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#480 - Flight Attendant Gets Paid to Help Kids Learn About the World


After visiting 50 countries, a flight attendant and her pilot husband create an income-generating project to teach kids about the world. 

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Support for this pot cast comes from Goldman Sachs companies in the top quartile for ethnic diversity are thirty, three percent more likely to have industry leading profitability, and those in the top portal for gender diversity are twenty one percent more likely to perform. This data was the catalyst behind launch with she s a five hundred million dollar investment strategy that continues to focus on increasing access to capital for women. Black Lahti, necks and other diverse entrepreneurs learn more at GS. Dot com- slash, launch with she, oh hey there. What's up welcome! My name is critical about this is satisfied school everyday. I have was an honour of telling you stories about people creating a bit more freedom for themselves. They create this freedom and security and opportunity and options all those get things for themselves through. Site I sought, which is an income generating project, ideally one that can go on to work without you, so some kind of asset that your creating for yourself. Even if you love your job and have no plans to quit,
and, as we begin to do, have a question for you. How many countries have you been to? This is not a trick. Question at all We all know each other that well, I once had a quest to go to every country in the world. My instagram handle is a hundred nine three countries, one nine three countries. That is for every country in the world that I had eleven. You request from about two thousand and two two thousand and thirteen off and on to go everywhere since then I meet people who come up and tell me the number of countries they ve been too and often they say things like I've only been two thirty countries.
I've been to fifteen or whatever the number is now here's the thing: it's not a competition, never was a competition for me. For me, it is very much a personal project you or something I want to do for myself. The first half of it took place before at a blog. If I wrote books on that kind of stuff, but it's fair to say that I am pretty passionate about travel about not just seeing the robot experiencing the road and learning from other people around the world and not shockingly, perhaps because you know I do try to be cohesive. Today. Story is about a similar topic. It features a flight attendant who gets paid to help kids learn about the world. After visiting fifty countries,
This flight attendant enter pilot husband, create an income generating project showing kids about different cultures must remind me of a previous episode. We did a long time ago episode to seventy six. This is actually about a university teacher in Taiwan, who earns two thousand dollars a month by introducing kids to new cultures. He does that through a series of illustrated children's books, first, creating it for his nieces and nephews back home and then turning into a little business today, stories also inspired by her niece, which will here in a moment, but the direction she takes with her side also is quite different from another story. So as always, there many different path to a site, us all. That's why try to tell and show you lots of different approaches, so you can figure out what is best for you. I stay to NEO here about the Globe trotting flight attendant, who gets paid to help kids in just a moment today. Every answer now hours with ineffable fuller, because whether it's about health, Dillon.
These are finance some things. Just can't wait. That's why IBM is helping businesses manage millions of calls texts and chat with Watson assistant its conversationally. I designed to help your customers finding answers. They need faster, no matter the industry, let's put smart to work, visit, IBM Dotcom, Slash, Watson assistant, to learn more. Seventy right is a glove trotting flight attendant. With aside sloppy during a character well known to many of us that characterise the tooth fairy except hurt, you very is likely It's more well travelled version than the one you and I grew up with. Seventy explained the inspiration for her hustle passport for change came about when she asked her niece a simple question. Priest was five,
old and typically asked. If you could go anywhere in the world. Where would it be that five year old niece enthusiastically responded target? That's right, she was referring to target the department store, and this wasn't just a red flag for Tiffany was also a sign that there are probably a lot of other kids out there, whose worlds could be bigger, who might benefit from running a thing or two about other cultures. Not just other department store shopping experiences, so she decided to create a product that parents and kids both love the concept of a passport bearing to fairy who leaves coins from all over the world. Kids get about that used to check off countries whether to ferry, has travelled and a passport for their special. Quite each time, Tippy travels to a new country which so far she locked and impressive cattle
a fifty of them. She goes out of her way to collect more coins, she's, not alone this project. Her husband is a pilot and her biggest supporter. It's been an adventure for them. Both. It has involved a lot of fascinating research along the way he says it. Passport for change is delivering more than cash. Each coin sparks kit interests in different parts of the world, potentially opening a dialogue about time zones, languages, superstitions inventions, indigenous.
