whole thing all over again for the most part network marketing as these companies that recruit people to sign up, and then those people going recruit other people to sign up and presumably there's a product or service associated with it. But ultimately the business is pretty much all about signing other people. So there's a lot of promises made an industry that I think are not kept for the most part. That's why not a big fan, but the point here is, if I use terms that you're not familiar with. Let me know so we can clarify it. Also. We should make aside us glossary. What I'm saying that I think action, including a list of terms in the side of a book, be protected, you haven't already and also Episode has shown its right at the end of each episode,
say: go check out. The Sheraton. Titus was called outcome, slash whatever the number is, so there is a conscious. Turkey has not a resource or website limit anything that I mention most likely to be able to fly more information on that shot at page, I must Eddie at least eighty percent so join our email s there. My talk about joining list in just a moment when you do that, you be the first to hear about. You stop it's on the way we ve got a bunch of improvements that working on new features new stuff- and you know it's all because for excited about this mission. This is episode fortress, three other show and am honestly and truly more excited about it. Now than I was when I started on episode, one and a lot of people lessening since episode wine, which I think is incredible and amazing- and of course a lot of folks- you have come along join us along the way. You guys are also incredible, an amazing support for this. Cast comes from progressive saving money on your car insurance is easy with progressive. It's an average savings of seven hundred ninety six dollars for customers who switch and save. In fact, customers can qualify for an average of six discounts on their auto policy with progressive, including discounts.
For starting a court online or owning multiple vehicles, getting quote online and progressive dot com and see how much you could be saving national average your car insurance savings by new customer Serbian, whose habit progressive and twenty nineteen discussed very and are not available in all states and situations. Now, let's talk about subscribing people to your email est. Acacia here is a funny entry story, not making this up something I have experienced for years, since I've had some kind of online profile, seven running a blogger running books. Is I regularly added to email list. Without my permission and all of us, and I just heart hearing from people getting these newsletters and unlike what is this about- into this and most the time I kind of ignore it or I go and unsubscribe but once well actually reply the person, especially I have a great s sake. Young scares me, but I don't think I subscribe to this list
thing if I joined something- and I just that- it's not for me and I can go in unsubscribe like that's fine, it's outworks peoples. In my view, is that are all the time people unsubscribe all the time, like that's life. Talking about when I get out without permission, and it struck me that when people are new to this world, maybe they dont quite understand you're, not supposed to do that. Rights are not trying to be a jerk you now, but, for example, I got this email This is a story to tell you. I know the other sudden I'm getting these emails amongst young very what news on our list from somebody who sighing real estate in Michigan he's like a real estate brucker there and by the way, if you listening like I'm, I'm sorry, I'm not gonna, say your name's not worry, but you know it is a true story, so there you have it No, I don't actually live in Michigan, and I also have an interest in purchasing real estate in Michigan that sort of our hyper local focus if you're a real estate broker in Michigan and you have an able to attract a group of people stood in buying real estate in Michigan and they are perfect fit for your email list, assuming that they have acted in, but just the rest of the world Your random connections, if you know somebody from college, if you,
somebody online if you connect with him on linked in and so on. Personal data Gimme permission to add them to your email, less sets essentially like spamming them, but, second, just from a purely practical perspective, it's not gonna be effective, which is not gonna work I so in this case I go right back to the guide and, like hey sorry, I'm gonna see my list and I forget exam what he said. It was something like that it was like. Oh, I follow your blogs or attitude and, unlike a camel, you like the bog I proceeded but, like I said I didn't join this list. Can you take me off and it almost seemed kind of offended like you know I thought you'd be interested in? some like no offense member. Not really you know if I want to join that email list. I would go and do that, but it s not just about the permissiveness. It's also about like it's not effective like even if it was ok for him to do that. All of a sudden he's not gonna get a new client, I'm not going to wake up They say you know I never thought about moving, Michigan by real estate, thereby today- because I got this email- that's what I'm gonna do you live call since I'm forty. Nor can I change my whole life around us. This email newsletter that I didn't join.
