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#476 - Atlanta Chess Champ Finds Checkmate With Tutoring Side Hustle


It started as a hobby when he was four years old. It’s now a profitable passion project for an Atlanta chess guru. 

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Oh hey there. What's up, welcome back, for scientists will score money. Miss Cristel about this is episode foreigners in seventy six, as we approach the end of the week opulent enjoying the latest batch of stories as much as I have enjoyed telling them to you in giving us a great feedback by email, social media comments in the sight of civil society and really all over the place. I am just as excited about to show as when we started forerunner in seventy five days ago and each day like what the sharing this time with you are. So today is a story about chess. It is about in Atlanta, Chest Champ, who finds checkmate with tutoring side hustle. It starts as a hobby and turned into a profitable passion project. Not disguise doing. Ok is making about a thousand dollars a month. Of course, I'll tell ya. I guess the idea makes it happened and so on, and it was going to have a couple of suggestions for him. Sometimes I'd like to focus on stories they're just getting going so you can see. Ok, this is the origin of
thing, and it might go on to be a huge success. Of course it might not, but I don't want to always tell you stories of like, oh so in some six hundred thousand dollars or whatever it is. Those stories are all true, of course, and I do think its import. You understand at this sight, ass a thing is, is not just something small right and somebody. The stories that you hear people are able to grow the business until it's making quite a lot of money often enables them to make us we're two different changes: different life choices, but in most cases even the really big projects they all start with this seed. You know this colonel this first attempt at something, and so, if you can't really to making an extra two thousand dollars from your side of some, maybe you can relate to me an extra five hundred thousand dollars a month, and also when you hear these stories, you might be able to think for yourself, not just based on what say what you might be able to think. Ok, you know, I wonder what that person could do to be a little bit more successful and what are they could take that initial success, which, of course, is fantastic and turn it into something? Even greater.
Ok, so without further ado, I bring you today story right after this quick. Thank you too are sponsor, You remember what you're into when you were four years old. One of us we're just into trouble, but she how was into the game of chess. In fact, by just six years old, he knew it was something he wanted to take seriously where She, how acquire this passion when all started from his first just mentor, his mom, she taught in the basics, adding in him the love of the game. Early on there is corruption. Put it to the next level, with the guidance of professional chest coaches, and this led him to top rankings in many just tournaments, including first place in Georgia State Championship. What's just as impressive, is she how's ability to turn this lifelong interest into a successful side? Our so called chest, one thousand by happy coincidence, one thousand not only references the chest rating that he helped students achieve, but it also currently coincides with the extra thousand dollars a month, he's earning from it
So if you're wondering what she asked just ranking as its twenty three hundred and if you're wondering what rankings made in general, while below twelve hundred, isn't not as in twenty seven hundred is a world championship, grandmaster contender, so she, how is pretty good, in other words just one thousand is really built around. She has just tutoring business, one that he started after college. He found a teaching chest was a nice compliment to his full time job plus he got to play a game he loved. Did you know that these days about two hundred million people play chess online, whereas only two million people play chess in person at least comparatively, knowing that the vast majority of its market was online. She had decided to build a website. You took the initiative in Malta his word press watching Youtube videos to work through some obstacles along the way from there. He used milch to build his network through an email newsletter having competed and many chest tournaments. He already has
The network to start and a newsletter gave him a platform to reach out and spread the word still despite this website and newsletter. Ninety percent of its current student base comes from simply talking to parents at different tournaments and for now at least most of his students are kids are teenagers. He personalize as each US and based on the student teaching them different tactics, how to work to checkmate finish off opponents or just learn new patterns to get more pieces. All that works together towards helping students acquire that one thousand rating one great thing about teaching based businesses that she was able to have a recurring multi session TT plan for each didn't, even with fifteen students at a time in his roster, he meets with multiple times a week or month, building repeat business. The cost for his lessons range from fifty to seventy dollars, an hour with the exact Christ based on any trouble needed and the number of students within a session, at least based on the positive testimonials he features on the site. He students clearly love his approach to the game and such as students, parents, rave about how their kids have improved. They talk about tournaments, they ve won in progress. They ve made also getting back that name.
