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#478 - Gmail Tool Generates $1 Million a Year


After looking for a way to send mass emails by Gmail, this web developer stumbles on more than a million dollars a year in recurring revenue. 

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Support for this pot cast comes from Goldman Sachs companies in the top quartile for ethnic diversity are thirty. Three percent. More likely to have industry leading profitability and those in the top portal for gender diversity are twenty one percent more likely to perform. This data was the catalyst behind launch with she s a five hundred million dollar investment strategy that continues to focus on increasing access to capital for women. Black Lahti, necks and other diverse entrepreneurs, learn more at GS, DOT, com, Slash launch with she s hello. What's I've a welcome back? There
Besides the school, my name is critical about excited to begin a brand new weak with you and you'll. Never guess what today, as it is, in fact, national take a chance day. That's right! This is correct, and I listened to this most of us have on accomplished goals or dreams. What if this was the data? Take the chance to make them happen, even if it is just a first step towards that goal? It will be one step closer than before national take a chance day. The unifil listening to this later, maybe still take a chance. Why not pursue that an accomplished goal or dream? Perhaps it could be aside us, or perhaps it could be something else. That's fine too, but in the side of the world like what I'm here, with you about today, I've got a great story for a really strong story. It has to do with this guy, who creates a solution to the major problem of email. Deliver ability- and this has become an increasing problem over the past few years- are always talking about email. Less time should build your email lest her. That's such an important way to reach people in it
is but over the past few years has actually been getting harder and harder to reach people who have signed up fear lest we're not talking about spamming. People were talking about those who have actually signed up. They want to hear from you, but then their email client, whether its gmail or something else put your messages in a promotion. Folder puts them in the spam. Folder otherwise does not actually deliver your message to the people who want it. I guess it is a major problem. Getting worse and worse now, one solution laced one partial solution, to use Gmail as Mass email centre. Okay. So when you use Gmos asking us under your not using something like male champ work, invert kit or many other services, you basically sending mass email. That looks like a very personal message that comes from Gmail, so it can be a lot more effective, but you know how do you do that? Because team lecture doesn't provide that is so at least not as a turnkey solution. Today I hear about it, gonna hear about a tool known as G Mass, which just happens to have been invented by today's featured story. After looking for a way,
any kind of grip emails using gmail. This web developer stumbles on more than a million dollars a year in recurring revenue, more than a million dollars a year in Europe. It is a sign I sought by the way. This is not a huge company was started by one guy and wants it this revenue is recurring not just a one off success, although that would be awesome. Do you wanna hear all about it? Well stay here and let me say a quick thank you today sponsor then I will bring you. The details, web developer, age check oil was working any business, but he hit a major roadblock. He was creating a service called words, then, where people can get their proof proof reddened edited nay, they want to build a team of editors, but he found it getting in touch with them and sending Email Two people and is contact list was hard whenever he needed to create a new email chain in Gmail. He'd have to search through his database each time which, for someone who had spent the last fifteen years of his we are building email marketing software was tedious and frustrating eighty,
There had to be a better way. So using that experiences are web developer, he decided he would create something to make life easier for himself and perhaps others he admits. The timing was or to us ass. He became aware of this problem. Google had just released the API for Gmail, which is a fancy way of saying developers could now access the right code and a third party asked to integrate with her email service. This may the job of quitting the too much easier while making it eighty focused on keeping everything as simple as possible. He just wanted to be able to send mass email through Gmail, so he didn't aimed at any extra features, though it had time to the creation of a tool you know it is problem, was any thought he knew how to us all but the clarity of vision allowed him to use his time wisely and efficiently, not to be clearly wasn't a small amount of time. A J spent about two hundred hours creating a code for his Javascript email, plugin working around
day job long into the evenings and weakens at some point to reduce the workload he brought in a help of a contractor higher through his network of developers. This helped into focus on the tasks he was good at and delicate anything he couldn't do himself or felt that someone else could do her when his choice complete age, I called it G Mass and he sent it out to some of his friends, didn't think much about the commercial value of the tool at first. Is, until everyone came back to him with really positive feedback, all of his friends, leather, Jean actual and wanted to, They can pass it on to their friends. Realising there is a market for this kind of dual eighty began to look at how he could package and deliver it to clients. He made a basic website.
Hired a desire to create a logo along some basic templates for that site. When it came to pricing, a J admits he's an uprising expert. He had no idea what to charge for the product, but he knew we wanted it to be a service that was built monthly. He finally decided on three options: a minimal package for six ninety five, a month, a standard package for eight and five a month and a premium package for twelve ninety five a month, so seven dollars nine dollars and thirteen dollars just about to market the tool. He tried a few different things in September, twenty fifteen, eighty eight out of his new tool to product hunt a popular website for people looking to buy software. This helped him to generate his first initial sales. He's got his biggest success, however, with guess blogging for sites in the email marketing industry. He writes about mass emailing problems and includes a link back to the G mass site. In its author.