So anyway. I know that most of you know that, but just gonna be clear, like you should actually have an email newsletter link us actually granting it's one of the first things you should do if you're making your first website if you're making a first offer. You should also through the efforts of getting an email subscription service, the one I recommend you can work tat. You get a free trial for thirty days. It can work, dot, com, slash side, us all. Moved more than a hundred thousand subscribers ever to them about a year ago, because I was dissatisfied with my previous company that I used, but there's really the other good options as well, and I talk about them on the show from time to time. You can sign up for what is best for you, but I do think an important thing to do. Just dont going in and subscribe people randomly makes me. Valuable makes mean that people actually want to subscribe to that they want to be like. Oh, I want to hear from this person. I want to hear about this topic because in the end, if your life there's your readers, Ike, whatever the group of people is, if are not enough if you're not interested in it, doesn't do you any good to have them on an
So, yes to email is no two having people randomly and once again, if your interested that party a trial of that system that I use it, is it convert kit, dot, com, slash site hustle ok, I wanted to say a quick little congrats and shot out she one of our listeners. When our long time, listeners, Paul Paul, has launched a project. This weekly sentiment, on my value manifesto, still in developed many talks about how it's not perfect, but you know that's life. Nothing is perfect, never made a perfect episode, an arena Perfect Buck Venice resource. You can select your values. I'm looking over a list of values, then you can receive your own personal value manifesto and I could be explained it incorrectly cuz, it's not my project, but I think the way it works is you can actually get the digital version of that free, at least a pdf mock up of sorts. Then you can decide if you
the purchase of final version again and on all those details, but they want to say congrats and we're in a link that resource up on our shuts page. If you want to check it out and last but not least it project? Let us know first, while we're always looking for stories that, on the show more than twenty percent of episodes come from listeners who started project since day, one last year, twenty seventeen, didn't doing that in recital Skoda, com and click. The little about page at the bottom of the page is a link. This estimate, your social story, not a bit more of a formal process, rhetoric and ask you bunch of questions about how you got started, how much it costs are the faster I talked about the episodes, but if you just getting going that's cool too, I would still like to know about it. That's all free to send me a note from sisal school dot com and we can take a look. We're goin. Let's check out what has come into the hustle hauling this week actually happen. How much of a chance to catch up myself, but do that right now slots we got on the line and then, of course was say a quick or thank you to our sponsor high crazed. My name is faith. I am actually local to you in Portland, Oregon and out just calling
Thank you for doing the show, I'm late to the game, but I ve been to our king, a name I think in August now, and I just love the Shoah learned so much in its got me really inspired and working on a couple of different projects, and I was out
sleep to swim to? Let you know that I have just read out on Craigslist, Sir, to some tea cluttering in organizing for the new year all ready guy someone he wants hire me and I try and have done that without your shouts and thank you so much keep doing what you deal with Michael level from play. Louis I'm a marketing tool to teacher. I have recently been turned on your part chest. I can't wait to add to my knowledge for nurses, quiet, regular, daily exercise for all my high school wanna be nursed. Thank you so much for what you're doing
a every answer matters were than ever before, because whether it's about health deliveries or finance, some things just can't wait. That's why IBM is helping businesses manage millions of calls texts and chat with Watson, an assistant, its conversationally. I designed to help your customers finding answers. They need faster, no matter the industry, let's put smart to work visit I'm gonna come wants an assistant to learn more I started looking back on the episodes of this week. I was like what is my favorite story actually realise. I have four favours stories. I know it's hard to narrow down, sometimes by, like all for these stories, for different reasons, episode for fifty seven, the key we coder, who makes an extra fifty thousand dollars a year from digital paint. Russia's am, I thought this would like my overall perspective is
what a world we live in. This is amazing. Now this is person who I believe is a software developer, a software engineer by day, It is also an artist and a couple years ago she gets an Ipad pro and an apple pencil starts doing. Digital calligraphy, which is a thing now, is a whole industry at a trend or innovation even caught at training, because maybe it's her to stay like you know. This is a new thing. Let's say that- and I didn't realize this before, but there's actually aftermarket for virtual paint brushes. So she it's, these virtual pain brushes and sells them online again. Fifty thousand dollars a year on internet continue to emphasise that, but I think it's amazing and she's got this huge following like Instagram Hashtag, that's gonna blow up and who knows what will happen next, again what a world we live in also really liked episode. Four fifty eight episode, eight episode. Four was about that trial, blind runner, who create eight thirty thousand on Facebook Group, by which I mean he creates a facebook group and Ngos