One thousand, once astuteness achieve a rating of one thousand or higher, they can compete in both child, an adult tournaments, many those tournaments half cash prizes. So this is a start beside us all. What's next, she says that one on one networking has been a great way to build his business, but he also wants to create online courses since it as weekends, at occasional, weak knights, to devote to the site I saw. Building a more online business will help him efficiently scale. In fact, you might even be able to play a more offensive position, taking the matter And technically teaches one on wine and bringing them to a wider audience of aspiring grandmasters. Because when it comes to me in chess, there's not a lot to say at one time.
Manchester, but then I find it. It was not much hope of me advancing down the board. So, instead of talking about my experience with chest, let's talk about she how in his website in this project, so ninety percent of its current student based comes from talking to parents indifferent tournaments. This is both good and bad okay, so the good is like he's already in his position through his passion, developing his love of chest in his skill at the game from age for notes, age, six, although after teenage years college years and beyond. So it wasn't that hard for him to go to the next step of single communist Arta. Tutoring business, I know lots of people and is able to build that business to a thousand dollars a month. Ok, but he recognizes. I think this is why you starting a website and putting more attention there, that the potential market for people who could learn from him and people who could pay him to teach them is far far far greater than the people that he encounters the tournaments he attends in. So basically the challenge for him like a challenge for she. How is too clearly communicate through his website,
what this is all about and why people should hire him, he's probably lots of other chest tutors or teachers around the world in somebody's local area that they could higher WI him. In my thought, when I click on his website, which we will link up in a show nuts, my thought was at his website is not really communicating the clear and strong promise that he actually provides through his business. I think the whole idea of having a number of saying just one thousand like if you take, might tutoring course now. You're gonna actually achieve this rating, and I actually has it down to a timeline like within a certain amount of time or a certain number of lessons are gonna, be able to go to one thousand or higher. Think that's really good, really strong and specific. It's a clear promise. But if you look at the website, it's not super clear. The homepage at the website just has about two testimonials at the top, and normally testimonials are good, but the point of history
forced to promise. The promise itself is actually more important. If you look at the website and see all the testimony, I was like okay, these people, like him, that's great. What does this mean for me? So I think I promised you'd be like right from the top no sign up for my tutoring course. Whatever he chooses to call it, maybe it's just just one thousand And within this period of time, you're gonna achieve this ranking here's looking we're about it hears why this is awesome and here's what other people think. So the testimonials provide the social proof that the promise is actually more important and then, secondly, you need a call to action so on his website. Yet she didn't have much of a call to action. Called action is just kind of contact him, so I think it's really credit card to make it easy for people to do something. I don't know how many web pages, the average person visits every day for some of us. It's probably a lot
more than others, but you probably heard the statistics about the number of advertising messages that we're all exposed to. It's me, like three thousand message, is a day again, it probably varies. But the point is this a lot she need to make. It really simply speak. Clearly, here's the promised here's running to do just sign up, that's my advice for she had, but not just for him really for anybody like if you're making your website. If you're thinking about your side also think benefits. First, think. What is your big promise, how you gonna change somebody's life? What's the promise wise it gonna matter to them and in what should they do to participate? How can they sent up your service? How can they purchase your product? What is the easiest process they can go through to do that. I really think that the more you work on those two things that especially miss example, but in lots of examples this is somewhat universe off the market.
Guess on a big promising, clear benefits and the easier you can make it for people to take advantage of that then the more successfully running. So I will leave you with that day. Congrats too, she out, if you are going to play chess or get a high rating, maybe check out this site, which, as I said, we will link up. Inspiration is good, but inspiration with action is so much better, though shuts online at sight of school dotcom, slashed Borg, seven sex back tomorrow with the weekly recap and then a whole set of stories. Next week stated in my name is critical about foresight, accessible.
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