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#48: New Yorker Doubles Her Income With Next-level Tarot Cards


How a senior designer for a feminist media publication decides to create tarot card decks and ends up making as much with her side hustle as she does at her day job.

Side Hustle School features a new story EVERY DAY of someone who started a hustle without quitting their job. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they overcame challenges along the way, and what the results are. You need a hustle!

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Support for this bought gas comes from Goldman Sachs. What Goldman Sachs expert and leading thinkers have to say about trans shaping markets, industries and the global economy stain formed with the latest insights from Goldman Sachs on the economic and market implications of covert nineteen available on our podcast at yes, a calm such covert nineteen or any of your favorite podcast platforms. Welcome back, you are listening to satisfy score. Mining is critical about this began to day. Let's do a very basic exercise together. I won't you make a list Understand? You may be listening to this, while you're driving or you're at the jam Otherwise, you can't use your hands. That's ok, to very soon lest you can do it later may exercise, is to think about and write down all the ways you spend your time when you have a choice about it, so you can category things you can just write things down as they come to you, but about your Hobbes think about what you I can the arts or music think about what you
to read. You read novels Nonfiction magazines, teenage vampire romance. Do you, like sports, play sports watching sports till I games video games kinds of games when your surfing around online and he's kind of wasting time. What do you go and look at when you travel? How do you like to travel. We could go anywhere in the world where would it be? And, lastly, but say that day is totally open. Your schedules been cancelled, but for a good race the wide open day. What do you do so? I don't actually believe that way to start your hustle is to follow your passion and just to think about things that you like to do, and it gets a little bit more located- and you have to think about your skills and what other people value but It is true that many successful hustles come from taking it deeper into this concept of how you like to spend your time when you have a choice and in finding a way value and that for other people, a story illustrates this concept. Well, it's all about how a designer decides to create taro card decks and ends.
Making as much money with her side, I saw ass. She does our day job I'll. Tell you about that. In just a moment, support for this pod cast comes from progressive. What would you do with an extra eight hundred dollars? My plane ticket they down. Your student loan treat yourself to those shoes you benign with progressive. You could find out drivers who switch save save an average of seven hundred ninety six dollars on car insurance, get your quote online a progressive come and see how much you could be saving national average annual cards savings by new customers, urban, who saved with progressive and twenty nineteen Tori, comes from Tina gone in Brooklyn New York? by day. Tina works as a senior designer for a feminist media publication in their spare time. She's, using a more introspective method of terror. Reading for their necks, I will tell card company called labyrinth those academy now for a lot of people, the words terror card, reading kind of produce, a certain image of a fortune teller who predicts him
learning, doom, ornaments, wealth and good fortune, and there may be some of that and the industry, but at least for a lot of people. That's not necessarily what terror cards were About antennas goal is to offer an alternative. Here are the smoke and mirrors Tina got taro at an early age, but instead of using her as a tool for determining our future, she used it as a mess. But their higher self and shale friends who are interested in one of their own region that some of the most powerful sources of information can come from within, and terror can help a person coming conscious. With their higher self. Friends who are interested in one of their own readings, but she realized pretty quickly a lot of misconceptions about this whole thing. So, in her attempt help her friends he terror. From another perspective, she went online looking for resources, she could pass on that. You can probably guess what came next many hours searching Tina realised that Kara was becoming more mainstream their religion, seem to be out of resources out there that were dedicated to instructing people about it in a similar approach to the one she used
In fact, no matter where she liked it appeared that a lot of other people in our community were genuinely trying to make others feel their futures are being told and Tina believe that can have put the power in the hands of the cards instead of the user, which opinion took away from the whole experience. Not this point our story Tina. Several months into an illustration challenge. She had given herself to create something every day. And she was posting over illustrations to Tumblr in order to hold yourself accountable since terrorists a big part of her life. She founders setting out our own ideas about commentary Jack's and before long began to get request from followers looking to purchase them from her she'd I consider doing that and she thought would be or to have her own deck completely ever own design to get a feel for the process you had an ordered something for pronoun demand company and a call, It wasn't super great, took a long time to get to her, but still there was something incredibly satisfying, being able to hold this tangible extension of our art in her own hands. She took some photos of this.
I why Jack and posted them on Tumblr and the response was really great. Mr wasn't for sale, which is people saying that they liked it. Then they were excited to decided to pursue the next steps. She looked around for local Brenner GSM referrals and placed her first substantial order. Listen everything for the first set of ducks came to about sixty five hundred dollars and for her it was most money. She had ever span on anything and our entire life, but she thought less but what she was losing and more about what she could possibly be gaining and she saw this thousand doesn't in herself and her art Anti Tina. There is nothing more important than that. Next, greatest tumblr- is for social sharing. It's not. A great market for selling a product, so Tina realized. We need to have a storefront nor to make this a reality, and she started out as The people do on Etsy. She called her deck golden thread taro because at the end, God, foil design and people began purchasing her decks. And sharing our beautiful designs with their friends and before she knew its use.
Close to running out of that first quarter, which were her? I ve been very substantial. She was, whereas you ever sell out and would just end up giving those extra way to friends and family, perhaps for the rest of her life. Thankfully, she did not to do that and for the next edge of grass, she went to create that online store of her own even though she had a lot of experience in coding and development. She also something really simple, that wouldn't take a turn a time on her end. Now by this point, she's calling your business labyrinth those academy He created a site for using sharper fi where she just signed up. And simply modified and existing fame. The saved her a lot of time and money and also just allowed her an opportunity to focus on the brand, she was building as Tina posted Labyrinths Academy is kind of like a performance art peace crossed with a business. She sends out our tariff cuts with acceptance. Letters and she created a Corky backstory for all the mythical creatures featured on adapts. She feels it gives a coup their spark to a world that often feels like it's of numbers and not much else, this I'd also has provoked
with the opportunity to create without having to worry about her finances and much to surprised. It spent tremendously six as far as of right now, her monthly income with labyrinth, those is equal to that from our day, job he's a doubled or income through this labor of love, one of the things attain a mentioned to me is that when you for others. Inevitably there compromises. You have to make with your work and that's not totally a bad thing. My sister Maybe a hundred percent responsible for everything, but for her she felt b, able to be in control of her own creative vision. For this side, project felt really good able to have customers who actually liked her work enough to pay, for it was incredibly auditing and I like TAT. I think it's important to find something in your life that you have hello, creative control over again, in order to be everything, but you will a certain freedom and having total control over something so, however, you're out their building your hustle off, whether is something that is distinctly Chris
like within the role of the arts, or something different think about what I call Control means to you without freedom, you always think about. Why you're doing this? What is your call? What is your ultimate outcome? What are you having to create for yourself inspiration is good, but inspiration What action is so much better when you think about your idea just think about it, go and do something about it. Let me know what happens through the finest photos for today's episode, criticise or school doc. You can also read about building your own shop. If I just like Tina, did and other resources as well. That might help you along the way. I'm Chris go about this. Seismic school and I hope to see you tomorrow.
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