I at the bottom of the article because of this strategy. He shows up highly in Google searches for a lot of popular terms and praises, among other things, he has published the world's only article on how to manage Craigslist accounts by posting through Gmail. These price, pointing marking tactics, have come together to help G mass generate extremely high levels of revenue. I don't use that word lightly, how highly talking about as of twenty eighteen in Gmail, now, over one million dollars in annual revenue again offer me simple: Google Plugin that initially began with only one feature: in Asia is not the only one experiencing great results, because a lot of his users have written it. Tell him how his extension is, help them succeed in their goals as well, one user credits it with helping to not only fully funded Kickstarter campaign, but actually getting into almost three times his initial goal. Another user a first time
hurt, used IE mass to get more than a hundred Amazon reviews against his grip email that looks pretty personalize, because it's coming through Gmail too, has a much higher deliver. Billowy right people tend to give it a lot more attention. Eighty keeps a lot of customers. Thanks to the supply of his tool, but also because he continues to develop at an add new features that bring value to the audience. He started with just that one feature, but over the past three years, he's added scheduling, reports linked tracking personalization, an eleven other feature to make the two or more robust and valuable looking ahead? He plants just keep doing this. He wants to keep creating more in developing the tool and although he makes such tremendous revenue from the project they will continue to work on his main project. Words in an Gee Mass on the site, at least for now. Of course, if you ever want to do something different, he has the freedom and the opportunity to do so. That's what the right side hustle is all about
ok, so there are several things to take away. Perhaps from this tremendous success story, I want to say this is not something that everyone can do. Ok, if you listen you're like wow, this guy was a web developer. Of course you could make it like. Maybe one in fifteen stories on the shall require technical skills. For the most part, we are not about programming staff coating stuff, we are talking about using the skills you already have a k, so you not for you. Tech folks goes to start with that. You know if you do have these kind of skills of web development. Your skills are valuable in this day and age. They are tremendously valuable. The challenge we face is how to kind of look beyond the technical skills. You haven't you, ok, what is a problem I can say I know I'm kind of good at doing what I'm told her. If I haven't assignment, I can complete it, but need to work on getting a vision for something. That's going truly be commercial. And to be commercial. Ideally, it should be something that's helpful, which is exactly what age made so for those are technically minded that your challenge for everyone else, ok
this is just another example of someone using the skills that they have to create, something that is helpful to make a process easier and, in some cases, create real relationships. That is what the right kind of email tool can do, so ok, you're, probably going to grow and become a programmer. Yeah, like I say in all the other stories. What is your experience? What are your skills? What is your area of expertise? Perhaps an area that is different from what you do for your data? Perhaps area is different than what you went to school for if he went College University hurt or, however far you made it in higher education as a sign of that's another thing. I love about this. This process, because we feature people who have phds we're future people who dropped out of high school or never went to college at all. I don't mean to suggest that pirates education is irrelevant. What I'm suggesting? Is it everybody's, an expert in something ok,
so it's really important figure out. Ok, what am I an expert, and what am I actually cut out that other people are gonna appreciate? And, lastly, among many other smart decisions? I think eighty was also smart in his recurring revenue pricing. I've actually use another tool kind of like this. I don't think it has. Many features is, as GM ass time actually going check us, not myself, but this other tool that I've used its actually worked. Fine, for me, just doesn't have other features, but it has a one off licence fee. I think I paid something like thirty or forty dollars for it and if we assume that most people continue to use the tool- or at least not people continue to use the tool that that the math and it works out, then obviously it's it's better for them to continue paying for it which is exactly the way too. He set it up here ages, project and he also chose several different price church, which I believe or something like what seven dollars and nine dollars and thirteen dollars. I am a little bit surprised at the range in those priced years, is so narrow, like between seven and thirteen. It's pretty narrow range. If he wants to try something else,.
Seven years and months, I'm one of bit surprised at the high is not twenty five dollars a month or thirty dollars a month. That's just my outside kind of comments. I wouldn't be surprised at all if he racist prices a bit and still had just as many customers to another, as he would be making even more money. But of course he certainly doesn't need my vice. Because, hey you know one little Gmail plugin, that's doing a million dollars year can complain about that. Also remember started ass, a site hustle, no outside investment. No long business plan now there are two very much fits the model that I try to tell you about each day. In case you don't pick up one in case it's not Is this is quite different from the Silicon Valley model. This is not the start up. While this is not the shark tank or the dragons then model, this is a model of independence. Autonomy again using this tells you already have focused on creating opportunity, more choice that you can do what's important to you that as a value, I try to pass on to you each day through the stories. I hope you enjoy this one. As always, inspiration is good, but inspiration with action is so much better.
If you'd like to learn about this tool or anything else I mentioned, I think I talked about product hunt, maybe a couple of other resources really all that stuff for you on the show notes page, that pages that satisfy school dot, com, slash, four, seven, eight and most of all, I hope, you'll do one thing today pick things small thing: whatever it is to get closer to your goals, perhaps you're on accomplish goals. Her dream, like I mentioned at the top of the episode- what if today was a day to take a chance to make that happen or even just take the first step. That's the encourage Molly with you today and I will be back tomorrow. This is critical about for side, hustle school.
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