Most and traditions- maybe even what is the best airline lounge? What kind of pre departure champagne do? You prefer in business class, watches, save those questions for another episode. This is pocket change that creates real change in the hearts and minds of families and Tiffany. Understand this yourself before becoming a fight in it. She was working at regular, ninety five job in a bank and after leaving that job she hasn't looked back and her world has definitely expanded. The best selling products in the passport for change line up is the first class get. It comes with a random assortment of twenty coins. The typically include currencies from countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and South America. Tiffany has also had a few parents request coins from countries that are special to them like where they honeymoons or where the relatives our ancestors came from right. So it's a nice thinks she's doing, but, of course, it's not just feel good project. This historical school. This project makes money and making money
the two. This is all about empowerment. What we try to do here! So, let's talk about that guy in twenty. Sixteen, the! U S national average, the tooth fairy left kids with four dollars and sixty six cents. As I read this, I'm thinking I have no idea where that scientific research came from, but apparently, if your parent and you'll even money for your kids, if you ve ever wondered what other to ferries are pan out, apparently that's the average just under five bucks, so I'd passport for change, Tiffany cells, individual coins for foreign, any five, each again, just under five bucks addition to the expanded kiss. Naturally, the coins do not cause nearly that much to acquire because, of course, it's a business she's, making a profit to get everything in terms of producing the maps, the passports building your website, it cost about five thousand dollars for businesses grow and, primarily through and mouth and is not bringing in twenty five hundred dollars in monthly profit. So five thousand extra cost twenty five dollars a month in profit. For now the kid
Coins are only sought online Tony Blair's. They won't work. An otter competitive reach our space just yet, but it is something she has her eye and for the future and for now she's got a lot of small ones coming through Tiffany celebrate each time apparent shares opposed on social media, but our company and Charles Adventures, with the travelling to very other parents and teachers, have given her positive feedback about the conversations the coins are starting with young kids and students, and perhaps best of all when they were watching the Olympics. Tiffany knee said I wanna watch China in ITALY because that's where the two various been Tiffany was like. That's right, the two very doesn't just go to target. She also goes to trigger Jos and best buy that still exists. That two very gets around.
We have any looks at the map that she and her husband have at home with pens for every country they visited, she's excited to fill in the spaces and because of her side us all passport for change. She's bedding I'll, be a new generation excited to do the same I thought this was a fine story up. You liked it as well as a couple of points as I'm taking a look at their website, a passport for change, dot com, which, of course, we will link up and shone out,
maybe first a reminder of what we are marketing, something to kids, especially young kids. You know your essentially marketing to their parents. Your product is for kids, but the parish, the ones you're gonna, make the purchasing decision socially important. Think about messaging for them to import. To think about, like. Why is apparent. Gonna choose to make this investment, not just an investment of money, but presently there are gonna invest time because they purchase now. This passport they're gonna committed going through the process with their kid there on care to their knees, her nephew, whoever. So I think the message of expanding your child's horizons is a smart, but at least for a lot of people in some people, public dont want their kids horizons to be expanded. That's not really Tiffany market, I think our market is, is people who probably are unable to travel that might at least overseas with young kid
But they want to make sure their family isn't too insular. You know that their child doesn't grow up just thinking of target as an exotic place or fax it to him. When he's an answer and uncle- or you know otherwise, as a kid and they're brought her family and that person is a traveler like they've, been able to work overseas, or are they just like going to experience different cultures? They want to pass on that same value, It's like the headline is really clear: take your child's imagination on an adventure around our world as the tooth fairy brings your child coins from twenty different countries. So that's pretty clear: it shows the big promised take your child's imagination on an adventure and also kind of says what it is. Ok, what is that adventure will presumably you're gonna get coins from twenty four countries and she has a video which is nice and in some testimonial assumption overalls really well done and what they arise. That, as I look at this site that we didn't talk about in the episode mentioned, the price of the coins and briefly talked about the package's, but now that I'm looking at the side, I can see Akashi has economy class business class in first class packages.
I'm guessing. This is where the majority of her income comes from, because you know the coins are like five bucks, but the packages will the first class packages one hundred dollars, one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine. The business class package is fifty bucks, four thousand nine hundred and ninety nine in economy class packages, two thousand and nineteen ninety nine, but a purchase, a complete package. That seems like the big gift. You know, that's that's like the you know Christmas or other holiday gift. Birthday present. Nothing more significant in the coins themselves are add ons. So, as I scroll down to start page, I can see I can purchase you know I can spend five dollars and get coins from China. I can spend five dollars and get coins from our wherever such ass mortal add on, but I think the majority, the sales out gas anyway come from the package's anyway fund project. I love it. Its values driven.
That is making a difference in the world is getting stories in our parents, and teachers in the conversations that are taking place is also political. Detainees now knows that there are places beyond target out there in the world and because the societal school, it's great, that it's not just a charity, but it's also an income generating project, bringing her that twenty five dollars a month and potentially more as things go along behind out. You never know, but so far so good congrats activity and how we can bring some people her way. Are you over there? Thank you for listening to date. Inspiration is guide, but inspiration with action is better. Are shut to make for today. Are it's out of school dot com slashed for eighty four eight zero set me up online. Let me know how many countries you ve been to my instagram, and is a hundred. Ninety three countries, one nine three countries or a critical about on Twitter Facebook Other spelled out. For instance is impossible, I know so critical about
Jerry S to you, I l L eat the eight you, as always, my apologies for the twenty minutes to Texas, but my name but you're still out there hopefully join me again tomorrow for another episode beside a source for.
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