There are thirty thousand dollars from it. Now. How do you make money from a free facebook group? Let's not quite if you build it, they will come, but when it comes to like these kinds of of communities like if you cultivate community than you ve got this. This fact Base that is already interested in a specific topic or their rallying around a belief, evaluing experience and activity, in this case its triathlon races. So he is that making t shirts and stickers a copy mugs bunch other stuff like that and again goes onto do really well, he started this process, completely as a hobby, completely as a passionate, but he had that entrepreneurial spirit, that site also Spirit and as more more people. Join the group. If I like hey what else can I do with this, and it was episode four hundred and sixty one and four hundred and sixty two four hundred and sixty one was an emt emergency medical technician who moonlights as an app builder, earns fifteenth dollars a month but after a year, a friend of his commences him to turn the whole thing into a course on you to me, which, again, if you not familiar with you to me, you can come to the shouts and you'll get owing to that. The first course takes all fields of developing something like thirteen
six figure online course, library. Also, agent major success, this guy, who security analysts for the federal government teaches a community college and he has to stop teaching because it is travel schedule, put his final course up on Youtube, wherefore you're, just gonna of sits there and earn twenty five dollars a month for advertising which no twenty. Dollars a month is better than zero dollars a month, but after a year and of his commences him to turn the whole thing into a course on you to me, which, again, if enough they want to meet and come to the shouts and you'll get to that. The first course takes office. Developing something like thirteen more over the course of I don't know a shorter time like a year and a half and is now a six figure he's earning more than a hundred thousand dollars a year from the psychic, so keep at it the next time somebody's like outside us all. That sounds like a small thing when it can be an empowering thing like no matter how much money brings in it can be good for you, like image, and strengthening this apple shouted can increase your strength, concrete your confidence, you secure
you're well being, but yes, it's also about money into London does go onto do really well. So that was a great success story, probably referencing that one far in the future, just as I was were so impressed with it, they can grow. That guy they can grasp. Everybody else feature on the show and everybody else who is listening and working on their side. I saw you. Awesome. You are the reason that I make the show Back when I was a younger man like before today, I said in the first episode that you make the commitment to make this party routine. Then I to commit to supporting you fully as best I can can it be her every day when a create new tools and resources we got an online community, now call sight of Society we talked about that and whilst we come back to in a few days, but the point is I'm so I do here, I'm so glad. You're part of this got some more fantastic story. Come up this week continue to be impressed by others that the people are sending in thanks for helping us out without, if you semitic anything or pass this on to, somebody is definitely how fall in speaking of helpful. Before I close things out, I just wanna say thank you to a couple people who are very helpful and not as helpful they arrest
shop. Sandyseal school is a team effort. It is produced in Washington, DC, Brooklyn, New York, Mexico City, sometimes a cup of other places, depending on where I am depending on where our team is a production, led by AC about as thank you so much. I see it also feature. Sarah bear I thank you. Sarah our shadow, its content management host wrangling, all sorts of other duties are handled very well by winning important in Portland Oregon, my cat, Liberia gullible, also works. The night shift she's not turning forty this week, but she is still bracing up and down there's an carriers, I think she's order than forty, but still going strong, especially in the middle. The night. There's our her peak hours, who is part of the armored project that we started founded lead generated by best selling author Gretchen Rubin? Thank you, Gretchen and team, for your kind support can check it out the onward project, dot, com or just search Chris when in Itunes Apple Pie, cast wherever you listen to shows and yeah those things out once again. Thank you. Thank you for being part of this. I am grateful to you. The best is yet to come. So much more is on the way, Peter your story here,
you're doing? I'm glad onto our get some points. I would like to come to your city, or maybe I'll, see you else in the world, but until we meet or until we meet again remember. This is an investment in yourself ten minutes a day, investing listing disciple school purpose, go online at six o one, a M eastern time, seven days a week also known as just about every day so means I'll be back tomorrow. Once again, crystal about four sided. Some school.
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